How to stay friends with an ex?


Former sexual partners have a lot in common. But according to recent studies, after a breakup, relationships can persist, but they are qualitatively different for the worse. We are looking for answers on how to remain friends with the former.

Is it possible to be friends with an ex-husband

There are a lot of couples who break up for various reasons. But some manage to maintain good, friendly relations even after parting. The psychologist explains where the fine line between romance and friendship lies. There is no clear boundary. Now both boys and girls meet each other with a kiss, are in an open relationship without jealousy and mutual reproaches. This allows you to delay separation for an indefinite time. But, how to behave with your beloved guy after breaking up, if feelings still remain and it is impossible to see him in the company of another. Here the answer is obvious, stop any relationship and meetings.

If the couple broke up by mutual agreement, there are common interests, friends, then it is quite possible to move to a new level of communication. While remaining sexual partners at will. New thinking does not prevent you from calmly responding to your ex-husband’s girlfriend. Such relationships are appropriate with mutual consent.

Many girls are sure that if you maintain a friendly relationship with an ex-boyfriend, then you can return romantic feelings. But, according to psychologists, they will not be the same. You need to completely break the attachment if you feel like a victim, aggression is shown towards you.

Reasons for not communicating

There are different situations in life. When communication with the most hated people is necessary for you. It can be a common living space, children, work. But in every situation you can find a way out. Social psychologists and lawyers will come to the rescue.

If there is such a situation when you constantly intersect with each other, you need to create comfortable conditions. It is important to create, if not friendly, then at least neutral relations. It must be remembered that disagreements concern not only both of you, but also those around you, relatives, and affect health.

It is worth thinking about completely stopping all communication, if it is impossible to establish adult, calm relationships, there are objective obstacles.

Psychologist’s advice

In the concept of “friendship” both should invest the same meaning. They accept each other for who they really are. No need to pretend to play. Everything here is honest and sincere. A friend can arrive at two in the morning to help, calm, without demanding anything in return. Physical presence is neither burdensome nor burdensome.

If the parting went smoothly, there is no adjustment or, on the contrary, ignoring, then friendship will manifest itself. And each of the partners will be able to find something necessary in them. Often, couples need to take a break, take a break from an overly emotional situation. And then with a new outlook on life to build relationships. You need to figure out on your own how he imagines it, what will connect them.

Breakups cause intense emotional distress. The psychologist advises to take a break and be alone with yourself in order to realize what happened, develop a strategy of behavior and decide whether you need to meet at all. It is useful to temporarily switch to another object of love, find a sports hobby or travel. Memories will still remain, but they will not be so painful. Do not get hung up on some emotions, allow yourself a variety. And then, with renewed vigor, begin to communicate with your ex-husband. It will be good if you can talk to him about everything, discuss problems and put an end to the past connection.


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