How to respond to male ignorance of a narcissist to a woman – the best ways

To face ignoring others in a thirteenth relationship: parent-child, friend trainer, professional, romantic. Each individual case will have its own nuances, but the general response model will be approximately the same. It depends on what form of neglect you are facing. Let’s consider what an ignorance is like, what are its reasons, why you react so emotionally to a situation of ignoring, and what to do when you find yourself in it.

If you ignore it and if you ignore it, you will ignore it?

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Ignoring is a restriction of communication and receiving information. In fact, this is just a behavior model that helps either to protect oneself from unpleasant and traumatic experiences, or to influence another person, that is, manipulation.

If you are proving yourself to a larger extent on two more groups:

  • ignoring as a defensive reaction;
  • ignoring, as a way of manipulation, and it can be both conscious and unconscious.

How to react to being ignored?

If you are faced with the fact that a person ignores you, the first thing to do is to allow yourself to live the emotions that you are experiencing, do not suppress them, and do not pretend that nothing happened. Further, when EMOtions get a little cold, you need to calmly and consciously look at your relationship and decide what to blame. Proanalyzing the drug. What is the reason for ignoring him? Was there any conflict? And what does he want to achieve with his actions?

Suggest 3 common areas of interest:

  • a person cannot cope with his feelings and withdraws into himself – a defensive reaction;
  • the predetermined goal, that is, unconscious manipulation;
  • the person deliberately ignores you because he is trying to influence your summing up – conscious manipulation.

Let’s look at each of these situations and tell you how to respond to it correctly.

What to do when ignoring is a defensive reaction?

If people experience too much, some people withdraw into themselves. This is typical when:

  • a person in principle restrained by his temperament;
  • it is in detail that it was intended to demonstrate that it is a human;
  • if he does not want to aggravate the conflict and offend you by saying something “in the heat of the moment.”

In this case, ignoring comes after a real quarrel, or when you criticized a man a lot, compared him with others, hurt his pride.

Male ignore: why does he ignore and how to adequately respond?

In this case, it is really worth giving him time to calm down. You can tell him, through I-messages, how you feel. “I understand you want to be alone. But I’m translating and coordinating about today, I’m ready for communication, I want us to find out, therefore, m figions, r figions,

What to do when ignoring, as a way of unconscious manipulation?

Such a model of behavior is adopted in childhood, when parents only ignored their goals in their lives. Believing that this is the only way to communicate in a conflict, becoming an adult, a person continues to use it.

What to do in this case? First, to show that this model of behavior does not work. It is not necessary to ignore it and not to say “save the wine”. Secondly, the person needs to be brought to the conversation. Be careful of the frames, and that’s in the middle of the room.

You can say that you understand that you had a fight, but silence will not help to make up. “Let’s talk, I’m worried myself, and I’m you I love and cherish what we have between us.” It is not necessary to have a look at this model.

What to do with conscious manipulation?

It expresses itself in the fact that a person is trying to “crush” you with silence, to force you to admit n olle ft sit down sbach Ignoring is constantly present in your relationship. In this case, it is important for you to realize that this is just a game, his way of influencing you.

What is required of you is to simply stop playing, not to follow his lead, to react unexpectedly, to get out of habitual habits. You can honestly say that you are tired of these games. The main thing is to keep your feelings under control, to pull yourself together, otherwise he will accuse you of being too aggressive, that you again “wound up from scratch”.

Speak calmly and again lead him to a confidential conversation. Understand what’s going on in your relationship. Is that what you want?

By the way, many unfortunate pick-up artists use ignore to make girls run after them and “suffer for a hnidanin.

What is the real reason for your feelings?

Do you want to know that you are going to give it away? The fact is that in addition to the need for security, food and water, any person has a need for prinatinin. This means that we simply need to be part of a family, a team, a social group, even a country. Through all these roles, the integrity of our personality is determined. We have a need to be needed, accepted by another person, especially if this person is dear to us, if we value his opinion of ourselves.

Ignoring is actually a situation of rejection. When your lover ignores you, you don’t seem to part, but you experience about the same emotions as when you part, because ignoring “hit” into the very depths of our psyche, into our inner child.

When a child is born, he is not aware of himself as a separate person. His whole existence comes down to how his mother or other significant adult perceives him. If a mother accepts, sees you, this is unconditional love for a child.

One of the most terrible punishments for a child was not scolding the mother, not criticizing her, not even physical abuse, but rejection when the mother fell silent and ignored his existence. This is the most painful thing.

Therefore, now, as an adult, it is so hard to survive when someone ignores you, because this situation returns to the childish behavior model, when you were to blame for something, did something wrong, and you had to make amends for your guilt and correct behavior.

Ignoring is a behavior pattern that can be used to get what you want from a partner. On top of that it is written, it’s all that is left – post-warranty.

To do this, it is important not only not to succumb to ignorance and learn to constructively get out of a conflict situation, but also not to use this manipulation itself, which can be expressed not only in silence, but also in moving to your mother, avoiding intimacy with a man, ignoring him messages and so on.

With the help of such methods, you can get him to come running to you with flowers and ask for forgiveness. No in the long term, the indication of the wording is different, but it is not necessary to say that.

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