How to return the former passion to family relationships with a guy and is it possible?

How to return the former passion to family relationships with a guy and is it possible? One of the most common questions that a psychologist is asked is how to return passion and love in marriage. It’s no secret that no matter how hard a person tries to keep feelings in a relationship, they fade over time. Spouses lose interest in each other, looking for connections on the side.

It’s worth making a reservation right away – no magical and witchcraft methods will be offered here. The question of how to return passion to a relationship will go only from the point of view of psychology.

Desire for love

Be careful not to worry about the streets. Often one of the partners is looking for feelings, and their depth and seeks to restore relationships. And the other does not care, he would have vodka or football.

So here’s the first tip. If you want to revive a marriage, you want to love your husband. Appreciate him, and admire him. Rejoice that you have the opportunity to be with him.

News in other countries

When you feel that the passion between you and your partner is waning, think about what you can change in yourenochenosh relationship.

Change leads to an adrenaline rush, liberation, the discovery of new character traits, personality traits, and even happiness.

Despite such an obvious number of advantages of change, few couples seek them. One of the reasons is the fear that changes will reveal unwanted features of your partner or yourself and destroy you.

Another reason is laziness. To change something, you have to think, do it, and it’s so hard. Especially since she already has a husband. Let no fire was before, but your spouse is with you – here you are lying on the couch together, buried in the phones.

Many fear the costs associated with change. When you hear about them, thoughts about moving to a new apartment, a trip to the Maldives, or dinner at a super expensive restaurant arise in your head.

Nowhere this is done. As long as you are aware of the road and the road in the brake, you need to know that:

  • Periodically create a new image for yourself. Go to a beauty salon, get a new hairstyle, and dye your hair. Buy clothes in different styles. In each new image, you will look fresher, brighter, and more desirable.
  • No need to wait for the partner, because the motivation is so that the situation is unknown.
  • Order themed photoshoots. Let the theme be different – a slightly brutal Wild West, romantic scarlet sails, the city of the future Bazhe Bazhe Kili
  • Play different roles in intimate relationships and involve your husband in such mini-performances.
  • Sleep occasionally in different beds, one at a time. There is nothing wrong with just being alone. Allow yourself to spend weekends, and holidays separately, so that later you can meet again.
  • Prepare surprises for each other. It can be gifts, an invitation to a restaurant, to the cinema, to an excursion.
  • Change the status of your relationship. For example, if you are a believer, perform a wedding ceremony. Just celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Changes can affect the most insignificant aspects of life. No thanks in the time pozitivu, which is one of the daryat, it is worthwhile in marriage by chuvstvennosti.

Don’t give up the closeness

So that the woman and the woman are in the same position as before. To rebenok no mozhet usnuttь, to golova bolt.

10 life hacks on how to bring love and passion back into a relationship

The fact is that to maintain passion in marriage, and to interest a partner, you need to maintain regular, rich intimate relationships with him. Use fantasy, hints. Tell me what turns you on. Ask what your husband likes.

Avoid turning intimacy into a duty. Every time one poses, in one place is boring. Use the time when the child is with grandparents, or there is an opportunity to go on vacation to another.

Intimacy is the bright side of your life, do not forget about it when you want to return feelings to the usual.


Communicate regularly with each other. In the evening, share your impressions about your day, talk about events, meetings.

Listen to each other. Ask questions. Recall events that happened to one of you in the past. It is important to support each other, to show that your partner is important to you, and you to him.

A big mistake that girls often make in marriage is pretense. They pretend that the husband is talking nonsense. They show contempt and displeasure. They act childish. At first, all this is ostentatious, inside she feels love.

But over time, pretending becomes a part of you. You really will not be interested in listening to your husband, you will believe that he is stupid, ugly, not worthy of you listening to him, sharing your life with him.

If, nevertheless, you have ceased to be your thoughts, feelings, and found yourself isolated from each other, try to break the walls that have appeared between you.

Remember the time when you met, and what interested you in your future husband. Gradually begin to meet him at home with hugs. Don’t speak with the dog, but you won’t hear it, you’ll hear it by the tom, it’s possible to do it by the toboggan.

Then slowly ask questions that your spouse can give detailed answers to. Show your interest, and attention, and ask again. Avoid disrespect and contempt.

Touch each other

An important component of a passionate relationship is tactile sensations. They allow you to feel yourself and your partner, learn something new and immerse yourself in feelings.

Touch your husband, let him touch you. Let it be not only in bed, at a time when you are alone. Touch each other in a cafe, in nature, hug, walk by the hand, and give each other kisses.

Touch enriches life and allows you to restore trust. With this help, you destroy the boundaries and become closer to each other.

Watch hot movies together

Scenes of love in films excite feelings and give rise to desire. Light EROTIC moments help to go through shame, modesty, and resentment.

With their help, you can tell what poses, and situations you would like to try and repeat.

Before watching a movie, prepare a glass of wine, and make sure you are wearing nice underwear. Create an atmosphere of comfort and distribution. Eliminate cause for concern.

Try not to growl at each other during this time. Avoid problems about the promises made, in which case it is registered. Forget about quarrels and dissatisfaction with each other.

Do not stay in the same place

You may have noticed that people who grow personally, develop, rarely leave. The development that they receive, their creative streak arouses constant interest among partners, ignites them,

Therefore, the following advice is connected precisely with your development. Acquire new knowledge, be creative, and become an artist, traveler, and theatergoer. It is sold in the new language, which will allow you to do so.

Your rich inner world can also become interesting to your husband. If you are a stranger, you should know that you are interested in it.

For your part, when you see that your husband is not lying on the couch, but playing chess, creating new images in photography, and developing projects for the development of society, you will most likely feel pride and a spark of passion.

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