Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life

The following article contains words of wisdom that can be used as a benchmark for someone in living life. You can find wise words that inspire and give encouragement, so that life feels light even though there are many tests. Like what? Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life Check out the details below!
Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Pearls of Wisdom for Life Encouragement
Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Pearls of Wisdom for Life Encouragement

You may need quotes and aphorisms as a guide in living life. The reason is, sometimes words can provide inspiration, motivation, as well as teach someone several things.

These include a number of aspects of human life, such as religion, romance, and relationships between people. Everything is summarized in an inspirational article containing wise, cool, and funny aphorisms related to the following life which is sometimes full of happiness and sadness.

In this article, we will invite you to dive into the wisdom quotes of life that come from a number of figures. Who knows by listening to it, you will get enlightenment so that you can become a better person than yesterday.

Without further ado, just take a look at a collection of beautiful words that are divided into Islamic, motivational, and funny quotes that you can use as material for your reflection. Happy reading!

Pearls of Wisdom for Life Encouragement

1. When Strength Is Tested

The wind did not blow to shake the trees, but rather tested the strength of the roots. Ali ibn Abi Talib

Hopefully, the wise words of wisdom from Ali bin Abi Talib above can give you motivation in living a life that sometimes doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, someone does get a life test that is considered quite heavy.

However, you should note that the test is not about making someone weak and then giving up. Like the wind shaking trees to test the strength of their roots, tests can make you stronger and able to face even bigger problems in the future.

2. Retrying after Failure

I think that every failure I have to face gives me a chance to start over and try something new. Harland David Sanders

In line with the previous quote, Harland David Sanders also revealed something related to the struggle for life. He advises that you become a person who does not give up easily even though you have failed.

Why is that? Because you can take lessons from that failure so that later you don’t experience the same thing. Gradually, there will be lessons that lead you to success.

3. Other opportunities are open

When one door closes, another opens. But we often look for so long and feel sorry for the closed door, that we don’t see any other door open for us. Alexander Graham Bell

Feeling down after one failed attempt? Just so you know, most people achieve success after they experience dozens, maybe even hundreds of failures.

When they fail, they don’t just give up. They look for other ways and take the opportunities that are still open. Likewise, you should not give up immediately even though you have failed.

4. Do it until it works

I have failed many times in life, and that’s why I succeeded. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s words of wisdom above could be useful for your life. This phrase clearly tells of the failure that Michael Jordan had experienced during his life.

Unexpectedly, failure became part of a very important life journey for him. From there he continued to learn until he was able to achieve success. As long as you keep fighting, you will also get the same opportunity.

5. Two Important Days

There are two most important days in your life, which are the day you were born and the day you discover the reason why you were born. Mark Twain

Why shouldn’t you just give up on your journey to achieve your life goals? Because according to Mark Twain, your life purpose is something that is important to be achieved as long as your body is still in your life.

Mark Twain says that one has to achieve it because that is the reason he was born into the world. So if you don’t know why you were born, never feel satisfied to keep trying.

Words of Wisdom in Human Relationships

Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Words of Wisdom in Human Relationships
Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Words of Wisdom in Human Relationships

1. The Peak of Love

Love to Allah is the culmination of love. The valley is love of neighbor. Prophet Muhammad SAW

The Prophet Muhammad SAW once said, that the peak of love is the love of Allah SWT and the valley is loving others. That phrase shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand, right?

There it is clear that the Messenger of Allah encouraged people to love each other. Hopefully, that way someone will love the Creator even more.

2. Criticism and Solutions

There are people who criticize but give no way out. There are people who provide solutions without criticizing. Emha Ainun Najib

In social life, sometimes there are many people around us who like to gossip. Some of them don’t even hesitate to criticize what we might be doing.

If someone criticizes you, just ignore it. As long as he doesn’t come up with a solution, then his criticism is useless. There are still many other people who are willing to help and give us solutions without the need to criticize, which you should pay more attention to.

3. The Bitters in Life

I’ve felt all the bitterness in life, and the most bitter is hope in humans. Ali ibn Abi Talib

You also need to consider the wise words above if you are currently expecting love or something from someone. Because hoping in humans will make you regret it.

Hang your hope only in God. Even though sometimes God delays giving or doesn’t give you what you want, He will always give you what you need.

4. People’s Mistakes

The fault of smart people is to think of others as stupid, and the fault of stupid people is to think of others as smart. Pramoedya Ananta Toer

These quotes about life on this one discuss the relationship between two types of humans. The first is the type of person who thinks he is smart, while the second is someone who thinks he is stupid.

Both types of human beings may not be aware that they have made mistakes in their lives. The fault of the smart person is to think the other is stupid, while the mistake of the stupid person to think that the other person is smarter.

5. Patience is Adab

Really you were created not to repay those who hurt you. Your only obligation is to be patient, because patience is your adab to Allah SWT. Al Habib Ali Al Jufri

The words of wisdom and pearls of the next life regarding relationships between humans are as shown in the quote above. This phrase implies that you don’t take revenge on someone who has hurt you.

Instead of thinking about revenge, it’s better to be patient. With patience, besides you will get a reward, perhaps God himself will intervene to make the person who hurt you aware and repent.

Pearls of Wisdom about Love Life

Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Pearls of Wisdom about Love Life
Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Pearls of Wisdom about Love Life

1. Bird Wings

Male and female are two wings of a bird. If the two wings are equally strong, then fly the bird to the top as high as possible. If one of the two wings breaks, the bird cannot fly at all. Soekarno

For your love life, maybe you can use the wise words of wisdom from the former president of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno. If you are in a relationship with someone, try to meditate on that phrase.

That is, you and your partner are like the wings of a bird that should be able to balance each other. For that, keep it so that no one of the wings is injured, let alone broken.

2. About Loving

Getting married is fate, loving is destiny. Who you can plan to marry, but you can’t plan your love for whom. Sujiwo Tejo

Sujiwo Tejo also wrote many beautiful words related to the reality of love life. One of them is a quote about the destiny of love as stated in the quote above.

According to that phrase, loving each other will not always bring a couple to happiness. A person may love, but not necessarily be united with the person he loves.

3. Spit on Love

In fact, you don’t need to say your love, write it down, let alone show off. The more often you say it, maybe he is more bland. Lest we say it just to suggest, ask ourselves, what it is like that. Tere Liye; You, Me, and a Red Angpau

The novelist Tere Liye inserts beautiful and wise aphorisms above in her work entitled You, Me, and Sepucuk Angpao Merah. From that sentence, it can be seen how Tere Liye describes lovers who are romantically drunk.

Oftentimes, lovers do not hesitate to spit words of love and intimacy on social networks for the public to see. Meanwhile, according to Tere Liye, it would be more beautiful if the passionate feelings were secret and hidden from the public.

4. Give and Take

To give and receive love, you have to deal with pain. You must be able to provoke and feel it. Jeanne Moreau

Love cannot be separated from two things, happiness and pain. In fact, no matter how happy someone’s love life is, they should still remember that disappointment will come at any time.

Could it be that your love life is the same? If so, learn to be prepared for all the possibilities that could happen. Face pain, because it is part of giving and receiving love.

5. Wind to Fire

Absence is like loving like the wind to fire; extinguish the small and make the large more smoldering. Comte de Bussy-Rabutin

The poetic quotes about love life in the above quote come from the French writer, Comte de Bussy-Rabutin. The meaning of the sentence is actually not as difficult as you might imagine.

This expression implies that the feeling of love is like a wind blowing against a fire. If the fire is small, it will immediately be extinguished by the blowing. Conversely, if the fire is big, the wind can make it burn even more.

Funny Pearls of Wisdom about Life

Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Funny Pearls of Wisdom about Life
Inspiration of Pearls of Wisdom as a Standard of Living Life | Funny Pearls of Wisdom about Life

1. Serious problems

No matter how big your problem is, don’t weigh it. Will not sell! Anonymous

Human life is never separated from the problem. Sometimes there are those who are given minor problems who have complained, some are patient no matter how big the problem they are experiencing.

According to the funny anonymous quote above, it is not necessary for all problems in life to be measured in difficulty. After all, problems wouldn’t sell if they were sold. Better to find a solution, right?

2. Stop Judging

Before judging someone, try walking long distances in that person’s shoes. After that, who cares? The man is far away and you got the shoes. Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly’s words above may sound funny, but they have a deep meaning. That is, it is a waste of time if you judge someone, especially if the reason is jealousy.

It’s useless to judge him, while he’s already far ahead of you. You should focus on improving yourself so you can catch up and become competitors.

3. Tilapia Only Damages Liquid Milk

A small things can ruin big things. The proverb does not apply if the milk is powdered milk. Anonymous

Perhaps you have often heard the proverb, “Because of a speck of indigo, it breaks a pot of milk.” The proverb can be interpreted, a small mistake can cover up all the good that someone has ever done.

Who would have thought, someone creative could pull it off. That what can be damaged by a drop of tilapia is only liquid milk, not powdered milk. If the powdered milk is dripped, we just need to get rid of the part that is affected by the ink, right?

4. Amount of pocket money

What if the pocket money is greater than the food allowance? Sujiwo Tejo, Inconsequential Because It’s True

Have you ever heard the proverb, “Big is a stake than a pole” which means that expenses are greater than income? If so, do you think that Sujiwo Tejo’s expression above was not wrong?

The answer is no. The puppeteer’s wise words of wisdom talk about how some people lead consumptive lives. Sometimes, the money for the purchase of unnecessary items is greater than for spending on basic necessities, such as for food.

Pearls of Wisdom as Material for Reflection and Self-Development

1. Share Trivia

Happy people don’t need to tell people about their lives, achievements, great things, especially if they just announce other trivial things to other people. Tere Liye

You can ponder the cool words of the author Tere Liye above. Especially if you have been sharing various things on social networks, from the trivial to the most complicated ones.

According to Tere Liye, someone who is truly happy in his life doesn’t share such things much on social media. Instead of uploading it, happy people may be able to enjoy life more without telling long stories in cyberspace.

2. Scenarios from God

Our director’s script knows the front, our God knows the back. Sujiwo Tejo, the puppeteer of confusion

Our life journey has been outlined by God, even long before we were born into the world. Everything good and bad that we experience or have not been able to attend is also a destiny from Him.

Sujiwo Tejo analogized destiny as a script written directly by the Living Owner. The scenario is not the same as the director’s script that we already know before taking on the role.

3. The Rich and The Poor

In the eyes of city people, poverty is a mistake. Forget them, the side dish he ate was our job. Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Greenhouse

You may be a wiser person after reading this article, especially the quote from Pram above. From there, you should immediately know that people whose lives are less fortunate also need to be respected.

Don’t underestimate them, because, without them, you may not be able to live comfortably. It could be, the luxury you enjoy is the result of their hard work.

4. Become an educator

Teachers who can’t stand criticism can enter the trash. Teachers are not gods and always right, and students are not buffalo. Soe Hok Gie

If you are a teacher, these wise words of life pearl from Soe Hok Gie are worth pondering over. No matter how long your teaching experience is and how much knowledge you have, stay humble and accept criticism.

You are still a human who doesn’t know everything and is bound to make mistakes. Therefore, do not treat students arbitrarily, because you may get valuable life lessons from them.

5. Humans Are Not Pigs or Apes

If life is just life, pigs in the forest also live. If work is just work, monkeys also work. Buya Hamka

Would you like to be likened to a pig or a monkey? Of course not, right? Buya Hamka’s expression above contains an insinuation for someone whose life is limited to breathing and working, just like pigs, monkeys, or perhaps other animals.

Supposedly, a human being also provides benefits to his surroundings. This can be realized by giving charity and spreading kindness to others.

Words of Wisdom, Pearls of Islamic and Religious Life

1. Glorifying Humans

To honor man means to honor his creator. To humiliate and humiliate man means to humiliate and insult his creator. Abdurrahman Wahid

Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur was known as a religious and wise figure when he was still alive. He said many words of wisdom which were inspiring and useful for national and religious life.

One of the things he had expressed was the sentence stated in the quote above. That, someone who glorifies others as he has glorified his Lord.

2. Claims to be Muslim

I don’t even dare to call myself a Muslim, because it is Allah’s prerogative to judge whether I am a Muslim or not. Emha Ainun Najib

Cak Nun is not only known as a humanist, but also a book writer and speaker. The father of Noe Letto often silences people with cool words that are full of meaning and touch the heart.

And through the above Islamic words of wisdom, he seems to invite us to ponder for a moment about the life of a Muslim. According to him, the status of a Muslim is not something to be proud of. The reason is, God sees a person’s Islam not from what is heralded, but from his heart.

3. The Ignorant Man

The characteristics of human negligence are often complaining when being tested and rarely give thanks when getting favors. Anonymous

Every human being has been negligent at least once in life. The quote above implies that humans are sometimes very rarely grateful for the blessings they receive, and they complain more about the difficulties they experience.

Presumably, the meaning of these wise words of wisdom about life is, as humans we should be very grateful. Even when we are being tested with difficult circumstances, we must be sincere and grateful for being given a test by God. The sign, God still loves.

4. What Does Religion Prohibit?

Religion does not prohibit an act if it does not damage the soul. Religion does not dictate that the order does not bring a happy and happy soul. Buya Hamka

There is, of course, a reason why religion forbids some things to be done. Sometimes, the prohibition is made solely for the good of mankind considering that anything that is prohibited can be detrimental to the lives of oneself and others.

Presumably, what Buya Hamka means from these words of wisdom about life is for you to be careful in your steps. Avoid things that are reprehensible which might have a bad effect and cause sin. Instead, approach and do practices that are fruitful.

5. Religion is Light

Revive the religion means to turn a nation. The life of religion means the light of life. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi is a scholar from Turkey who has modern thinking. And the quote above is one of his thoughts on the relationship between religion and nation.

According to him, a nation can be great if it has a religious foundation. He considered religion as a light that can sustain various aspects of human life, including reviving a nation.

Cool, Inspirational, and Motivating Words of Wisdom from the Pearl of Life

How? Are you inspired enough after reading the collection of wise, cool, inspiring, and motivating quotes above?

Hopefully, reading this article makes you reflect on the life that has been going on so far. If you still make many mistakes, you still have a chance to correct them.

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