Husband wants to return to the family from his mistress after infidelity

Husband wants to return to the family from his mistress after infidelity. A year has passed since they broke up. The first six months for Polina were very difficult. She constantly returned in her thoughts to the moment she found her husband with another girl on the street. Her imagination depicted Andrei in the arms of this woman, how he touches her in the same way that he once touched Polina Polin

No life went on as usual, taking care of children, new projects at work. Polina began to get used to her new existence. I remembered about fitness, signed up for a beautician. And suddenly, like thunder from a clear sky, – a call from Andrey. On scale, it’s not, it’s rascal and it’s worth it to the Pole and to the day.

Husband wants to return to the family from his mistress after infidelity

The end of a relationship with a spouse leads to various fears that a woman tries to cope with. Until quite recently, everything seemed so stable, but today the situation has changed dramatically, and you have to build your life anew.

In his book Love. Perezloader. What to do when the relationship is over, ”psychologist, Bruce Fisher, highlights the following fears:

  • Fear of the unknown future. When everything in life breaks down, it’s hard to imagine a new life scenario. Questions arise, how to support children, how to keep up with what they used to do together.
  • Fear of being divorced. What will your friends and colleagues think? The woman feels like a loser, a hysterical woman who was abandoned by her husband. A sense of shame, low self-esteem haunts a woman.
  • Scar, that drugs should be considered against all common problems and secrets. “It seems that now the whole world knows about the dirty laundry, which before that only we knew about.” Bruce Fisher.
  • Fear of starting to make decisions on your own. The car remained, and now you yourself need to contact the service and insure the car. Pay apartment bills, resolve issues with a plumber. How to solve all financial problems, will there be enough money for yourself and for children.
  • Fear of being a single mother. Previously, all children’s issues were resolved jointly. Now school problems, classes in sections, tutoring – everything will have to be solved by myself.
  • Fear of change. You may have to look for a new job, change your place of residence. It is not known what else will have to change in your life in connection with the divorce.

Every woman in such a situation will have to “face her fears” because, only by overcoming them, it is possible to turn her life crisis into a creative experience.

But what if you practically coped with the situation and learned to live on your own, and then your ex-husband appears and declares his desire to return?

Why the ex-husband wants to return a year after the divorce

“And the mistake of all women is that they imagine that a man is an open book for them. It is precisely because of the ignorance of men that most women become unhappy, but still continue to believe that they understand men perfectly “

Jack London “Moon Valley”

You can do that when you are alone, by the fact that you have to be careful.

  • Even if you are in a position, comfortable and comfortable.

Despite the fact that, it would seem, he received sex in abundance from his mistress at the beginning of his novel, over time, atyt mo. The situation has changed, he sees his mistress every day, the passion has subsided. If he finds his ex-wife attractive, he wants to renew an intimate relationship with her.

Your husband has returned from his mistress. What to do next?

It’s for the comfort, it’s on the outside of the room, and it’s on there in the front of the house. A cozy apartment, thought out to the smallest detail with his ex-wife, favorite dishes and pastries that he is used to getting on weekends – he wants to fill all these needs.

  • Longing for past relationships.

If a man’s real relationship with his mistress did not develop the way he imagined them, then he will want to return to his ex-wife, remembering the past. So that the number of days is up to you and you are in the right place.

He may not remember how you quarreled over trifles, but he will remember how great you were relaxing at sea. He will remember that between you there was both love and good sex. He can also understand that it was you he loved, and he was simply carried away by his mistress.

Very often, the first crisis in a relationship occurs after a year of marriage. And if during this year of living together with his mistress, the ex-husband did not manage to become happy, he wants to return to his former family.

Husband wants to return to the family from his mistress after infidelity

“Nikogda ne znaesh what to do with the former: if you don’t leave it in your heart, they’ll suck out all the blood, you can’t get it out of your head – purt”

Rinat Valiullin “Where kisses lie”

Your ex came, looks miserable, wants everything back. Is that what you want and what do you want?

  • If your ex is sincerely repentant and wants to do everything to return your favor.

It is likely that both of you are to blame for the divorce, but it was he who changed, and if guilt is hushed up on his part, then this should alert you. If the former did not repent, then it cannot be ruled out that after a certain time he will not be drawn to the Liv again.

By his actions, he must prove the seriousness of his intentions.

  • By the way, you can do it, it’s worth it.

Maybe it will be a letter to his mistress, in which he will write that he has always loved only his wife, and felt that he did not take such words. The mistress will not forgive such words.

On the other hand, the contact between the phone and the phone is on the phone. This is an unpleasant, but necessary period for the return of trust.

  • There needs to be full communication.

He needs to avoid comparisons with his mistress in conversations. Exclude reproaches and attacks.

A woman will have to analyze all her past mistakes in her behavior and change. Stop “nag” her husband with or without cause, do not dramatize events. This is a difficult period, but if the wife remains in the position of “victim” and manipulates the man with his guilt, then such behavior will again lead to a break.

It is very difficult to forgive betrayal, you have to live it and complete it. If the position is new, then it is necessary to know that three compositions:

  • competence;
  • responsibility;
  • motivation.

“You should have been divorced to start living so well.” Nikolai Kozlov “How to treat yourself and people”.

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