How to react if a man confesses his love to a woman?

How to react if a man confesses his love to a woman? Since childhood, many girls dream of hearing the main phrase from a guy: “I love you.” It seems that this is the beginning of a fairy tale, that at this moment you will experience real happiness. No in real terms and it is not necessary.

Sometimes a man’s confession takes you by surprise, you don’t know how to react, you feel bewildered. What mistakes should be avoided? How to act in such a situation and how to understand yourself?

What mistakes should be avoided?

Poroi is-Za rasteryannosti and smusheniya, devushki do not react at all the way the guy expected. He can experience resentment, humiliation, disappointment, shame. In order not to “break wood”, it is important to know about a few mistakes that should be avoided at the moment when the guy does:

  • pretend that nothing happened – a declaration of love cannot simply be ignored, because this can offend a guy who clearly needed courage to take this step;
  • turning the conversation into a joke is a convenient, but also unpleasant reaction for him, because he spoke in all seriousness;
  • changing the subject is like ignoring what happened and leaving the guy confused and ignorant;
  • abruptly stop communicating with a guy – even if you do not intend to meet with him and definitely do not reciprocate his feelings, you need to find the strength in yourself to explain yourself and put everything in its place;
  • make a response confession if you don’t really feel it – often, in order not to offend another person, a girl confesses her love, although she is not really sure of her feelings, this deception can then cause a lot of pain to both of you;
  • think that you are obliged to immediately give an answer – if you feel that you are not ready, just say that you did not expect such a recognition, that you are confused and you need time to collect your thoughts and think everything over.

How to react if a man confesses his love to a woman?

In many ways, your reaction will depend on what you yourself feel for the guy. It’s nice to get recognition, but that doesn’t mean you have to reciprocate. Sometimes you just don’t know how you feel.

There are some tips that will help you respond correctly to a guy’s confession, depending on your feelings.

What if the feelings are mutual?

Usually, in this case, all questions disappear by themselves. You say that the feelings are mutual, which means that your relationship is moving to a new level. You can talk about when feelings arose, remember your first meeting, moments of happiness.

You can also talk about what character traits and actions influenced the appearance of your feelings.

It is best to arrange a romantic evening after recognition, to do something unforgettable, because you are writing a story.

What to do if the feelings are not mutual?

This is not the easiest situation, especially if you are afraid to offend the guy, do not want to hurt him. If you decide in the name of:

  • someone in love makes you happy;
  • say that you do not feel the same way and explain the reason, for example, that you are not ready for a relationship right now, or that you “Do not see him as a partner in your life, because …”;
  • say that you like him as a person, note his strengths that you admire and that you would be glad to continue friendly communication;
  • look at the reaction of the guy – he wants to be alone or get support from you.

After you have refused him, try to continue communication. Periodically write, be interested in his affairs, show that you really care about him and are ready to continue friendly communication if he wants it.

What to do if you are not sure how you feel?

It often happens that a girl in such moments finds it difficult to answer. She still doesn’t know exactly what she’s feeling. This is clearly sympathy, but will it develop into love? Perhaps something in him attracts you, and something repels you, you have not figured out what kind of person he is.

And then it becomes difficult to give an answer, because, on the one hand, it feels like confusing sße, see section

If you decide in the location:

  • say that you like him and you want to get close to him, to get to know him better, to let your feelings kick;
  • emphasize that you are not yet sure exactly how you feel for him, that you need time to figure it out in;
  • tell what qualities of his personality attract you, make you happy, how much you value your communication;
  • calmly talk about the doubts that bother you – they may be related to you, for example, it is difficult for you to trust people, or with him, for example, some of his actions are not clear to you;
  • convey that you want to continue communication and be sure to tell about your feelings when you are ready.

His recognition can be a good opportunity to talk about your relationship and decide together how to improve it, sort out the existing contradictions and doubts.

Look at the reaction of the guy, because this is a great opportunity to understand what kind of person he is and get to know his character better.

  • confusion, sadness, embarrassment – this is normal, “connect” to his emotions and say, “I understand that you are now confused, disappointed, but I am glad that you admitted, it was important for me to hear about how you feel for me”;
  • resentment is a sign that the guy is prone to infantilism and believes that you were obliged to reciprocate;
  • anger and neglect is a sign of a narcissistic personality who is outraged that you refuse him outright.

Don’t be afraid to speak frankly. If he leaves, slamming the door, gets offended, starts blaming you for something, shows aggression, then most likely he loves not you, but himself, his feeling of falling in love is more important for him than your feelings.

You should also be wary if a guy confesses his love objectively early – after a week or a month of dating. During this time, you have learned to really know, possibly in love with the image, yourself

But if a man really loves you, and you made it clear that you also feel sympathy and are ready to continue communication, he will understand you and will maintain a relationship. On the other hand, you will be able to tell and you will love it.

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