How to start acting like a woman – advice from a psychologist?

How to start acting like a woman – advice from a psychologist? No what to do if in a relationship a woman tries to take or takes a dominant male position. If her leadership qualities and ambition are so strong that a man can only stand on the sidelines. Let’s figure out what contributes to this and what it can lead to.

How does a woman with a masculine attitude manifest herself?

It is wrong to think that a woman is only truly a woman when she sits silently next to her husband and sits with him. Of course, a woman needs character, will, ambition and an accurate understanding of what you want.

However, the ability to wisely and tactfully leave the husband the right to make key decisions and generally give him the opportunity to fully express his masculine essence is not for everyone.

And how to understand that a woman carries a masculine principle? Speak to this about the name of the item:

  • Rivalry.

When such a woman appears in the company of a man, she tries to take a leading position. For her, this is important, and she is not able to yield. Fighting and fighting is what she enjoys. All she needs is victory and recognition.

Competition can also manifest itself in the field of activity. “Who earns more?”, “Who is more significant in the family?” – vse is a clash of two strong ambitious personalities.

  • Doubt in a man.

A woman does not trust a man to perform specific tasks. Proceed to this, it is on you, it is not necessary to say that it is small, it is on the same. At some point, she generally pushes the man away.

Sometimes a woman begins to patronize a man. Excessive care in the form of phrases: “Did you eat?”, “Dress warmer” does not add femininity. And attempts to financially provide for a man, all the more, do not give the relationship a correct distribution of gender.

  • Depreciation.

In the event that a man shares his opinion with a woman on any occasion, his opinion is immediately swept aside. A woman with a male position does not want to perceive the position of the chosen one at all. There is only her opinion and the wrong one. “I know better what we need!”

As long as you are on the woman or benefits the family, the woman is unlikely to appreciate it and thank you. The scale of the building that is in place is that it is not present in that area.

How does a woman kill a man in a man?

Perhaps notes of condescension, arrogance slip through, smiles are heard. A woman does not respect the actions, thoughts and ideas of the chosen one. He treats them with disdain, which is difficult to hide.

Why does a woman try to take a masculine position in a relationship?

  • Parent example.

Growing up in a family where her mother occupied a leadership position, a girl is able to adopt such a model of behavior and try to embody it in her relationships.

  • Resentment against men.

This is possible due to the divorce of the parents and resentment towards the father. And perhaps already in personal relationships with men, she was burned more than once. Her behavior is just a defensive reaction that allows her not to let even her partner get too close.

  • Innate ambition as a feature of character.

By and by, it is the same as the name, character is given to the people. She was already born with a temperament, the character of a fighter. When a Girl prefers gymnastics or music school, boxing or wrestling can be the first manifestation of the dominant masculine principle in her.

  • The habit of carrying the feminine and masculine functions at the same time.

This is possible if the girl’s parents were infantile and shifted all responsibility to a small child. This happens with a woman who has been divorced for a long time and is used to being her children and for mom, dad. In such cases, the masculine principle is a forced irony of fate.

  • Chosen behavior.

A woman takes on all the main male functions in the case when her chosen one himself is not able to show himself as a worthy man. He is lack of initiative, passive and lazy, he is used to the fact that someone else does everything for him, he is not able to make important decisions and bear responsibility.

In this case, the woman has no choice but to take matters into her own hands. In this case, it will be clear that the man is satisfied with everything. He will like this alignment, and he will not compete with her and fight for power. He will calmly continue to lie on the couch, enjoying his position.

Use and protect in storage.

How to return the female position in a relationship and restore balance

For relationships to become harmonious in terms of gender roles, you do not need to change your character, priorities or beliefs. It is important to note that it is in the future, and that there are some in the mountains in the sky.

  • Accept your difference.

At the very beginning, it is worth understanding male psychology. Often a woman asks a man to solve a problem. A man needs time to think over a plan, he is immersed in thoughts and closes a little. The woman just ignores her.

She gets irritated and takes action herself. That’s why it’s in the room, so that it’s possible to get it right. Therefore, it is important to learn to understand each other, to realize that you desire, react, and act differently.

  • Develop your femininity.

There are classes, practices and hobbies that are aimed at unlocking the female potential and contribute to the development of soft creative energy. For example, yoga, dancing, embroidery, drawing, pottery. Perhaps communication with girlfriends, but only if they are not toxic, not prone to envy and discussion.

These activities include food preparation. But not an ordinary routine cooking, But a Process in which something is born that you treat as a work of art, the fruit of your Creation. All these activities are reminiscent of meditation, which is why there is a disclosure of femininity and softness, restraint of nia.

Give the permission in The hands of a man are difficult, so that the privileges are that of the resat. In fact, you will not stop making decisions, no one will deprive you of the right to vote. It’s just that you should let a man think that he is important, main and significant.

You create the appearance that he decides. No by fact, this wash is a joint decision. It is worth directing a man with softness, tenderness, showering with admiration and gratitude. It was then that he would be happy to walk a joint path and he would not want to argue with you and prove his own.

  • Collaborate.

Relationships where extremes are always present will be complex. When a man dominates and rules, it is also not the best form of relationship. Therefore, the best option is a partnership. When a couple has goals and desires, and they go together, giving each other a shoulder.

Learn to respect each other, hear and understand. Then it will not matter who is the first, chief, best. It will only be together, close and warm. Forget about negative experiences and resentment. They have nothing to do with your chosen one.

Let them act, help, prompt if they don’t guess. If your partner fails, support. If it worked out, praise, note. Men love warm words and praise just as much as women. But do not seize the initiative, wait. And gratitude can motivate him to further exploits.

Try to direct your energy in the right direction. While he is getting the “mammoth”, decide and act, take care of yourself, localize all your forces around yourself, your beloved: self-development, love for your body and soul will help you open up and lead to finding balance not only inside you, but also in relations with your chosen one.

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