How to quickly forget the ex-boyfriend you love if it doesn’t work out?

How to quickly forget the ex-boyfriend you love if it doesn’t work out? Feelings do not always leave women on demand. When a relationship fails and you have to part with a partner, a rather unpleasant situation often arises that you are not ready to let him go purely psychologically.

This sort of thing happens all the time. And it doesn’t matter who exactly gave the go-ahead for parting. Sometimes a girl realizes with her head that there is simply no point in being with him further. But what to do with the heart, which is sometimes so difficult to order?

In fact, it is quite possible to forget the former beloved, whose feelings have not cooled down yet. To begin with, it is worth understanding the causes of moral discomfort. A few useful psychological tips will help you move on with your life.

Why you can’t let go of your partner after a breakup?

When a woman loves, it seems that this is the only right feeling in the world. No one is on the other side of the world. Parting, partners thereby give each other the right to happiness.

There are several reasons why it’s so hard for you to get over your ex. And most of them are in the section of personal psychology:

  • Emotional attachment.

It can be quite painful and is not always something adequate.

This is not love, but rather a pathology that occurs when a woman invests too much in her partner while forgetting about herself.

In this case, the girl only thinks that she loves her ex-boyfriend very much. In reality, it’s all about habit formation. You just can not imagine how to live without this person.

This may prevent a woman from letting go of the situation when she perfectly understands that she is the culprit of the breakup. For example, we are talking about cheating or some other negative experience in a relationship that seriously offended her b.

  • Fear of being alone.

In psychology, this phenomenon also refers to the so-called “substitutes for love.” If a woman has a hidden phobia of being left without a family in her traditional sense of society, letting go of her ex-man will be extremely problematic.

And she will be sure that the whole thing is in strong feelings. Many even try to persuade a partner to start all over again, telling him about “fate” and that they are “predestined”. To the fact that this is a prosthesis in the street and a panic.

  • Jealousy and possessiveness.

For example, when an ex-boyfriend quickly found himself a new girlfriend. This is where feelings can kick in. In such a situation, a woman often makes a serious mistake, mistaking personal selfishness for love.

It is activated by all of the members and by posting that the partner is active. However, soon the girl herself will not be happy with her success. After all, there is no love, and the guy again became uninteresting as soon as the jealousy passed.

  • Rejection of a break.

How to forget the person you love?

And that’s what you’re about to do and some real words. Suppose a man himself decided to leave. For example, he lost his fuse or he met a new love. When you yourself are not ready to let go of a person for whom you have sincere feelings, it is not easy to overcome love.

Why you should forget your ex?

And really, why is it necessary at all, when feelings still exist? About the same number of people in the room, it is not necessary to say that the number of persons is negligible:

  • Decreased self-esteem.

Unrequited love always leads to dissatisfaction with oneself. Especially if the man left without detailed explanations himself, leaving you only to guess what was the true reason for the breakup.

Suffering for an ex-boyfriend often turns into an abundance of hidden complexes and unclosed gestalts. They, in turn, become the root of more serious psychological problems.

  • Increased pathological anxiety.

It manifests itself as sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, Apathy and constant monitoring of the page of the former man in social networks. Of course, it can’t lead to anything good.

  • The occurrence of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Postponed in a negligible moment and in a self-explanatory manner. Many girls are faced with such a serious problem as the lack of desire to live on.

  • Inability to start a new relationship.

Until you drive the memories of your ex-boyfriend out of your thoughts, you will not be able to establish a personal life. Potential boyfriends feel when a girl is not ready to let go of the past. In the case of a new front, it is possible to select the complete components.

  • Deterioration in social skills.

When the same thoughts are constantly spinning in your head with regards to an ex-boyfriend for whom you still have feelings, relationships with the environment can seriously deteriorate. This will have a particularly negative impact on work. As a result, problems will grow like a snowball.

How to forget the ex-boyfriend you love?

There are ways, and they are quite simple and accessible to anyone who wants to free themselves from the oppression of the previous ones. Most of them are pure psychology:

  • Write a letter to a former partner. This is a very effective way to express your thoughts and feelings without meeting a person. Most often, a letter “to nowhere” removes the notorious stone from the soul.
  • Find a new hobby. An interesting hobby takes a lot of time and perfectly distracts from negative thoughts. And there is not far from a romantic hobby.
  • Take on a career. When a woman has too much free time, she begins to drive the same thoughts in a circle. Perhaps you should go headlong into work and increase the load. A raise hasn’t hurt any girl yet.
  • Take a trip. Now you live, you have the emotion and you have it – where you are, it’s just before you know it. Do it at least for the weekend. Start with neighboring cities, for example. The main thing is to go where you have never been before.
  • Do not refuse communication with the opposite sex. Seriously, you’re not betraying anyone. You broke up, which means that it is quite possible to try to at least make friends with a new guy. Just do not rush headlong into the pool of another love. The heart needs to be given a break.
  • Be more loyal to yourself. Worrying about a breakup is completely normal. Even if this period is somewhat delayed, forgive yourself a little weakness. Reproach in such a situation is clearly superfluous.
  • Get rid of everything that reminds you of your former love. Soft toys and clothes can be donated to those in need or distributed on a well-known site. Jewelry gifts should be taken to a pawnshop. And do not forget to get rid of joint photos.
  • Don’t look for someone to blame. What has happened cannot be returned, and it is not necessary. It doesn’t matter what caused the breakup. The position is where you want it to be.
  • Stop visiting his pages on social networks. It’s not easy, but it’s essential. Also, block all contacts of the ex-boyfriend on the phone. Sometimes they return, but this does not always bring joy to a woman.
  • Don’t sit alone. Go somewhere to unwind with your friends, just stay in a cafe and chat, have a bachelorette party. The main thing is to get rid of the acute feeling of loneliness, which often comes after a break with a man.

The remaining feelings for the guy with whom you have already broken up are rarely good for someone. It is better to get rid of them so as not to get stuck at this stage of life. Remember that no man will worry about a breakup for so long. And you don’t have to suffer either.

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