Romantic Words for Long Distance Lovers

A collection of romantic words for long-distance lovers’ relationships. No one knows the intricacies of someone’s love journey. If previously you were able to freely meet and hold hands with your lover, sometime later you may have to accept the reality of having a long-distance relationship. Romantic words for a distant boyfriend in this article can be one way to convey your longing for him. Let’s look at a row of quotes here.

You can send various quotes that are here in the form of short messages or status on social media. If you want to be romantic now and then, maybe you can say these words directly when you’re calling your lovers.

Can’t wait to find out what kind of romantic words you can send to your boyfriend/girlfriend that far away? If so, let’s take a look at the full list below.

Romantic Words for Dear Girlfriend Far There

A collection of romantic words for long-distance lovers' relationships.
A collection of romantic words for long-distance lovers’ relationships.

1. Sleep Forever

If the only place I can see you is in my dreams, I’ll sleep forever.

The desire to meet your boyfriend may appear many times when you are in a long-distance relationship (LDR). Due to impossible circumstances, you can only meet him in a dream.

As expressed in the romantic words for the boyfriend far above, you probably don’t care if the face of the lover you meet is just a dream and not really real. The important thing is that you miss at least a little bit.

2. Willing to Wake Up

And I’m still asleep hoping you’ll call because you’re worthy to be the reason to wake me up. The Icarus Account, 3000

Communication is one of the important things that shouldn’t be forgotten if you and your boyfriend are separated by distance. Even if it’s just a text message or phone call at night, it seems to have treated your missed her a little.

Therefore, you may not mind having to wake up in the middle of the night when your boyfriend calls. What you feel is the same as described in the lyrics of the 3000 songs sung by The Icarus Account above.

3. Stars

I hate stars because I see the same light you see, without you.

The starlight at night can be a feast for the eyes. Especially when enjoyed with a partner, the heart seems to be filled with calm and happiness.

However, the presence of a star can also serve as a reminder of his absence on the side. If you want to voice your longing for him, romantic words for your boyfriend who are far above can be an option.

4. Not Important

The distance between two people didn’t matter if their souls were united. Matshona Dhliwayo

Not all partners can maintain love when in a long-distance relationship. However, if you and your partner are sure of each other, it doesn’t feel like a problem with the distance.

The same thing was expressed by Matshona Dhliwayo in the words of wisdom for the LDR above. This quote can serve as a motivational message whenever you start to waver and question your relationship with your boyfriend.

5. Always There

When you feel alone, just look at the space between your fingers. Remember that in those rooms there are my fingers that are locked with you forever.

The lack of opportunities to be able to spend time together when in a long-distance relationship can be a trigger for the emergence of longing that is in your heart. That feeling will intensify when the idol’s heart reveals that he also feels lonely.

The romantic words above may be sent to your distant girlfriend to calm her heart condition. Hopefully, that message will convince him that you’re never going anywhere.

Missing Words for Long Distance Relationship

A collection of romantic words for long-distance lovers' relationships.
A collection of romantic words for long-distance lovers’ relationships.

1. Anyway

A thousand miles seemed far enough, but they had planes and trains and cars. I’ll walk for you if there’s no other way. Plain White T’s, Hey There Delilah

If you miss you can not be held back, you may do various ways to unite with your idol. Starting from a logical way to one that can make other people shake their heads may cross your mind.

For example, as sung by Plain White T’s in the lyrics of the song Hey There Delilah above. The band is willing to cover 1,000 miles (approximately 1,600 km) on foot if that’s the only way to meet a lover.

2. Too Missing

Sometimes I just sit daydreaming at the computer. There is food in front of me but I have no appetite to eat it. It’s all because of my heart that misses you and my mind that always dreams about you. Sandra Toms

If you miss your boyfriend, you may not be able to focus on doing your daily activities. Starting from working, sleeping, to eating, even though your thoughts cannot be separated from it.

Sandra Toms even described that someone can lose their appetite because they miss their loved ones. You can send these romantic words to your distant boyfriend as a code so he can take the time to meet up.

3. Count Down

I want to travel through time. See your surprise. Hold you tight. I count down the day. Natalie Imbruglia, Counting Down the Days

When the opportunity to release your longing face-to-face with your lover arrives, feelings of impatience and excitement may envelop your body. It feels like you want to speed up time so that the day you have been waiting for will arrive soon.

If you want to express your happiness through words, the lyrics of the song Counting Down the Days by Natalie Imbruglia above can be the right choice. Make the quote a status on social media if you want to share that happiness with the people closest to you.

4. Part of Love

Missing someone is part of loving him. If you never separate, you will never know how strong your love for him is.

God has His own way of testing the strength of a couple’s love. LDR may be a test given by Him for you and your partner.

Get rid of your fear that your love affair with your boyfriend will be threatened with breaking up because of distance. Prove that the love you have for your boyfriend is really strong, just as expressed in the wisdom quotes above.

5. Too Far

I’m trying to find the words I can say. I know distance doesn’t matter but you feel so far Simple Plan, I Can Wait Forever

When asked by others, “How does LDR feel?”, You may not be able to find the right words to describe what’s inside. The desire to be seen as strong and strong seems to be the opposite of longing that cannot be treated.

Simple Plan describes what you feel nicely through the lyrics of the song I Can Wait Forever above. Just let go of your miss through romantic words for that short beloved boyfriend so that the heart is a little more relieved.

Heartfelt Words for a Distant Girlfriend

1. Want to Join You

Taxis and busy streets that won’t give you back to me, I can’t stop wishing you would take me with you. Taylor Swift, Come Back… Be Here

When you feel lonely, a crowded room or street cannot replace the feeling of emptiness caused by being separated from your lover. Even though you can reach him by telephone, still it is not comparable to the presence of his idol on the side.

If you want to express your longing for him, the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s Come Back… Be Here seem to be what your heart feels like. That way, he will know that you are always waiting for his presence.

2. Lonely

The absence makes the heart even more in love, but it certainly makes you lonely. Charles M. Schulz

Sometimes distance can make your heart love your partner, even more, knowing that their absence is making your world feel less complete. Therefore, you do not want to waste the opportunity to meet face to face with your lover.

However, Charles M. Schulz said that you can feel lonely when you have to have long-distance relationships with loved ones. You can outsmart these feelings by hanging out with your closest friends or frequently communicating with your lover.

3. No How

The pain of being separated is nothing compared to the joy of seeing each other again. Charles Dickens

When you let your boyfriend go out of town to pursue his dream, you may feel like you’ve been left out. However, you need to think mature that the success of your lover after successfully realizing his dreams will ultimately make you happy.

From the romantic words for girlfriends that are far above, you can learn to see the positive side of long-distance relationships. After all, there is no need to be afraid that your relationship with your boyfriend will be threatened as long as you and he trust each other.

4. See you soon

I will hug you in my heart, until finally I can hold you in my arms.

Since you can’t see each other often, you have to find a way to let go of your homesickness. Apart from texting, you can just make a video call if your boyfriend’s voice isn’t enough to treat the feeling.

If you ever want to show off a romantic attitude to the guy who is working hard there, you can send a sweet word to your boyfriend above. Hopefully, your lover is happy to receive the message and looks forward to seeing you.

5. The Important Commitment

Waiting doesn’t bother me, neither does the distance that has emerged between us. All I want is true commitment and knowing that your heart will never change.

When it comes to the idol’s heart, the business of waiting doesn’t seem to be a bother. Especially if the commitment to maintaining a romantic relationship between you and your partner is not easily shaken.

This is in line with romantic words for a boyfriend who is far above. If you want to show the sincerity of your love for your partner, make the quote a status on your social media. Don’t forget to tag your idol’s heart so he or she will know about it too.

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Send your Missing through Romantic Words

That is a collection of Romantic words for long-distance lovers that we can summarize. Is there a quote that can represent your feelings? If so, immediately use these words to convey your heart’s content.

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