How to start a relationship with your best friend?

How do start a relationship with your best friend and is it worth it? Singer Denis Klyaver and singer Slava have a song: “Friendship?”. The semantic implication lies in the fact that the relationship between two people of the opposite sex, in terms of feelings, has moved to a completely different level.

Happened to every girl…

There was passion, attraction, love. He and she want to hug each other, but not in a friendly way. Hugs will contain that warmth and sensuality that happens only between a man and a woman, as the main participants in a love union.

But, if we continue to consider the issue, based on the meaning inherent in the song, it turns out that it is not so easy to go to the level of love relationships. Both a man and a woman are ready for their relationship to change from friendly to romantically in love, but there is always some “BUT”.

And our task is precisely to help you remove those barriers and barriers, fears and fears that “tell defeats” generates.

How to leave the friend zone?

You are presented with TOP key steps that will gradually help bring relationships out of the friend zone into the mainstream of tenderness and sensuality, passion and romance.

Step #1: Feel the Ground

The transition to a new level will be simply impossible if a friend does not feel for you those feelings that a man has for a woman. Because and where on it is necessary to live in the same way as the drug and two prices in the city.

“Probe the soil” is nothing more than to insure yourself against unnecessary reactions. Moreover, it is important not to embarrass both yourself and your friend. Then you should expect the different options:

  • if you understand that a friend does not feel sympathy and all you can count on is only friendship, remember that it is important to choose a strategy that will allow him to see you as a potential companion for a serious relationship.

What we’re talking about is that before taking the next step on the stated issue, you should “reformat” so that you don’t put both of you in an awkward situation.

  • If you understand that a friend’s feelings for you are mutual, and you just need to take a step in that direction and get out of the existing limiting framework of friendship, you can safely move on to step #. 2

How can a woman get out of the friend zone and not get there again?

Step #2: Have a frank conversation

This step implies that it is important to talk about the new feelings that exist between you. You, of course, can protest this recommendation, appealing to the fact that it is not so easy to tell another person, like this, directly, without cuts, about your feelings.

We will agree with you, therefore, speaking of frank dialogue, we will add one small but significant detail – dilute the serious dialogue with humor. 100% that you have heard this expression: “In every joke, there is a share of a joke, the rest is true.”

Figuratively speaking, the presentation of the truth under the sauce of humor greatly facilitates the process itself. And for us girls, in general, as they say, all the cards are in hand. We have coquetry in our arsenal, we can use the “eye game”, and connect the appropriate mimicry to the situation.

Suppose, as an option, you can say the following: “Listen, we can create an almost perfect couple! We have known each other for a long time, this is the time. Two, we have common interests. Three – together we are comfortable and good! And in general, as a man you are my type. Can we try to go to the next level? .. “

If you remember, above, we have already discussed an important detail: you can proceed to step number 2 only if you are sure that there is mutual sympathy for you on the part of your friend and he does not mind going beyond the friendly framework.

Then the name is given, as is not the case for the dialogue, you can understand the meaning of the price. We are sure that a friend will grab your offer to take the relationship to another level.

Step #3: Getting to know each other again

When the boundaries have been expanded and you have gone beyond the friend zone, do not rush to rush into the maelstrom of physical passion. Yes, you know each other well, and the familiarization stage with each other, as it were, is no longer relevant. No, it’s okay, that’s what it’s like to be there.

Then the address is more to the tactile contact and the air blowers, to the atmosphere where the chest is. You get to know each other again, because the old roles, when you were friends, have already become your story, and a new one has come to replace it – the union of a guy and a girl; men and women.

Now you look at each other in a completely different way. So that You Understand, When a guy or a man was just a friend for you, you didn’t have additional ones for him, let’s call them Requirements. Friends do not give romantic gifts and do not organize romantic evenings with tactile contacts and lim kisses.

Friends, about each other, are freer. It means that you used to be able to spend time in a common company or meet from time to time, and the rest of the time was occupied by Personal Affairs. That is, as you understand, there used to be more mobility, and fewer obligations.

Acquaintance with the new you involves “identifying” and new accent and significant “details”, which, due to certain circumstances, were previously inaccessible to your attention.

Let’s say before you might not notice that a guy or a man is not particularly capable of showing signs of attention. Or she could not pay attention to the fact that his words are at odds with his deeds.

Or another option: friendship, in the wake of a pleasant time in a company, did not show you that a potential partner does not strive for development, in terms of career growth, or does not care about personal growth, which cannot be said about you.

To summarize, it turns out that step number 3 represents some kind of informative acquaintance. It is it that gives an idea of ​​whether this person is suitable for you as a life partner with whom you want to go long or is it better to take a step back and remain good, good old friends.

It also includes an atmosphere of tender romance, when you are only at the very beginning of a serious relationship, but have not yet reached the stage where you lose the feeling of novelty, lightness, and courtship that are typical for the candy-bouquet period.

Step #4: The final transition from friendship to serious relationship

The word “finally” may confuse you. Now let’s justify its appearance at this step. It is understood that, after going through the previous 3 steps, your relationship reaches the level when the old border of friendship is completely erased:

  • you, like many, are two people who are ready to create a strong union based on the serious relationship that happens between a guy and a girl; man and woman.

You no longer see each other as friends. The foundation of the union is already something else: you have become a couple, two loving people, between whom there is not only the chemistry of the body but also the kinship of souls.

You, like other couples, may experience the so-called grinding that is common in serious relationships.

Therefore, we remind you that it is very important to pay special attention to step number 3. It is he, as you remember from what was written above, that allows you to look at a man or a guy, already from the point of view of a potential lover:

  • how this person “fits” into your life in a new role, and how much his qualities, actions, and deeds correspond to what you need in a relationship.

There is one more very important point: you cannot compare the behavior of a man “before” leaving the friend zone and “after” the start of a serious relationship. You may be faced with the fact that there will be an irresistible desire to fit your lover to your standards.

Also, which is not unimportant, you can rely on beliefs like: “Before, it was good and interesting for me with this person, so you need to wait until it will be like before.” That is because the form is correct, it is not possible to see where the card is.

We mean that a person, elementarily, as a friend was simply ideal for you, but as a lover, he turned out to be not your person. Yes, it happens!

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