What is the ideal height difference between a guy and a girl?

What is the ideal height difference between a guy and a girl? Size doesn’t matter, but what about height? It is difficult to meet a woman who would say: “Wow, what a cool shorty!” Usually, men with parameters above average are popular. Is it a matter of taste or something else? As it turned out, preferences are based on the law of survival.

On a subconscious level, a woman understands that the higher the partner, the stronger he is, which means that he will be able to protect the core of the evocho. However, modern research has gone even further: it turned out that the happiest couples are those where the difference between partners exceeds 20 centimeters.

What does Science say?

Do you want to buy one of the parries? What is the key to happiness? Scientists do not get tired of looking for all sorts of answers, some of them go far beyond the standard rex.

According to a Korean study conducted at Konkuk University in Seoul in 2017, a couple’s happiness is inextricably linked to the height difference between partners. For this study, which lasted several years, 8,000 women were asked to rate how comfortable they feel around their lovers.

The results showed that there is a direct link between growth and happiness. The taller the man, the stronger the relationship. Women who tie the knot with tall men are more likely to get promotions at work and have a lower body mass index. Experts explained: that our DNA is to blame. No matter how advanced our society is, survival is the basis of evolution.

From the point of view of biology, a tall man can get more food and carry the largest piece of the “mammoth” on himself, therefore, you can not be afraid to start a family with him, he is able to take care of his wife and offspring. Therefore, even now, when you don’t have to get up at dawn and go hunting, but you can just order home delivery, the primitive instincts are still alive: what if something changes?

The girl is higher, the man is lower.

Another later study made an interesting adjustment: tall men are much more likely to live in abundance. Employers consider slender and stately employees to be more active, and therefore more reliable and smart, directly linking appearance with the ability to achieve a good result.

Therefore, women who choose tall men are doubly lucky: they are safe. Their partner can protect them both physically and financially. But remember that this rule only works in the first 18 years of marriage. After that, growth ceases to matter.

How to stop worrying about your height difference?

Modern society wraps everything in numbers. Everyone is interested in how much you earn and weigh. Even on dating sites, one of the mandatory columns contains information about the candidate’s height and work. Everything has to be measured. Yes, appearance is certainly important, but what else to measure income, if not in the amount that you have every month? No, you can’t dwell on it.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Why is the growth of a partner important to you, and what does it affect? A tall man can easily get the sauce from the top shelf in the Store and easily change the light bulb, but you can just use the stairs. Imagine that you are going on a date with a new boyfriend you met online. When you see a man a little shorter than you, you raise your eyebrows in surprise, as you expected something completely different. But why are you disappointed?

You are aware of the pre-existing conditions, so that you can see them. Perhaps you yourself are far from being a fragile ballerina, and you are afraid that against the background of a short boyfriend you will look good Or you want to avoid the condemnation of others, because almost any “inconsistency” can be interpreted as some kind of imbalance.

If the teoreticheskie was able to put up with it, but the best friend taunts in the message: “Small stature? I hope his salary is not so small? Get out of there!”

Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe

Men and women of short stature are subconsciously perceived as less successful and healthy. No, unlike women who can be forgiven for this, men are subjected to violent “extremism”. And, regardless of your opinion.

Does he want to see a tall and stately beauty nearby? Sexist! Staring at a petite skinny girl? Isn’t that what the skies are about? While articles in women’s magazines are full of headlines: “What if he is shorter than me? Should I give him a chance?

The difference in height is a kind of fetish. “Military, handsome, hefty” is a common cliche, and not a conscious choice of a particular girl. Many short men are so tired of the claims of the female sex and the importance of fitting their sizes into the standards that they have to lie while dating online, adding to themselves the desired sentiment. High growth can be a nice bonus, but not a selection criterion.

Men, too, are not tolerant of their undersized comrades. Those who are unfortunate suffer from labels from childhood. People believe that the taller ones are dominant in nature, which means they have the right to subject the rest to ridicule. Jokes about “dwarfs” are still considered normal. How do short men react to them? A response joke or silence, so as not to confirm the cliché “you look like a child, and you behave the same way.”

Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas

If the height of your man is a problem for you, analyze why. Who influences you: society or your complexes? It is impossible to love a person for a set of qualities: eye color, hair, foot size, and salary. However, it is not comfortable in the cell, it is not.

Men are not required to be tall Atlanteans, and women are not required to be fragile “inch”. When you meet a kindred spirit, you don’t have to think about whether it’s worth it now for life to refuse to wear a cab. It doesn’t matter.

When someone outsider considers it normal to tell you his vision of the situation, banal envy or unprocessed internal conflicts speak in him. Or, at least, the inability to choose an environmentally friendly way to get rid of negativity. Ignore it or gently put it in its place. You shouldn’t care what others think about how you look with your partner. Don’t let outside influences ruin your relationship.

A short man also has a lot of advantages. It is more convenient to have sex with him standing up, and during the process he will be able to maintain eye contact. “National business economics issuance” in the USA advises not to give up relationships with low-ranking men.

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