The Main Mistakes of Women and Girls on the First Date!

The Main Mistakes of Women and Girls on the First Date! Before the first date with a guy you like, he always has a nervous trembling all over his body and does not leave his feelings. Not before you go, so you will want by one person, and you will need it by yourself. The way you want it, the way you want it is ideal. You want to leave a positive impression of yourself and interest him.

It is the impression that you make on a guy on a first date that largely determines the fate of yours. How you behave at the first meeting will tell a lot about you as a girl and as a person in general. Therefore, it is important not to make stupid mistakes on a date with a guy. So, top 10 mistakes that people make on the first date and how to avoid them.

The main mistakes of women and girls on the first date

  • You are rushing things

Then there is one in the family that does not have a button on the other side, but in other words in the sky. Причем, этим грешат чаще всего девушки. It is not necessary to say that it is not necessary to plan on it.

At the first meeting, you only get to know each other, evaluate whether you liked him, and he liked you. Don’t worry about it. on the guy all his list of requirements and desires. Such behavior can frighten off a potential life partner.

  • You keep talking

On the other hand, the price of the nerves and the stress. Therefore, many girls speak incessantly. Ponyatno, that’s what you say so stress and nerves, no paren’ you can see it.

Men cannot stand it when a woman talks too much or praises her virtues. Their logic is more simple. If you talk a lot, He just won’t take you seriously and will classify you as ordinary chatterboxes that will fit on one date.

In the case when you constantly praise yourself, the guy will also doubt the veracity of your words. As a rule, men are sure that if a girl is good, then she does not need an additional advertiser.

  • You are not interested in him

You are asked to give it to someone who is not interested. If you do not ask him questions, do not try to bring him into a dialogue, then you deprive him of the opportunity to tell about himself, and share his achievements or thoughts. In other words, you don’t know how to listen. On the other hand, it’s worth it.

  • You went too far with make-up and attire

To make a good impression on a guy on a first date, it’s important not to go overboard with the outfit and make-up. Yes, you want to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws. No par is negativno othnosyatsya k volgarnomu makiyazhu and odezhde. Especially if there is a ton of plaster on your face, and the skirt barely covers the sirloin.

Mistakes on the first date. How to behave on a first date with a man? The Main Mistakes of Women and Girls on the First Date!

If you plan to build a long-term and strong relationship with your chosen one, then give preference to light, natural makeup and clothes that will be appropriate for the place where the first meeting will take place.

  • Talk about exes

This is the worst first date mistake. Perhaps in the future, the guy will ask you about your past relationships. No, it’s not worth it, it’s not easy to understand that it’s up to you, and it’s easy to understand. Men are very scrupulous about the past relationships of their chosen ones.

On the other hand, there are some emotional problems. Also, It’s best not to tell a new acquaintance that most of your novels were not completed on your initiative if that’s the case. This information will give him the idea that something is wrong with you and it is better not to mess with you.

  • Talk about your shortcomings

This is also an important topic, which is better not to bring up on a first date. Your desire to be honest with him in everything is, of course, a good thing. However, if he immediately recognizes all your minuses, then there may not be a second date. And why burden a person with their negative qualities. As long as you are aware, it is up to you. No in 2 appropriate times.

Instead of discussing your shortcomings or his, it is better to suggest the topic of your favorite books, hobbies, or music. In this way, you will be able to understand if you have common themes and interests.

  • Trying to find out the size of his income

As a rule, when a guy begins to suspect you of commercialism, his interest in you decreases significantly. Moreover, with your persistent questions about his income, you can completely discourage his desire to continue with you.

Therefore, at the first meeting, it is best not to raise the topic of finance directly. You can draw conclusions based on observations. For example, his clothes, phone, brand of car, and restaurant in which you met will tell a lot about his status. Also, you can estimate his income and how he spends his holidays or stories about his work.

  • Proposing a second date

In the modern world, more and more often the initiative comes from girls. This is of course wonderful. However, men are accustomed to making their own decisions about whether to continue communicating with the bone il. At the same time, by asking the question of when you will see each other again, you let him know that you are extremely interested in

Such behavior will negatively affect the development of your relationship. As soon as the guy realizes that you are interested in him, and you show your desire to get closer to him in every possible way, he will stop seeking you, you will become uninteresting to him. And all because men are used to seeking women. And why, one wonders, to achieve the one that jumps on you.

  • Hang on the phone

It is considered bad manners, when communicating with a person, to constantly disappear on social networks and the phone in general, responding to messages from friends, relatives, or work colleagues.

Paren, the score is not written on the telephone and it is said that it is not interesting. Therefore, try to take time for your companion and chat with him here and now. And messages, even for work, can be answered a little later, when you are alone, in a calm atmosphere.

  • Sex on the first date

Soglashayasya on sixteen persuasive words, that are given to two people. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but they are so rare that you should not play the lucky or unlucky lottery.

Of course, most often, the guy insists on sex on the first date. And, If the Girl Agrees to this action, then Her Elasie automatically makes Her in His eyes not suitable for a serious relationship.

Not that you want it, that’s all you need to do in the post. After all, if you agree to this with him, then, therefore, you do not refuse other men. And that already makes you in his eyes a woman with a low level of social responsibility. Such is the logic of the male population.

Going on a first date, you always want to be much better and more ideal than you are. It is from an overabundance of emotions that you can make stupid mistakes that will put a bullet in a relationship.

Therefore, going to the first meeting, forget about all the relationships that have been up to this point, do not get ahead of yourself and just enjoy the moment. Live in the present, and then you will have a chance for a more serious relationship.

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