TOP 10 sure ways to keep a man’s love with a 100% guarantee

TOP 10 sure ways to keep a man’s love with a 100% guarantee. In order for love to be preserved for many years, and emotions not to cool down, you need to continue to invest in relationships. Not to mention the interests of the drugs in the drugs. There are 10 ways you can keep your love alive for years to come.

Engage in self-development

When a person constantly improves himself, learns new things, develops, realizes himself in a profession, this increases the level of physical attraction to him.

An enthusiastic person is more attractive, because he subconsciously broadcasts: “I’m alive, I’m interesting, I’m full of energy.” This is a man passionate about life. It is included in the moment “here and now”.

This opinion was reached by Gestalt therapist Ilya Latypin, author of the book “Between a Robot and a Monkey”. People are more attracted to enthusiastic individuals who have found their calling.

Therefore, being in a couple, it is important not to suppress the aspirations of your partner, but, on the contrary, to encourage them. This is what will help you remain attractive to each other and warm up the feeling of love.

Take a break from each other

People in love want to spend all the time together. No way that is in other countries, it is not necessary to start a drug on a drug, and a stream in the street.

Sometimes a man and a woman need to “diverge in different corners”:

  • communicate with other people;
  • do your job;
  • sometimes go on vacation separately;
  • have your own hobbies.

Thanks to this, they enrich their experience and impressions. It doesn’t matter if the separation was for an hour, a day or a week.

You will need to understand the drugs by the drugs, you will need the item and the owner, but it is not possible to have a partner. Meeting after that is like a date at the initial stage of a relationship, when you couldn’t wait for this evening.

During communication, partners share their experienced emotions and vivid impressions with each other, supporting

Talk about your desires

Subsidiary rights are given to the third party and the poorest, to the pot and to the outside of the city. Therefore, it is important to be able to realize your desires and talk about them to your partner. This applies not only to the intimate sphere, but also to communication and everyday issues.

How to keep the freshness of feelings?

For example, if a girl wants a man to give her flowers, you should not be afraid to tell him about it. Silence leads to unfulfilled expectations, resentment and disappointment.

Flirty drug with drug

Flirting is an interaction between people that allows not only to improve mood, but also to attract each other. It’s not just a way to get to know each other. Flirting can support love in a couple who have been together for a long time.

Branded Frisbi in the United Kingdom Kentucky surveyed nearly 200 happy couples. It turned out that they all continued to flirt with each other, even despite a long relationship.

Flirting, imperceptible touches, hints, glances in a common company – all this helps you to act lovingly.

Use different love languages

Gary Chapman, one of the most famous relationship experts, has revealed that love can be shown in many ways:

  • words and confessions of their feelings, compliments to a partner;
  • physical contact – hugging, stroking, touching, kissing, even a light touch when you are a midimot;
  • gifts – it doesn’t matter if they are expensive, or nice memorable little things;
  • the time that you devote to each other – The main thing is that attention should be directed to the partner, and not to the Phone, the Child, dirty dishes;
  • help – come to the rescue when a partner needs it, support him.

Usually a person has one or more preferred love languages. They are familiar to him, “inherited” from his parents. Someone in childhood was supported more with words, someone with gifts or hugs.

If you want to keep the feeling of Love in a relationship, try to use all 5 ways to convey your attitude to another person.

Watch movies and serials together

If a couple watches movies or reads books together, and then discusses their impressions, the actions of the characters, the plot, this improves the quality of their relationship, helps to get closer and strengthens the feeling of love.

To proishodit potomu, to blow this away:

  • share your emotions;
  • expand your horizons;
  • form a common circle of values, especially if you raise questions of morality, the life goals of the characters and the motive of kova;
  • You should stop by the door, stay close to home, to a pot and to a part.

Experience new experiences

Boredom and monotony can cause your feelings to fade, and the desire for novelty will lead to dating on. To prevent this from happening, don’t let the routine consume you.

Come up with new activities, places to go, diversify your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Emotions and events lived together, positive or negative, bring people together, they have “their” stories, common experiences, impressions and experiences. And vivid memories will reinforce your love.

Do “feats”

No other radio station is available on the skate or in the “possessed dracone”, which is in the sky in the sky. You just need to come to the rescue when he needs it.

Readiness to help is an indicator not only of love, but also of the trust that exists between you. This means that you can rely on each other.

Don’t pretend to do it

No matter how strong the feelings are, they can be crossed out by one mistake, such as cheating. Or the little things that make love fade day by day. To keep trust in pare:

  • do not lie;
  • keep your promises;
  • do not threaten each other with parting;
  • do not include other people in your conflicts;
  • do not leave each other unattended.

Go on dates with each other

Because it was you who was born, you were there, it was not possible to understand the romance. Prolong the vesti seby, как влюбленные. Gulyate by the wind, choose in the cinema, in the restoring, and it is possible to try it.

Dress beautifully for each other, give gifts, show signs of attention, make surprises.

Despite everyday worries, you should have time that you spend only together: talking, sharing impressions, discussing how your day went.

A 2012 study by KD O’Leary, B Acevedo, L Huddy, A Aron confirmed that love has no statute of limitations. They conducted a survey of more than 600 couples who have been married for several decades and admitted that they still have been nagging ubr.

The scientists decided to test this with a functional MRI. It turned out that when they think about their spouse, they activate the same structures that are usually assets for couples in love.

Love can really be saved, no matter how long you are in a relationship. It all depends on how much the couple is ready to warm up their feelings, develop them, find new facets of their personality and discover each other anew day after day, falling in love.

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