What to do so that your husband begins to respect, appreciate and love you?

What to do so that your husband begins to respect, appreciate, and love you? Displeasure, loss of interest in a partner, and disappointment are the main causes of disrespect in marital relations. The situation is new when it comes to emotionally living and living in the present state. Isn’t it worth it and it’s not like that? If the psychologist wants to know the price of the new person, and the price and what is available from the pru.

Signs of disrespect from your husband

The feeling that you are not respected does not appear immediately. It resembles a small crack that appeared in the asphalt. At first it is imperceptible, then it grows more and more, until, finally, it turns into a gaping hole.

You stop in front of her in confusion, you feel powerless, you realize that you are falling apart into pieces of Jovsti, machines

disrespect humiliates, makes you feel your own weakness, reduces self-esteem. It fills with heaviness, deprives the desire to live.

If you feel bad when you are with your husband, check if he has stopped respecting you. Here is a list of 20 signs:

  • He no longer talks about his day, mood, events, meetings, does not share his impressions.
  • Can’t find time for you. He is occupied with work, sports, TV, urgent tasks.
  • Doesn’t help you. If you ask for help, give it reluctantly, often postpone it due to lack of time.
  • Speak negatively about your appearance, clothing. This happens not only when you are alone, but also in the presence of relatives, strangers.

What to do if a man does not appreciate you?

  • He talks about you as small, unintelligent, useless.
  • Doesn’t listen to you. You talk about what happened at work with a child and you understand that you are talking into the void. The husband will not be able to adequately answer the question, comment on the situation.
  • Does not recognize your achievements, is not proud of you.
  • Does not introduce you to acquaintances, friends at a meeting. You just stand there like a doll.
  • Not specified in two stores, that is now, that is by the day.
  • Avoids your company, on the contrary, prefers to communicate with other people, including women.
  • Prefers to remain silent, ignore your questions.
  • He belittles your dignity, even if he is aware of them.
  • He only cares about himself,
  • He comments on you, your actions are behind your back.
  • Treats you like you’re nothing.
  • Hides from you purchases, things.
  • Subscribes on social networks to pages with sexual content.
  • Be rude to your family and friends. Possibly negative comments in these addresses.
  • Ignores and constantly violates your personal boundaries.
  • No compromises are made, other than those required.

The list can be continued, but even sincere answers to these questions will make it possible to understand whether the husband respects the continuation.

How to behave?

If you have found most of the listed signs of disrespect from your husband, your relationship is masculine. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Eliminate humiliation

The aggressor in the family is a man – most people are absolutely sure of this. However, numerous studies show that women are often the initiators of violence. They humiliate, despise their husbands, actively use emotional violence.

The husband has to fight for his image, self-respect, one of the protective mechanisms is the manifestation of respect for the comid.

Therefore, exclude from your behavior actions that can humiliate a man and provoke him to self-defense.

Forget blackmail

A little something is wrong, the wife threatens to pack up and go to her mother. The second popular form of blackmail is sexual. The wife uses sex as a means to get her way, without thinking that she is losing a way to build strong, good relationships and just enjoy life.

Show some respect

To be respected, you yourself must respect others. This is especially true for family members and spouses.

Don’t ignore it, don’t worry about it. There are two main characters in your relationship – you and your husband. You got married to make it so. spend time with him, trust him, show him how you are.

You are not always right

No think you are always right. It happens that you really did or said something right. Perhaps this happens often. No approach each situation objectively. Do not wait with excitement and gloating when you again tell your husband that he is an incapable donkey.

Many conflict cases can be considered from different angles, and even if it seems to you that you know better, listen to the opinions of others. It will enrich you and family relationships.

Drug variant – all you need to know and the instructions for the game. This will increase his self-esteem, allow him to appreciate your positive attitude towards him.

Respect personal space

There is nothing xxt than to climb into the correspondence, the phone of the spouse, to delve into his personal ones without prejudice. No longer that, that is what you want. In most cases, this leads to the complete collapse of the relationship.

Respect for personal space does not set barriers. On the contrary, it gives rise to trust, recognition, strengthens relationships.

By the way, do not forget about your borders – a world in which you can whimper, grieve, resent, renovate, ovatyst, vatyst.

Avoid comparing with other men

Comparison with others is a sure way to humiliate your spouse. Your husband is the best for you, that’s why you chose him, isn’t it? So why now point out that others are better. Admire your husband, develop yourself, spend time together, have fun.

Don’t just compare your spouse with others in dealing with him, but don’t talk bad about him in front of your children, friend. Self-respect is an important part of a man’s attitude towards himself. From this, respect for others is later built.

Stop tantrums

People who respect each other try to speak calmly in all circumstances. Shouts are meant to attract attention. No it is postally available in the instrumentation, this is what we do in the country where you live. They get tired of hearing discontent, sarcasm, accusations, empty cries. Such behavior destroys respect, makes it possible to foresee further actions, offends.

If you feel that you are exploding, you cannot calmly convey your opinion to your partner, stop, take a deep breath, nohit. Try to find the right words and convey them calmly.

Somehow I had to watch such a scene – a girl was arguing with a guy (he put her bag on the grass, and there were ants). She hysteria, screamed, almost beat him. The guy stood, looked at all this, smiled, no longer even trying to say anything. At some point, the girl realized the senselessness of her behavior, bought a cup of coffee, sat down on a bench, and began to calmly talk about something with her young man. Then they checked the bag together for ants.

be a star

Love yourself, respect yourself, show your dignity. Take care of yourself, do what you like. The inner light with which you will illuminate the environment will make your husband value and respect you.

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