Why Women Suffer But Don’t Leave Relationships?


“A love story for a man usually begins with a sexual interest; for a woman – always with an attempt to establish psychological intimacy, that is, to behave sincerely and confidentially “

Olga Makhovskaya. “Raby lyubvi, or Spare Women”

Human relations are one of the greatest values ​​in the world. Love, recognition, intimacy and trust, success and failure, all this is received by a person in a relationship. For women, relationships are of great importance, it is in them that she reveals herself creatively, realizes her life in honor.

Misconceptions about women in relationships

There is a Liec I yehus, formed in childhood, which is in the far distance destined to say thick with a disc.

  • A woman is doomed to suffer and endure.

It is a common myth that she must endure all hardship and pain just because she was born a woman. Once married, endure all the antics of her husband. Even before the joy of the birth of a long-awaited child, a woman experiences physical suffering, and then fear and pain for his life and destiny.

If a woman has such an attitude, then she, with her whole existence, will prove its truth.

  • A woman is not worthy of true love until she achieves true success.

Such a belief is formed in the event that in the parental family the girl was motivated to succeed in school, in haste. Very often, parents in cases say: “First, learn, get a red daut, and personally condess. And a woman sets goals for herself, first to lose weight, then change the shape of her nose, get a new position.

As a result, there comes a time when it is already too late and to run around on a date and give birth to children.

  • A woman should be modest, flaunting herself is the height of indecency.

You can’t “chase” mu, you shouldn’t take any action, he himself will come up to ang and n will do fter. In this case, a woman should not demonstrate her need for a man.

  • Be sure to find your “half”, without it you will never be happy.

Such a delusion is fraught with the fact that a woman feels inferior without a man. And he goes into a relationship just to get something. Only when a woman learns to value herself as a whole person, reconciles with her qualities, and can give something to a man, then harmonious relationships will take place.

  • When true love is between a man and a woman, they understand each other perfectly.

Beautiful, but illusory delusion. People are all completely different, different interests and different worldviews. It is possible to achieve mutual understanding only if we jointly build long-term relationships.

Bye, it isn’t necessary in other areas, no one is there. Why is this happening?

Is it possible to change it without having it in your mouth?

Women suffer but don’t leave relationships

There are five main reasons for this behavior.

  • biochemical dependence.

Painful relationships are STRess, it is a struggle for your own importance in the survival system. Constant stress releases hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol. And after STRessa, beta-endorphin, the hormone of joy, is produced as an anesthetic.

Thus, after an act of suffering and pain, a woman receives a hormone of happiness. Since this is due to the biochemical processes in the body, and not with love for a man, it is very difficult for a woman to get out of a toxic relationship.

  • The need for belonging through pain.

If initially a woman lacks the skill of building relationships on love, tenderness and affection, she tries to satisfy her need for belonging through a destructive form of behavior – suffering and pain.

  • Fixation on the parent-child relationship.

If you have a red line in the room, then the preloaded parts and the system of the names and positions Such a girl has learned a perverted idea of ​​love and its manifestations. “He beats, it means he loves”, “love is pain”, – with such ideas, a woman does not realize the destructiveness.

  • Fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection is one of the oldest fears of mankind. Even in primitive society, people striving for survival lived in communities. If a person was rejected, it was akin to death.

To avoid rejection, a woman can begin to please a man in all areas of contact with him. Will try to become indispensable and necessary.

If a woman is in alliance with a man who is violent towards her, then she will provoke him to zirust with a yoke. In order to similarly get his attention to himself, as proof of his “need”. The fear of rejection always appears in those who are afraid that they will refuse something.

  • The woman has dependent personality disorder.

With dependent personality disorder, a woman has an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bherself as spineless, weak, incompetent and incompetent. She idealizes her man, perceiving him as a strong, caring partner. Such a person has statements like: “I can box mez mu I can be happylle yu yu yu yu yu. Or: “If they leave me, I will die.”

The main threat to an addicted person is rejection or rejection. The strategy of behavior is to stimulate dependent relationships, an attempt to please, to do what he wants. Such women are constantly worried, as it were, not to be left alone.

How to get out of a toxic relationship?

“Otnosheniya s muzhchinoi dolzhny prinosit radosti

Pearls of Thought

In order to change the situation, you must:

  • Recognize the existence of a problem.

No matter how hard it would be to realize that you are unhappy in these relationships, you must admit it. Don’t forget about it and see it, and try to avoid it.

  • Realize that breaking up is not the end of your life.

It is common for a woman to always be afraid that she will no longer meet “such” a man, that in her life there will be no more. Practice shows that after unsuccessful relationships, ench often meets, finally, adequately, with ftinter

  • Take care of your own self-esteem.

After a situation with constant experiences, suffering, a woman needs to get rid of guilt and shame. If required, contact a psychologist who will help you and ension.

  • Start taking care of yourself.

before you learn to build a relationship… Find time for self-development and setting new life goals.

“Never go back to what you decided to leave. No matter how you were asked, and no matter how much you wanted to yourself. Having conquered one mountain, start storming another … “

Marilyn Monroe

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