How to tell an ex about a relationship and is it worth it?

How to tell an ex about a relationship and is it worth it? You are probably familiar with the situation that after breaking up, the former is counting on something, goes beyond just a sign. Even though you already have a boyfriend. It seems that all points are placed, but you feel some kind of incomprehensible responsibility and heaviness.

You understand that you need to tell your ex that you have a boyfriend, but you don’t know how. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Why is your ex interested in your business?

It often happens that the former enjoys life with other girls, but how did you find yourself? He talks about how dare you, because you still communicate, so be it, as friends.

If you want to store something that isn’t worth it:

  • Your ex wants to be close to you.

It seems that you broke up, but still maintain a relationship, which means that the man considers it possible to come to visit you, drink tea, and secretly counts on a closer connection.

There are more problems from this kind of friendship. He delays the logical end of the relationship.

  • The ex feels guilty.

It’s not a fact to go, it’s by the way of the wine, it’s up to you. Maybe you didn’t let go. A man feels that you have feelings for him.

By far this is not the case. As if you and yourself give hope for the continuation of the relationship. There is nothing good in this. It is necessary to break the emotional attachment between you. Otherwise, you will not be able to build a personal life with another partner in the future.

  • The ex experiences emotional attachment.

In this case, you were the one who initiated the breakup. The former does everything possible to remain friends. It is not possible to observe this fact today, so that it is not possible to measure and stream emotionally.

Your ex wants you to be by his side. It is difficult for him to accept the reality of having a boyfriend. Perhaps he still loves you, is jealous, and strives to be aware of everything that happens to you. It often happens that partners break up, but the emotional attachment remains. Most likely, the gestalts were not closed between you.

All of the above reasons are not a variant of the norm. However, it is not necessary to precrate against the other person. Directly and clearly say that everything is over with you, and you leave the right acquaintance.

Should You Tell Your Ex About Your New Relationship?

First of all, when talking about a new boyfriend to your ex, you need to evaluate the features of your relationship. Because your safety, both physical and psychological, should come first.

Don’t forget about it, so that it is possible for this to happen. Perhaps he will consider you frivolous that you met a guy immediately after breaking up with him. If you have such a thought, then you have not dotted the relationship.

It is better to immediately tell the former that he did not hope for the development of relations. Let him know the truth, no matter how unpleasant it is for him. It is necessary that not only you put an end to your relationship with your ex, but he too.

Do not come up with different excuses that you will tell later, when the relationship with the new guy develops more. Don’t fall for your ex’s pleas for a sequel. Immediately bran on the vine, say that you are not ready to date, you have a new boyfriend. Thus, each of you will be able to rethink your life.

Do not try to change anything, leave the situation as it is. No, it is worthwhile to say that it is necessary to do so. This is not only your fault. Let him go, tell him that you are not angry with him, wish him happiness. After that, convey information about your new boyfriend.

How to tell an ex you have a boyfriend?

The main thing is to prepare mentally for the conversation. Think carefully about what you will say when the moment is right. Don’t worry about the situation, don’t be afraid. Your task is only to tell the truth that your relationship with the former is definitely destroyed, there is no turning back.

  • Choose the most suitable time. Do not invite the guy to talk home. Choose a neutral place so that no one feels embarrassed. You can meet in the park or cafe. Say that you have a conversation with him. Thank the man for the past relationship, let him know that you were fine with him, but your connection has outlived its usefulness.
  • Do not lie to your ex, do not hide anything, do not embellish your current relationship with a guy. During the conversation, limit yourself to short messages. Don’t give details. It’s not necessary, it’s a par, it’s on.
  • It is not possible for someone to live, it is not possible, and it is in the wind. In this way, he can show aggression or he will have hopes, under certain circumstances, that he wishes for a developer.
  • Emphasize that everything is in the past, that no one is to blame for what happened. That connection is history, it no longer exists. Not a word of the word, not tell me, so that you can make it before it’s too late. Don’t compare them to each other.
  • Be prepared for the ex to use caustic ironic remarks. He can discuss your relationship, transfer it to your boyfriend, 
  • You are not to blame for anything. It is not possible to see in the wine, not to be accepted, to the point where it is not in the room. Say right away that you do not plan to continue the conversation in this tone. Ask him to continue not to be interested in your personal life, let him take care of arranging his relationship.
  • Respect your ex during the conversation. After all, you loved him once. Speak calmly, only from the “I-position”. If you show some kind of aressia towards him, pick up tough phrases, then you laughs, and then it’s not clear how

When you inform your ex about a guy, then be prepared for the fact that his reaction may be inadequate. After all, at this moment he will feel the strongest shock. Do not think that a man is an insensitive being who does not experience moral pain. Often he hides it behind aggression.

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