How to push a man to marry using methods from psychology?

How to push a man to marry using methods from psychology? You are in love and happy. You have been together for several years, and your relationship is only getting stronger every day. But when you think about a joint future, a shadow falls on your beautiful face: why hasn’t he still offered you a hand, a heart, and a password from a bank card? Maybe he just doesn’t love you? Your girlfriends get married, give birth to offspring, and use the phrases “my husband”, “my family”, “our house” in conversation. And you feel out of place. How to push the faithful to a responsible step?

Why doesn’t he want to get married?

You can’t be holding a pen all your life, and any “meetings” should have a result. As a rule, if both of you are already in adulthood, a couple of years is enough to understand what’s what. No prochodit for a year or two, but the cherished ring does not appear on your finger. You attend friends’ weddings, visit each other’s parents, but that’s about it. Why is he in no hurry to part with a bachelor life?

  • He is afraid of responsibility.

Your man is a real knight and you can never suspect him of wanting to avoid obligations.

But unlike you, d ^ only about a beautiful bullying, n and o future: there is, and for some reason soischte No hasten to stigmatize him. He soberly assesses the prospect of becoming the head and how much it will cost him to increase the level of answer box, h ^

  • He already has a failed marriage behind him.

And now he’s in no hurry. The unpleasant experience of family life makes him take a more responsible approach to choosing a future wife. He already knows what difficulties you may face or finally appreciated the delights of freedom: when life belongs only to you and you don’t have to report to anyone.

  • It is not aimed at the family.

Do this and a man will marry you

The wedding is not included in his immediate plans. Maybe even far away, too. He is not afraid of lonely old age and the possibility of being left without heirs. He is career oriented or still immature and prefers to spend his free time with friends. Or mom thinks that her son is too early to marry, and he does not dare to contradict her.

  • He doesn’t love you.

You’re just having a good time, but his heart is still free. Sometimes this happens even after several years of cohabitation. He sees no point in tying the knot, because he hopes to meet “the one.” Or not hopeful. No wants to leave an escape route for himself: they quarreled – they fled, and no red tape with documents.

  • He doesn’t know that you want to get married.

Perhaps everything is obvious to you, but not to him. Especially if at the beginning of the relationship, to poop with the addict, report with dignity. You are not like that. And you don’t understand “these girls who only think about the wedding.” On the other hand, you can see it on the other hand.

How to marry him? How to push a man to marry using methods from psychology?

The very goal of “getting him married” is fundamentally wrong. There are certain types of men that it works with. No, let’s just say, these are not the best husbands. As a rule, in addition to such a candidate is an authoritarian mother, unresolved internal conflicts, and hopelessness. Isn’t that what you’re talking about?

  • Ask him how he sees your future together.

A heart-to-heart talk can solve many issues. The question is not who wants to impose what conditions on the other. Both of you need to understand where you are going. Family is wonderful. But it’s no worse to pursue a career, travel the world, and live for your own pleasure. The main thing is that your goals converge. And if you dream about different things, no trick will work.

  • Show that you are ready to support him.

Many men are afraid that after receiving the coveted ring, the bride will relax and sit on her neck. On one of the bank accounts. Let him see that in your person he will acquire a reliable ally.

  • State your expectations for the wedding.

Not every man dreams of a feast, a crowd of relatives, horses, and gypsies. If you yourself are not eager to put on a show, tell your lover about it. Maybe he just wants to sign and go to the coast.

7 ways to never get married

There is nothing wrong with your very desire to create a unit of society with your loved one. No this is not to say, cogda vsse sredstva horoshi. Your goal is to be happy, and this is impossible if the other person is chained to you by a sense of duty or necessary. Be honest and open. Only two parts are not considered with two people and potry, on two other things.

  • Don’t give ultimatums.

Well, you will tell him: “Determine yourself in a year, otherwise I will leave you.” What’s next? What if a year is not enough for him? Will you be able to take the responsibility to break off a happy relationship that has not yet matured like this? If not, he will no longer take your words seriously.

  • Do not limit his freedom.
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Might not lose control of your hus, and  women are afraid to “let go of the leash”, suddenly you find yourself. If this happens, you still can’t prevent it. Keep your dignity. Fear of “life imprisonment” will not make him more compliant.

  • Don’t impose.

You had a serious conversation where you told him about your fears and needs. It is not necessary to present and understand that it is on that day. He already knows about your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind how your “negotiations” ended. If there is something to wait for, wait silently and calmly.

  • Do not manipulate cohabitation.

If it’s acceptable for you to live together before marriage, as most couples do now, then so be it. But if this is contrary to your inner principles, you should not agree to a “demo version” of family life so that he tests you in everyday life and bed. By itself, cohabitation will not change the situation radically. People get divorced a year after the wedding, having lived together for 10 wonderful years before that. Let go of your real desires.

  • Don’t threaten pregnancy.

Having a baby is wonderful. But the times when an unplanned pregnancy became the reason for creating a family are over. No one can be tied to a child. If he does not need you, he will not want to invest his strength, time and money in the common offspring.

  • Don’t sacrifice your INTEREST for him.

If your life in itself and at and consists only of insidious plans to stir up, you can see in now. Men are not stupid and are great at noticing unnatural behavior when a girl is trying to prove that she is perfect. So the story is that it is worthwhile and sad and funny. You get married, and then he finds out that you don’t like to cook and you can spend your entire salary on clothes. And who will benefit from it?

  • Don’t try to buy it.

Moreover, keep your dowry secret. If you are lucky with wealthy parents, or you are able to take care of financial issues yourself, let this be a pleasant bonus, but not a reason for marriage.

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