How to manage a man and relationships with him – is this the essence of a woman?

How to manage a man and relationships with him – is this the essence of a woman? You always want men to fulfill all your whims, to be afraid of losing and, literally, get off. Manipulation is considered to be something negative and associated with the imposition of something against the wall. No, it’s not quite like that.

Manipulation is a subtle psychological art, thanks to which you can achieve what you want by convincing a person that it was exactly His desire. And you don’t have to be some special woman to be able to manipulate. This method is available to everyone.

Characteristic signs of MANIPULATION

Manipulations are different from other actions. In this case, the prices are:

  • The one being manipulated does not realize it. Otherwise, he would actively defend himself;
  • Manipulating effectively in combination with emotional composition. If a person does not control those emotions that the manipulator needs, then he begins to perform exactly the actions that are expected of him;
  • Manipulation pushes a person to take action. He thinks he makes his own decisions. No, he was manipulated into doing just that.

Manipulation cannot be unequivocally called good or bad. They are different. For example, good ones include those that make a person get rid of addictions.

Manipulators, who know how to separate from the people, one-way traffic. If one person begins to be used, humiliated in every possible way to wipe their feet, then such a relationship cannot be continued. The main thing is to open your eyes in time.

General rules for subordinating a man

To achieve what you want, you need to properly influence a man. First you need to understand exactly how to use manipulation.

The following rules can form the basis of your knowledge:

  • Learn the needs of a man.

You must know them and satisfy them so that your “victim” does not doubt your value and indispensability. Show tenderness, care and attention. Make small surprises that will definitely touch his heart;

  • Respect his positions.

Each person has his principles. And men are especially strong. On the other hand, you will be able to see the privileges and the privileges. Not critical of him, and he loves him because he is so fond of himself and he is in love with him;

  • Support him.

Success is something that is of great importance to a man. Therefore, praise him, rejoice in his successes, celebrate his merits, and do not forget to mention that he is the best;

  • Try to always find a compromise.

7 ways to control a man in a relationship

Feel that line when you need to show gentleness, give in and step aside, allowing the man to be in front;

  • Don’t overdo it.

In such a delicate matter, it is better not to overdo it. Not in front of those manipulators: that’s what it is and isn’t. Otherwise, the man will resist everything that you want to achieve from him;

  • Be self-sufficient.

You don’t have to worry about the truth in the game, you can see it in those days that are not known. He simply will not fall for your manipulations;

  • Observe the measure.

Don’t bend the stick. A man should not notice that you are manipulating him. He must still feel strong and free.

Now, based on these general rules, you can choose the tactics of behavior.

Psychological methods of subjugating a man

How to make a man be at your feet and fall in love madly? Suggestions for the following are:

  • Helplessness.

You, of course, can do everything on your own, but it is not necessary to present yourself in front of a strong and independent man. Ask him for help. Even in small things: to open a jar, to bring packages, to explain what you don’t understand.

Even if you know perfectly well that you can handle it yourself, then do not hesitate to ask him. No longer this grammar, so that a man feels that you need him and be a real hero for you;

Constantly tell him that he is your most successful, the best, and the best in everything. It is believed that it is better to overpraise than underpraise. Just make sure that there is no pretense. Be completely sincere.

First, analyze and think about what you can praise a man for. There are a few qualities, and then everything will turn out naturally;

Weasel has a very favorable effect on men. They instantly lose their vigilance when they fall under the influence of female tenderness and affection. Touch it, stroke it, hug it and kiss it. And at the moment when it melts, you can voice any of your requests;

Men love with their eyes. And therefore, the most important weapon of a woman will always be her appearance. Manipulations in the presence of an attractive appearance become more successful.

A stylish hairstyle, a well-groomed appearance that complements the image, perfume, and suitable clothes – all this will make a man not take his eyes off you, admire and turn mountains for you;

One of the most unloved for men and the most unpleasant way for you. No one is still considered one of the simplest and easiest to implement. Men are lost when women cry, they are ready to do everything to stop this waterfall of tears.

Using tears, you can create a desire to help you, achieve compassion, or simply make you cry. Such manipulation will not leave a man indifferent, and he will immediately begin to fulfill all your desires.

But here, too, the measure is important. The main thing is that your crying does not turn into a tantrum. Also, do not cry too often, otherwise, a man can see through you and stop taking you seriously. Therefore, look for the golden mean and try to stick to it;

  • Intimate intimacy.

Yes, as before, and still, this is the most effective way to manipulate men. And if you learn how to apply that method correctly, then the man will be completely in your hands.

Surely you have noticed how some girls get what they want through the bed. Try the same thing, but with your man. Just make sure your manipulation is positive. And not in the style of “did not buy a Lexus – a year without sex.”

It is best to become a goddess for him and try new tricks and caresses that you have learned;

Put to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. Heard that? Try to observe yourself. A hungry man is an angry and dissatisfied man.

Therefore, do not even try to drive up to him with your manipulation. It is understood that it is not in those interests. First, feed hearty and tasty. It is better if it is his favorite dish.

But know that this alone may not work. But, for example, the combination “intimacy + food” is very even.

Try different ways, combine one with the other, and then you will be able to develop a tactic that always works.

Of course, it will always be honest to talk and be direct about what you want. But men love games and competitions. Therefore, no matter how they shout that they do not understand hints and want clarity in everything, they are willingly led to manipulations.

They are ready to do everything to make their woman happy. After all, it makes them happy in their own way. Specifically, their male ego. Therefore, do not hesitate to manipulate and boldly subordinate men to yourself.

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