Stages of development of true love in a relationship from falling in love

Stages of development of true love in a relationship from falling in love. Do you dream of meeting in life one single love “for all time”, so devoted and long that the heads as a result “turn gray on one pillow?” Prepare for this: the price of the part and the number 10, and the number 50 is the number of letters.

Don’t people of elegant age look touching, walking hand in hand somewhere along the alley of the park and not seeing anyone around, so gently, unforgettably “dissolved” in the satellite. In your environment, there will surely be examples of such an affectionate and warm connection.

7 stadium loves sorted out

If such an ideal is hidden somewhere in the corners of your sentimental heart, we want to tell you in detail what is the mechanism of such a romantic relationship “for ages”. True love, alas, is not given to every earthling, in order to cherish, grow, preserve, keep, titanic efforts and everyday work will be required.

Psychologists have carefully verified and outlined each stage of its existence, and today we will present the results of their many years of research to you in a simple and accessible language.

If you naively assume that, having recognized the treasured object of attention in the crowd, having felt the response.

You are sadly and deeply mistaken. Oh, if everything was so simple, all men and women were happy and carefree. In fact, whether we like it or not, romantic feelings inevitably undergo changes in their essence, not everyone gets to a successful ending. What metamorphoses await the couple on this difficult path, you will find out in our further story.

The era of wonderful love

Experts take away this stage from the strength of a year and a half. Harmful scientists attribute everything to biochemical reactions in the body. On the stage, in their opinion, go “sweet” hormones oxytocin and endorphin. In the object of adoration, you do not see any flaws. Now the chosen man is an idol, a ruler, a master of your heart. However, if your feelings are mutual, everything is the same, or even with a stronger intensity, and your counterpart is experiencing.

The 7th stage is divided into two parts, which are propagated to the parry

A fantasy that has gone wild, draws you that very prince on a white horse, and a delightful princess for him. Sweets, bouquets, and sweet dates reign around. Everything that you see in a partner seems perfect and impeccable.

Passions are boiling, poetic lines are fluttering in my head, fluttering inside and you can hear the nutes of yours # All thoughts are only about one thing: I found the man of my life, and now it will always be like this. In many unions, this stage ends with a joyful wedding, or at least with a desire to continue to live Ћod Everything is cloudless and serene.

Unexpected satiety with a partner

Having laid the relationship within the framework of a family partnership, a man and a woman inevitably approach the stage of the decline of the temepe sturper. The desired object is now all the time at hand. All of a sudden, simple forewords for er dots begin, which can be inherent in.

If the couple has quite friendly communication, the baby has already been born, she is immersed in new worries, almost not attaching any importance to the emerging changes in each other’s assessment.

Psychologists believe that the birth of a child more often strengthens the family than pushes it to domestic collapse. Especially if it happened at the peak of the era of falling in love. Despite the fact that my mo Me, fascinated by the charms of the chosen one, has no and hormones,

The spouses, better prepared for everyday problems, quietly jump over the treachery of the pool of satiety into the next, very difficult stage of the relationship, without moral losses.

Evil disgust

Proceedings to solve the problem, not to say that it is so difficult to understand. To our regret, no one in the world has yet managed to avoid this stage of love. Another thing is how persistent personalities you and your man will find yourself in the newly proposed circumstances, run away or stay together in spite of all the predictions of the Universe.

This period is a real test for fragile hearts. During his power, all the darkest sides of your characters raise their heads, and self-centeredness, which you had no idea about, runs everything.

Of the good news, you will surely like this one: evil, intrigues, showdowns that have risen in the field of disgust for each other, in other unions, for the most part, last no more than a month. They felt, quarreled, remembered that “darlings scold – they only amuse themselves” and jumped to the next step up.

From bad observations, we can say that couples doomed to fiasco make mistakes in the era of inexorable disgust for their partner, get stuck in a viscous slurry of finding out “who is right, who is wrong, who is more important” for many years, and then still come to a divorce and parting.

From the funny effect that accompanies the stage of disgust, to the surprise of psychologists, the famous love fireworks, popularly known as “the habit of marrying,” is born. Of course, you know the Hollywood movie with Alec Yoldwin and Basinger, which has a juice and savory hus. The dolls where the project is made by the plane, so that the subject is by the number of params of the blister.

The fact is that many families are known, including those famous all over the world, in which the spouses, each time reaching the 3rd stage of love, scattered, and then met again, fell in love and reunited. So do not believe after all this psychology guru.

Peaceful stage of humility

Having passed the crucible of the first 3 stages of love, life partners can safely assign themselves the status of “experienced in love”. With flaws and “cockroaches” in the heads of a loved one, they have already met and have not gone crazy. They learned quite well to accept the object of passion as it is, without embellishment and silent adoration, and still remain. The motto of the era of humility: love is not for something special, but in spite of everything.

At this time, quarrels are already constructive in solving household issues or problems with the upbringing of wat. The process of adapting to the needs, habits, aspirations of a partner has a warm connotation, such techniques as turning to psychologists, training courses, gatherings at the negotiating table with relatives appear on the arena.

Kind and warm stage of service

Calling a conscious, benevolent period of service to a loved one is not in response to his attention, but just like that, because an understanding has come: I love and don’t want to see anyone else in this place, call it sacrifice, we don’t turn our tongues.

The souls of both have already “leaked”, “sprouted”, “and climbed” through the thorns to the real romantic stars. By intonation, smile, gesture, you begin to guess the thoughts of a character close to you to joyful pain. You don’t want gifts, you don’t need rewards, you’re a happy woman, you don’t want any conditions, you want ft.

Psychological stage of the part needs most of the time to the person who is there. “Marriages Made in Heaven” is about soybean union, although the couple still has 2 more boxes for snow. This is the time when children have already grown up, grandchildren have begun to appear and life continues on a new round of the spiral.

Strong, devoted friendship

Even if you now wanted to say: well, what a friendship, our love began with her. Do not rush to jump to conclusions.

This friendship is different from that friendship. Now you already know everything about each other and even more, you know how to separate the grains of pleasant from the chaff of disagreements. Problems should be solved by me and by the name of the day.

If you are lucky enough to reach the era of strong, unclouded friendship, quickly, then you will stay in its gentle domination not only for years, but for decades. Carnal passions will begin to fade, maturity will inevitably decide to sneak up, and old age will follow it, and you still don’t.

That same love

My patient listener, take my word for it. Love is an understanding of each other at a glance, at a glance, spiritual kinship and brotherhood, an unobtrusive presence nearby when you listen to the breathing of a sleeping man, and your heart still jumps out of your chest with delight and after 50 years of union. Such feelings cannot be overcome by any temporary disappointments, hateful coldness, mistakes, selfishness, hatred. It is a pity that not everyone can deserve this priceless gift. But are you going to try now?

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