What to do if the husband began to raise his hand?

What to do if the husband began to raise his hand to his wife during quarrels for the first time? Unfortunately, there are situations when a wife is physically abused by her husband. According to the UN, if a woman is first hit by her husband in the face or head, then in 70% of cases the violence will be repeated. Let’s see what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

Some numbers

According to a survey conducted by an independent journalistic organization, 35% of women, at least once in their lives, have experienced physical violence in the family, by a partner.

Women are most often victims of domestic violence, not only in our country, but throughout the world.

How did it happen that your husband hit you?

First of all, you will have to accept the fact that if your husband hit you, then this is your choice, your desire to be in the role of a victim, your unwillingness to somehow influence the situation, which has been developing this way for more than a year. After all, a blow to the face and head was preceded by psychological pressure from the husband. So it happens that it was perfect…

As a rule, you have been humiliated before. You allowed your husband to behave aggressively, he could insult you, humiliate you in private and in the presence of third parties. After unpunished psychological pressure, there is often a physical impact.

What to do if your husband hit you in the face for the first time?

There is a saying in China: “What happened the first time may never happen again. What happened twice will definitely happen a third time.” This rule can be adopted to resolve such a situation if your husband hit you for the first time on face.

If you are in a long-term relationship, more than 3-4 years, and this happened for the first time, of course, we are not talking about beatings here, we are talking about spontaneous manifestation, you need to think, analyze the situation.

Think about what happened between you, not with you and not with him separately, but between you. If this is a repeated situation, the tone will continue from time to time, no matter how the man apologizes.

Then clearly tell your husband that if this happens again, then you will leave. Speak clearly and decisively. Donesi for the missing information: “If you hit me again, I’ll leave.” Don’t be passive.

A man is rude and raises his hand, what should I do?

In no case do not justify the behavior of your husband with your own actions. Understand the psychological cause of his attack. Perhaps there is a parent program. To that end, it is on by a child, such a variant of the norm was for his father. The man believes that women are to blame for everything and he does not want to change. Then you should leave immediately.

Self-blame reasoning is very dangerous. You start to seriously think about what you did wrong. Perhaps she didn’t get in shape after giving birth, she didn’t pay due attention to her husband, she didn’t keep silent during a quarrel, she didn’t. If for the sake of preserving the family you are ready to understand only yourself, try to justify your husband, then tragedy is not far away.

What to do if your husband hit you?

If you live with your husband for more than a year or two, he was calm, never allowed himself to be aggressive towards you, and in the next conflict he hit you in the face, then evaluate his psychological state.

And not the emotions in which he was during the showdown, but the general state, more latent, in which he had been lately. Perhaps he is under the influence of negative events. Of course, this is not an excuse for his behavior.

Analyze, perhaps, in a difficult period for your spouse, you psychologically humiliated him, instead of quite meroyd expect. In this case, reconsider your behavior, your attitude towards your husband.

If it so happened that the husband hit not only you, but also attacked the child who fell under the hot hand, then this is already evidence of psychopathic deviations. Leave immediately before things get worse. The same applies to the case of violence, even one-time, during pregnancy.

As long as you are there, you have to write it down to yourself, to the name you want:

  • Be sure to talk to your husband, having previously drafted a conversation script, taking into account such points as time and place. Talk while both are in a calm state.
  • Not private in the third party: it is not possible to pay for rodents. Talk one on one. This only applies to you. Don’t let strangers into your life.
  • During the conversation, clearly follow the topic, indicate the main points that you would like to find out.
  • State your position clearly and simply. Don’t start with accusations and excuses. Done to that, it is not possible to do that in the washing machine. For you, this is unworthy behavior that you are not going to tolerate. And think in advance what it means for you not to endure. To this end it is possible to do this by means of two storages, but also to the post of two people. Of course, this is not about physical violence. In general, he must understand that this is not possible with you.
  • Think in advance what questions your husband might ask, and prepare answers to them.
  • Choose the right tone for the conversation. There should be no reproaches, irritation, feelings of guilt, accusations.

If you have made the decision to retaliate against the fact that he yelled at you for the first time, it is obligatory a mouthful Sich. It is not necessary for the family to live in it, to use the streets, to maintain the sea and the sky.

Analyze your usual behavioral patterns with which you communicate with your husband. In this case, you will have the opportunity to take your relationship to a higher level. You may need the help of a psychologist.

What to do if you hit your husband in the face?

You probably met such families where the wife hit her husband during her anger. What to do in such a situation? First of all, apologize. Find out the reason for your behavior, what prompted you to this act.

When you hit your husband, you thus expanded the boundaries of what was permitted. If you do not immediately stop the situation, then the man will understand that this style of communication is normal for you. And at some point, the same situation can only happen “in a different gate.” Don’t ever let that happen.

If it so happened that you were hit in the face by your husband during a quarrel, it happened for the first time, some kind of srita. It cannot be silenced. It is important to say in a confident and clear voice that this cannot happen to you again.

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