How to make a man jealous and whether it is necessary to do it on purpose?

How to make a man jealous and whether it is necessary to do it on purpose? Many women’s sites have articles in the style: “How to make a husband jealous of his wife?”. Sozdaetsya vpechatleniye, that is the first time that the price is given in other respects and this is not the case. Is it really? Davay poprobuem post na vopros jealousy more widely and learn to better understand this complex emotion.

Why is this necessary and is it necessary in principle?

If you are not interested in it, do you want it? Jealousy is an emotion that affects many people in the world. It occurs in interpersonal relationships in general, but plays a special role in romantic relationships.

Usually it serves a certain function – it can be a symptom that favors relationships, but when it is too strong, it causes a crisis or even a break in them. Is it you who are you? Why do I want to make a loved one jealous?

If you think and give yourself a sincere answer, you will understand that you are not driven by the desire to create a trusting and strong relationship.

In fact, jealousy can have a strong negative effect on a relationship and should be avoided. You probably want your beloved man to be next to you, not because of jealousy, but because of the desire to be a smoke dig

Differences between healthy and pathological jealousy

The main function of jealousy is to protect the relationship. American psychologist Les Parrott describes jealousy as a negative, complex emotion, the premise of which is the loss of a close relationship with another person. This predpolozhenie distributes the revenge of the normal and the two-dimensional symptom in the southern hemisphere.

However, there are times when a person experiences very strong jealousy, suspecting his partner of infidelity, despite the absence of any rational motives. At this moment pathological history should be considered.

People who experience morbid jealousy gather all possible evidence to confirm their confirmation only prices are unknown in the part in text, telephone, and electronic machines.

How to make a man jealous?

Often they resort to more drastic actions, harassing or threatening their partner. Such extreme behavior is undoubtedly frightening and is not a sign of a healthy personality structure.

Jealousy in classical psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud said that there are three main causes of jealousy:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Projection and Denial
  • Repressed homosexual urges

Let’s take a look at where these mechanisms of jealousy come from? Jealousy is a triadic feeling that was formed in childhood, around the age of 5-8 years. Not if you are listening to this train, you should be aware of it. Prerequisites for the development of such conditions:

  • The rods that were there were fewer than the other and the grapes. Therefore, his EMO rational need was not satisfied.
  • Rebenok in this part of the story is only one of the rods and it is up to you.
  • The object of the child’s love was very much in love with someone else. This is the triad of the situation.

Role triadnosty in emocy revnosty

When a child is small, he wants to be loved by both mom and dad at the same time. Regardless of gender, this is a basic need. But sometimes it happens that parents remain cold, or fixated only on themselves and each other. And so it turns out that the child begins to feel like a third superfluous, he thinks that he is not worthy, to be loved.

At that moment, a feeling of jealousy and low self-esteem manifests itself in the child. All this stress is impossible to endure, and then the child manifests such a method of psychological defense as repression – a traumatic situation, as if forgotten. No one is there in subconsciousness.

Projection on a traumatic event

And then in adulthood, when someone Third appears in a relationship, even if there is no reason for jealousy, this subconscious trauma comes to life. This feeling of wounded self-esteem appears, a subconscious projection is triggered on a traumatic event in the e.

Is it free to eat and drink? There will not always be sexuality involved, but the present experience brings the person back to childhood, and at that moment the love of both parents is equally important. Therefore, the emotion of jealousy works not only between partners, but also in close friendships. Jealousy between girlfriends is also quite common.

How to deal with jealousy?

What to do if what is described above is familiar to you?

  • The first is awareness. It is necessary to remember all past feelings, to relive them, to tell this story from the outside. Look at her with grown-up eyes. A loved one or a psychologist can help with this.
  • After realizing the past situation, try to compare it with the current one. It is necessary to carry out the task, so that the problem arises in the same way as the other person in the project.
  • Find out how these two situations differ from each other. This is done without having to wait until the problem is solved.

The role of parents

Of course, the role of parents in raising a child cannot be disputed, and often many of the problems that interfere with our adult life come from childhood. But I really want you to understand that relatives, as a rule, do not realize that they are hurting their children by their behavior Only by those who are aware of the concrete project of the rebenka, by the fact that they are called for.

And what else is important to know that in childhood, each of us perceives life in a somewhat distorted, subjective form. Children often exaggerate events and give, sometimes seemingly insignificant things, very important knowledge. Now, having risen as an adult, you are your own parent, so you need to learn to understand and respect your feelings.

So do you need jealousy in your relationship?

Now that you understand the main causes of jealousy, is there any desire to cause jealousy in your loved one? After all, this is a game with his feelings and for some, a childhood trauma that does not make a person happier. And you probably want him to experience positive emotions next to you.

Problems with the situation in the southern part of the country. The best solution is to be honest with your partner about your feelings, desires, or difficulties.

Open communication makes it easier for People to understand each other, to accept the point of view of their beloved, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of relationships.

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