Male jealousy and its causes – is there a recipe for it?

Male jealousy and its causes – is there a recipe for it? You are probably familiar with the opinion that if a man is jealous, then he loves a woman. Is it really? Let’s try to figure out why the partner is jealous, is it really love or a manifestation of a bad character.

Psychological overtones of jealousy

Jealousy is a negatively colored emotional feeling that develops against the background of a lack of love, respect, attention from an important person who directs all his attention towards a third person.

Jealousy can manifest itself in different ways. It depends on the characteristics of the worldview, psyche, thinking, physiology of a man. The origins of this feeling originate in childhood, as a result of training, education and perception.

  • In nature, there has always been a struggle between males for a female in order to pass on their genome.

In the course of evolution, this system has become more civilized, but it cannot be said that it has become simpler.

  • Despite the fact that relations have arisen since m ear and a woman, the oath of the former pough side does not stop. Women continue to communicate with other men. This fact is traumatic.
  • As a result, the partner has a protective mechanism aimed at preventing the encroachment of other men. He is in an internal readiness to prevent the loss of a woman.

It turns out that jealousy is a protective mechanism that allows you to minimize the risk of losing a partner. This state manifests itself:

  • by fear;
  • anger;
  • ambition;
  • pride;
  • egoism.

What determines the severity of jealousy?

The severity of jealousy is affected by the psyche of a man, his temperament. Which character traits are more actively manifested and forms the activity of this state.

Suppose, for a vindictive person who does not value his word, jealousy with treason and deceit is characteristic. If you have a weak type of man in front of you, then he will react with a scandal, aggression, and the use of force.

Male jealousy manifests itself in emotions in the form of fear, embarrassment, shame, arrogance, suspicion, and in actions in the form of treason, total control, lies, aggression, isolation, and deceit.

How to pacify male jealousy?

The best thing to do in the results:

  • traditional interaction between a woman and a man;
  • physical superiority of a man over a woman;
  • features of male thinking.

It so happened that a woman depends on a man. For centuries, relationships were built in such a way that the man had superiority. The woman had to obey her partner. Recently, the trend has changed, but the psychology of the owner is deeply embedded in men.

How does jealousy manifests itself?

Jealousy is not always easy to detect right away. It is often “encrypted” by various everyday issues. None of the propositions:

  • The man pushes his way to make-up. Draws attention to bright clothes. He is annoyed by your special treatment of animals.
  • It’s easy to know to the smallest detail: what did you talk about with your girlfriend, how is the body in charge, how in the team,
  • Your frequent visits to your parents make you feel possessive. He may grumble that you are not doing your duty.
  • If you try to make contact, you run into misunderstandings. The nervousness increased excitability of a partner speaks of his jealousy.
  • The husband is sometimes taciturn and gloomy, and withdraws into himself. His anxiety does not allow him to relax.
  • A man often disappears at work. And it’s not about change. He is nervous, and demanding in such a way that you pay attention to him, think about what you can lose.

Often in age, the fact of jealousy is noted because of the fear of losing the usual way of life. If you notice jealousy, then immediately begin to take action. This negative feeling will slowly but surely destroy your relationship.

Jealousy – what is it?

All men are jealous. There are no representatives of the stronger sex who would not be familiar with this feeling. Someone reacts violently to circumstances, due to their nature, someone tries to hide this feeling, considering it poignant.

A man is not jealous only in two cases:

  • If you are not a small cause of the village,
  • If he is indifferent to your fate.

If a man is jealous from time to time, then this is normal. The girl is even impressed, it increases her self-esteem. If the man constantly arranges an interrogation, she starts tantrums with the words: “we me

The environment believes that the jealous person should pull himself together and stop reacting in this way.

Often, women accept pathological jealousy as an overly ardent manifestation of love. They suffer from it, they blame themselves. Their life turns into a nightmare. In fact, this is a dangerous thing.

Such relationships should be immediately terminated from a safe distance to help the man overcome this feeling. In this case, one cannot do without the help of a psychotherapist, and sometimes a psychiatrist.

How to calm jealousy?

Don’t leave the jealous man alone. Find out what caused this feeling. Maybe you actually gave him something to worry about.

Often, jealousy manifests itself in a relationship if you have a quick intimacy. The man did not need to make any special efforts for this. In this case, he thinks that you can also easily come into contact with others.

  • Talk to your husband in a calm tone. Explain to him that he is dear, loved, the only one. Express admiration for your man more often. Tell him how good he is, that he is the best, that you will never meet someone like him. Admire his actions.
  • Eliminate all reasons for jealousy. Exclude all correspondence and calls from men. Remove short dresses and skirts from GARDERO.
  • No conflicts. If the husband shows jealousy again, do not make excuses, do not deny anything, do not shout. Just calmly explain where you’re stuck. Then leave him alone. Mind your business. Give him time to calm down and think.
  • Don’t pay the accusations in the same coin. Say that you are upset, offended. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Don’t hide anything, don’t lie. All the same, the lie will be revealed, then it will be simply impossible to prove anything. Leave your phone in a visible place. If they call you, then talk in the room, do not leave it. This way you make it clear that you have nothing to hide.
  • Pay no attention to other men in front of your husband. Not in the first place.
  • Create comfort, thus making it clear about your love.

Jealousy can only be cute at the very beginning of a relationship, or if it shows up at times. Do not let jealousy break your union.

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