How to understand that a man wants a serious relationship with a girl?

How to understand that a man wants a serious relationship with a girl? In fact, men and women want stability. No where you want to do it. No more about this than you are living, supporting, and seeing. What this may be connected with, we will analyze in today’s article.

Reasons not to commit yourself

Are you going to see the part you are not there and what do you want? No where you stand to think that it’s time for you to take your relationship to the next level. You’re waiting for him to propose to you to marry him, and he doesn’t even want to talk about it. Why?

Your loved one may refer to those men for whom a career is above all. He can work day and night, he has projects on fire and he simply does not have time to think about developing relationships.

If your man is like that, you can bring up the topic of marriage yourself, and maybe he can stop in his race and look at your relationship with a different look.

  • You are not the woman of his dreams.

Yes, it happens. Some men enter into relationships easily and do not attach much importance to this. Just meeting is not the same as getting married. If you feel like this is the case in your relationship, talk to your partner. And then you make a choice whether it suits you or not.

  • Doesn’t know how to build a serious relationship.

5 signs of not serious relationship

Before he met you, he could have had different life experiences (growing up without parents, from an incomplete homedriu). There was no example of correct and harmonious relations nearby. Perhaps behind this there will be fear, to do something wrong. In this case, it is very important to discuss everything. You can talk to families who are examples for you.

  • He decided that you do not need a serious relationship.

If your relationship is easy and relaxed, you meet a couple of times a week, and you never said that you want it differently, a man may decide that everything suits you. In this case, as well as in all the previous ones, if you want something, you need to talk about it.

As you can see, the reasons can be different. Men, just like women, can think and analyze. If the partner does not want to go to a new level of relationship, the problem may not be with you.

What if a man wants a serious relationship?

“It’s all right, on the takes steps”. That’s what experienced women might tell you. No this is not what you want. Young people are also nervous, experiencing fears and various fears.

I’ll tell you one story. One young man was very much in love with a girl. On the hotel near the house. No afraid to propose. The girl was still young, and he was afraid that she did not want, or maybe she herself was not ready for marriage. He began to organize meetings with his family friends, who at that time had a child. He himself observed how his chosen one behaved.

The girl loved children very much and treated other people’s children with trepidation. He also didn’t tell her that he had his own apartment in the center of the city. I was afraid of another, and suddenly she is mercantile. And he didn’t tell her for a long time. But she knew nothing and continued to love. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that it’s not there. Everything was decided in one moment. When he directly asked: “Do you want a family?”. To which she replied, “Very.” A week later, he proposed to her.

What is this story about? You can tell that he didn’t trust her. Da. And so it is between a man and a woman. This example shows the psychology of men well. He, too, may doubt how beautiful you are.

How to understand that a man wants a serious relationship with a girl? Man’s actions

  • He asks you questions.

If you are important to him, he will ask you questions. Just like the hero from the story above.

For a woman who is important, men try. And above all, be honest. After all, if he breaks his word or deceives you, your relationship will be in jeopardy, and he values ​​\u200b\u200bthem.

  • Share dreams for the future.

And not just sharing. He has you in his plans. This is a very good sign that the man is serious about you.

If you ask him for help, he does not ignore your requests, but finds time in his schedule. Or maybe you even ask him, he is just attentive to you and takes care.

  • Interested in your life.

He is interested in how you live, what you like to do in your free time. It is open for communication with your loved ones or just getting to know them.

  • He can be himself.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of a relationship everyone wants to seem better, he can open up to you. For him, being himself with you is comfortable. He pretends to model with his imaginary plans with his dreams, er er know Only

  • Would like to see you more often.

And that desire comes not only from you. The man is also the initiator. He can call and write messages. He likes to spend time together. He may tell you that he wants to date more often. And the readiness of a man to spend the holidays together is also important.

  • He likes to please you.

This means that he can give you gifts, arrange something pleasant for you. And not just to spend an evening with you, but to see a smile on your face.

Love without obligation

If a man says that he loves you, but at the same time does not take any action and does not even try to talk with you about your relationship, it may be a wake-up call that he does not need them. More precisely, not so, they can arrange it the way you have it at the moment. Now, this is what you want to say about it.

Or maybe it’s completely different. You will simply feel that you are together for a long time. That he sees your relationship in perspective. That you are important to him. And for a pleasant pastime together, he also sees your future. He is comfortable with you. He can even talk about joint children.

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