TOP 10 signs of a domestic tyrant in men and life with them

Young ladies, and even more experienced older women, are keenly attracted to partners with obvious features of charming masculinity, strength, irony, and eternal intrigue. Such a Life Companion promises bright Colors in relationships, envy of girlfriends, a constant feeling of some kind of spice, confidence that it won’t be boring for sure.

No where to prosto

In contrast to the brutal machine in the environment of the weaker sex, there are completely different personalities. Those and scripts, about the “botanicals” that are written, like the name, about the “prils” by the name and the post in the post.

Laws are not violated, bills are paid on time, and generally quiet and darlings, like angels. From such subjects, women do not expect tricks, surprises, “cutting through” the Command voice, and in both cases they are annoyingly deceived.

It is difficult to recognize ahead of time a “loud” domestic tyrant in a charming, movie-like “scoundrel” with a disarming smile, and even more so in such a modest admirer of the rules, both types masterfully disguise themselves under the absolute absence of despotism, but we will now bring them to clean water.

How not to confuse concepts?

Our story about the types of men, among whom despots come across more often, is not a sentence or a diagnosis. This “portrait” of vile personalities was revealed by psychologists, which does not mean at all that all “dizzying handsome men, they are bad guys” are also the owners of the “gene of violence” and “chronic quiet people” are established in life, chasing their spouse around the house.

Many potential brides, girls and women who are just entering into a new relationship lightly dismiss the slightest suspicion of a fan from more thoughtful friends and relatives: this is not my case, do not scare me with abuse, I recognize this “from 3 notes” wrong behavior.

Other than that, the female clan is willingly attributed to despots by Eastern men with their national pores. A polygamist, the owner of a harem, the initiator of a strict framework in the family – it means immediately in the “black list” of the wrong candar.idar.idator

This approach is wrong. In the “household of women” of some eastern ruler, a certain, established for centuries, authentic order really reigns. But the charming creatures that enter this world are usually immediately warned About the fact that concubines padishahai concubines padishahai concubines.

Their ruler pampers his beloved, gives them clothes and jewelry, appreciates the birth of numerous offspring, respects and honors women of the older generation. No kakoy tiraniye zdes ne id and speech, everyone is happy and happy.

How to recognize a tyrant man?

An outwardly strict, non-sentimental gentleman who loves to give orders to his wife will not become a household despot, will not plunge into the net of violence, he will not: soup only with meat, pies with cabbage filling, heirs will go to a private kindergarten and an elite school, and tea must be served with lemon and sugar. Such a Scenario is not despotism, but the establishment of boundaries and Frameworks, in which henceforth there will have to be a chosen one for the high role of the “half”.

The abuser, who hides his true intentions from society, is insinuating, often sweet-tongued, pleasant outwardly – after all, the victim must fall for the bait of attractiveness, charisma, charm. However, you will need it and you will need it.

He calls down the aisle quickly so that the future “captive of his anger” does not have time to come to her senses. Unobtrusively “disperses” friends and relatives, Forcing a woman to break her social circle, Quarrel, disperse in life with people who are so close to her.

By what signs can you recognize a domestic tyrant

We understand and accept your feelings if you are passionately in love, and our recommendations now seem to be nonsense and empty. Keep this article “bookmarked” if you can’t “read” a new boyfriend like an “open book”.

However, it is private and the name of the “controllable spirit”:

  • why does he scold all his ex-partners in vain, he has nothing to remember, sheer mistakes and disappointments in relationships, appeals to you that everything will definitely be different with him, they are scoundrels, you are an angel;
  • almost from the first day of meeting, he takes the initiative in any of your affairs and promotions: a restaurant for a date – only what he says, dishes and wine on the table – which he chooses, your clothes for a meeting – what he likes, the rest is discussed and condemned;
  • on a 2-3 date, he talks about going to the registry office, assures that he has already chosen “the woman of his whole life” and this is a wonderful fairy – you must admit that few people can resist temptation, quickly jump out to marry such an attractive subject;
  • he immediately does not like your quite prestigious and well-paid job, noisy girlfriends annoy, it seems that the care of parents and older brother with their constant calls to you is superfluous, now he is the highlight of the program;
  • he confidently and persistently pushes out of your life everything that is not connected with his beloved: a corporate party – and forget to think, a bachelorette party in your favorite coffee shop – what are these women’s gatherings with stupid conversations, going out of town with friends for a picnic – why should we this, dear, it’s better to stay just the two of us;
  • your life schedule somehow by itself now checks with his preferences, he always knows everything and decides for you: with whom to meet, where to go, whose birthdays can be useful for you, and whose – just spending money on a gift, regulates even calls to all acquaintances;
  • your environment seems to him “sucks” it is stupid, worthless, unpromising, giving nothing for your well-being and material wealth, he predicts that soon you will learn to do without all these extra people, and he will entertain you and console you;
  • right on the first date, the gentleman declares that you have to work on your appearance: bigger breasts, thinner waist, tighter hips, tighten your legs, voluptuously states that even then you will definitely be the embodiment of his feminine ideal;
  • so that it doesn’t happen around both of you, he always finds a “victim” who will answer for mistakes, mistakes, flaws, and do not hesitate to lynch her with words in front of you, as if training for the future;
  • irreconcilable in relation to your pet: this dog or cat will not live here with us, and when you move in with me so that his spirit is not around, he wants to own you, not even sharing with his affectionate little brother;
  • provokes situations in which it is difficult for you to make a decision in favor of him or close people for some reason, and if you choose relatives and friends, he speculates for a long time on your guilt that you did not act according to his opinion;
  • is distinguished by a rapid change of shades in his mood, he seems to be floating in the clouds with happiness, then he is crushed by grief and sadness, and you, guess guess what happened to him so suddenly.

Manifestations of aggression, cruelty, spiritual stinginess and greed are skillfully packaged in a colorful, precious-edged cover of imaginary concern for you. Ready to patronize his future betrothed in every little thing, even her mouth does not allow her to open in order to express her attitude to things, objects and events.

We are not going to dissuade you from anything, we will not criticize your choice, obsessively try to take you away from the impending disaster. Be careful in Your fragile love for an unfamiliar person, how do you know who is hiding under the mask of the sweetest charm and attention.

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