How to overcome shyness and insecurity in front of people?

How to overcome shyness and insecurity in front of people? In the modern world, shyness on the part of a woman when communicating with a man is increasingly perceived as something wrong and shameful. In fact, this is far from being the case, because shyness speaks of the modesty and inexperience of a girl or woman.

Most men want to see next to them just such an “unspoiled” male attention and communication of their wives. But, you should immediately understand that in this case we are talking about inner modesty, about the upbringing and high culture of the girl, and not about isolation, complexes and insecurity.

When shyness is self-doubt?

Often it is complexes and self-doubt that cause indecision in communications. A girl who may seem shy may actually experience a strong fear of communicating with a person of the opposite sex.

It turns out that many people confuse shyness and good manners with insecurity and complexes that prevent free and confident communication with men with men. If a girl has difficulty communicating with a man, does not know how to answer, what to say, then most likely we are talking about complexes and strong insecurity.

Ponyat, that’s the place for two partitions, you can talk about the two projects:

  • Are you afraid of seeming ridiculous and stupid in the eyes of your interlocutor?
  • Are you going to be active in the area?
  • During a conversation, do you think about how you look in the eyes of the interlocutor?
  • Are you not willing to live, and are you going to be able to do that?
  • Do you feel embarrassed while talking?
  • Are you wearing it, is it not possible to say that you want it?

If you answered “Yes” to most of the questions, then this indicates problems with self-esteem, with the ability to present yourself and accept yourself as you are.

To fight this problem, you can use different methods, and one of them is a qualitative study of your life and personality with a psychotherapist. After all, it is no secret that it was upbringing, attitudes from parents and teachers, negative experience and getting stuck in it, all this left an imprint on the character and psycho-emotional state of a person.

It is possible to remove negative, unnatural embarrassment and shame of oneself only by finding the root cause of this state and reactions to communication with the opposite sex.

How to overcome severe shyness when communicating with a man?

On the other hand, this is the Borby with the location and the location that you should follow:

  • We remember what settings or “drivers” were given by parents in childhood.

If you have heard the words: “You will not succeed,” “Yes, where are you before them”, “You are not the smartest and most beautiful”, “You are like your mother or (comparison with people not very successful)” and many other negative statements.

How to stop being shy about a guy?

Criticism of a personality that is just being formed is perceived as a fact. Unfortunately, children do not know how to be critical of the statements of adults, and project their behavior and words onto.

It is necessary to figure out which attitudes are negative and do not allow the girl to open up as a person. By changing them and moving to a new level of awareness, one can become more confident and determined in the community with mumizh.

  • The ability to speak beautifully and clearly is a whole art that can be learned in oratory and acting courses.

Having gained the experience of speaking in front of an audience, having learned to control your emotions and body movements, you can gain courage, self-confidence and get rid of shyness and tightness.

  • When communicating with a man, you should understand that he is the same person as everyone else.

Sometimes girls exalt the concept of “man” too much; in the first place, it should be treated as a person with a certain set of personal qualities.

Learn to look deeper, you need to see not only the appearance of a person, but his character, manners, habits, style. If you shift your focus of attention to studying your interlocutor, then anxiety will decrease, fear will go away.

  • Allow yourself to be a little liberated.

The ideal variant for the two countries. The ability to control your body, plasticity and facial expressions will increase self-esteem and become attractive to people.

Dancing, Pilates, yoga and other sports will only bring positive emotions into your life. The level of cortisol and serotonin allows you to find a sense of satisfaction and happiness, the mood rises and self-confidence increases.

  • Shyness and shyness are often caused by self-doubt, which means that a girl perceives a man as more powerful and overwhelming. It is with this belief that and is worth working with.

You have the right to say what you think is necessary, you have the right to end the conversation if you don’t like it, you have the right to openly say what you don’t like.

When a girl realizes that she is not deprived of any rights in communication and that she can choose herself with whom and when to communicate, she will get rid of shyness.

  • Do not be afraid to joke and be funny, sometimes humor brings people together and allows people to remove internal clamps that do not allow them to open up in communication.

People seem to put on masks and play a role that is not inherent in their personality, and this causes unnaturalness, stiffness, embarrassment and tightness in communication.

Girls sometimes take movie heroes, literary heroes, movie stars and other media as a model of their behavior. And these roles do not coincide with the self-awareness and the real state of the girl. The only thing that is different is the style of the room, in which the room is comfortable and unsafe.

  • Experience will help to remove constraint when communicating, and you can find it in everyday life: learn to start a conversation first, the main thing is that it is not intrusive and safe.

For example, you can ask the seller in the store about the quality of the goods. Every day we have a lot of opportunities to enter into communication with others.

The main thing is to start a conversation with a smile and a greeting, because this initially sets the course of all communication. If you see a similarly shy colleague at work, start a conversation with him, let both of you open up.

In general, when it comes to shyness, insecurity and shyness, then a little girl immediately appears who is afraid to say something is wrong and be punished. When you are there, you do not have a small number of words and you want to see them in your life.

Look at yourself, tell your reflection in the mirror how much you love her, how beautiful, smart and confident she is. Self-confidence is found in people who accept themselves, know their strengths and weaknesses and master them successfully.

You can overcome shyness and insecurity when you know the value of your soul, your thoughts and feelings.

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