How to understand that a man is a narcissist and how to fix it?

Not every couple can call the atmosphere healthy. Often, the personality of a partner is fraught with a lot of mysteries that can turn into extremely negative consequences. A striking example is a union in which the man in has the status of a narcissist.

This psychological term refers to a person who has a certain personality pathology. Such people look too narcissistic and confident, striving to be better than others in everything and craving endless praise and admiration from the environment.

However, in reality, everything is much more serious. First of all, you need to realize that relationships with a narcissist bring a lot of problems for a woman. Check the partner specifically for this type of language.

Signs of Narcissism

On the other hand, it is possible to move in different directions. Therefore, this pathology is not so easy to detect. In the meantime, the symptoms are related to the natural nature and characteristics. Here are 10 typical signs of a narcissist in a relationship:

  • He is a pathological deceiver.

Such people always want to appear better than they really are. Therefore, it is common to wear masks. Before the start of a serious relationship, a person may seem just the idea of a man. But then its essence is gradually revealed.

Narcissists often lie so much that over time they themselves begin to believe the invented image. They always want to impress the environment. If you edit the photo, you can choose to process the objects and view it in the part you want.

  • Bombast.

Such a man can behave too arrogantly. Most other people are just servants to him. In each of his actions, he will give out something important and key. The narcissist will try to get everyone’s attention to himself in any way.

  • The desire to humiliate others.

So he raises his self-esteem. After all, any person who knows how to do something better than a narcissist evokes excruciatingly painful emotions. Therefore, pay attention to the behavior of your partner.

If self-development is an empty Sound for him, But to elevate someone else by humiliating someone else is always easy, in front of you is a typical narcissist. He needs to be more careful. The ideal is to end the relationship as quickly as possible.

  • Fear of manifestation of EMOtions.

This is typical and just shy people. No sooner said than done, so that the demonstration can be given to the slave. Such a person will not hug you in public, and in general, as a rule, demonstrates a strong coldness in relation to

  • The lack of knowledge and the required information.

The narcissist cannot have patience and sympathy. Namely, this is required to adequately perceive your interlocutor. He quickly changes the subject to suit himself and also does not hesitate to constantly interrupt his opponent.

  • Exaggeration of personal achievements.

That’s why you should read it in the magazine by the book, to the budget it’s supposed to be called “Podwig”. He does not just wait but demands gratitude for every step. Any talk about his merits instantly turns into banal boasting.

Narcissists and Perverts. Are there any problems with that?

It is common for a narcissist to brag about what they have not earned. He easily appropriates other people’s merits. It is these fathers who proudly claim to have “begotten” a son or daughter. He can very vividly describe how he is raising a child, but in fact, he will not even approach him.

  • The desire for power and success.

It, as a rule, instantly passes into the stage of obsession. Narcisse not terpene, poetomu all practices, and nepravdami starayutsya zany at a higher position in a position Power for them is simply an end in itself.

At the same time, no work on oneself to achieve the goal will be carried out. Success means only external gloss. If a narcissist occupies a high position, then his subordinates can only sympathize.

In a relationship, such a partner will try his best to take a dominant position. A woman will be constantly reproached and humiliated. Only other manual operators and those that are physically sensitive to the storage of the children.

  • Unhealthy sensitivity to criticism.

To prick another with a word is easy. No, the narcissist categorically does not want to listen to reproaches or even banal advice in his address. This is what happens next.

To prove or explain the correct position to such a person is simply unrealistic. Even the most compelling arguments will be stubbornly ignored. It’s like trying to ask the wall to move. Criticizing a narcissist in his understanding is forbidden, period.

  • Decreased empathy.

It is unusual for such a person to think about someone else. On new terms with the bullets and problems. If you complain about the severity of life, the partner will interrupt and say that he is even worse. He sincerely believes that only his difficulties can be significant.

  • The desire to be everywhere and always in the center of attention.

Narcissus is very fond of “pulling the blanket over to his side.” He is annoyed by the secondary position. Even on your birthday, such a partner will still try to become the center of the holiday so that you get less attention from guests.

How to deal with a narcissist in a relationship?

First of all, learn one important thing. You can’t fix such a person. This is a pathological feature of his psychotype, which cannot be corrected so easily. So the surest thing to do in this case is to end the relationship as soon as possible.

If for some reason this cannot be done at the moment (for example, you are on maternity leave and financially dependent on your partner), try using the following recommendations:

  • Talk more about yourself and your feelings.

Sometimes it works. Do not use accusatory phrases like “you only think about yourself.” Try to be more gentle. Otherwise, you run the risk of going into open conflict.

  • Take off your rose-colored glasses.

Understand that this whole ideal image is just made up. They cannot justify the bad deeds of a person. Look to the root, as they say. Possibility of contacting as far as possible with one of the skins of the island.

  • Don’t let your boundaries be violated.

Narcissists can easily sneak into someone else’s life uninvited. He can dig into the things of another person and view personal correspondence without a twinge of conscience. In this case, it is necessary to set ultimatums, clearly indicating what will happen in case of such behavior.

  • Find a source of energy.

Associating with a narcissist often results in severe emotional devastation. If you are not able to protect yourself, you can do it yourself.

Find a hobby that will give you an additional source of strength. For example, sports, communication with other people, drawing pictures, or embroidery. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and pleasant.

  • Do not fall for provocations.

This is the most important thing to learn. Narcissists like to put the other person in an awkward position so that he begins to doubt himself. Always keep this in mind and don’t let your self-esteem drop below the baseboard just because your partner is unhappy with something.

Relationships with a narcissist always have negative consequences. Do not hope that sooner or later you will be able to change something drastically. These are not whims, but a real pathology. So try to get rid of the toxic relationship as quickly as possible.

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