TOP 7 common reasons for a man’s inaction

The husband does not want to do anything for the family and decide how to behave in relationships. Relationships can be called problematic if one of the parties simply passively perceives everything that the partner does, does not take the initiative and does not help. We understand why a man does not want to do anything for a woman in a relationship and how to fix it.

TOP 7 common reasons for a man’s inaction

  • Lack of love

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when women complain about a man’s unwillingness to do something for her. He fell out of love and no longer wants to take care of her, show attention or give gifts.

Indeed, if you stopped loving someone, you are unlikely to be ready to spend time and money on him. Often the best solution seems to be the opportunity to survive and let go of the situation without scandals. Attempts to return feelings, if they really do not exist, can lead to disappointment.

No, there is another way out. If you are in a marriage and there are good reasons to keep it, be wise and convince your partner to treat each other with respect, share problems and work together to find ways to solve them.

It is only in fairy tales and love stories that they write that a man is ready to do everything for his beloved. In fact, many young people in a relationship with a woman show frank laziness.

In order for relationships to be strong, strong and long-lasting, you need to try to maintain and develop them. This is a huge job, and both STORons should take it upon themselves. Only then will the couple become perfect, the one that all girls in love dream of.

Here are just a few key points:

  • Partners are allowed to, it is possible to choose between two rooms and two.
  • We need to support each other in difficult times.
  • Decisions will never be right if they are made by one person, and the second only agrees with them.
  • You need to find strength in yourself for EMO-rational support. It doesn’t matter if your partner is happy or sad, if at this time you are experiencing diametrically opposite feelings, you need to find the strength in yourself to empathize.

However, this ideal picture is far from reality. Many men are some kind of kings. Whether their spouses made them so, their parents, or they themselves once successfully tried on a crown under their heads, it doesn’t matter.

What to do if a man does not invest in a relationship?

Problem in the room, it is in the room you are in, you need it. They are too lazy to ask how you are doing and really see that behind the usual “normal” lies the pain of the boss’s humiliation, the disappointment that you returned late, and he plays tanks and waits for dinner.

Such men cannot offer to go help your parents or choose a hotel for a vacation. It is worthwhile to try it and to allow it to be in a small room, so that you can see it on three wheels.

The solution is in discussing the problem, trying to motivate the partner to be more attentive and sensitive to you.

Perhaps a man is not so lazy, but due to habit he cannot or does not want to do anything for a woman.

In his family, everything was controlled by his mother. Dad came to dinner, watched TV, dug in the garden. He never showed initiative, and was like an obedient soldier, in the hands of his mother-general.

Because it isn’t necessary to have an automatic character, two people should plan to realize the model.

Another possible reason is that during his lonely life, the young man has lost the habit of taking the initiative and getting rich.

If you don’t like it in your private home, you can choose it:

  • Talk more to your man, talk about where and when you need support.
  • Watch movies together more often, drawing your partner’s attention to scenes of care and love.
  • If you are already a family, be like training for couples.

Contrary to popular belief, even the most ingrained habits can be overcome.

  • Lack of motivation

In some cases, a man seems to be not too lazy, and he is used to helping everyone, but there is nothing to do just for you. Perhaps he thinks that you already love him – it makes no sense to fight for your attention.

Often this approach is typical for couples who have lived together for several years. If you ask about the interests of the partner. It seems that you know him through and through, and whatever you do, everything will be the same as before.

In this case, the following may help:

  • Family therapy aimed at reviving mutual interest.
  • Changing a woman, creating a new stylish image.
  • Sometimes artificial creation of conditions for jealousy works.

But a man’s lack of desire to do anything can also be associated with the opinion that relationships will build themselves, nothing needs to be done for their development. Until he changes his mind, expecting anything from him may be a waste of time.

Strong woman, weak man

The reason for this is twofold. With one STORona, a woman with her leadership qualities, authoritarianism drowns out a man. At first he seemed to be trying to do something, but over time he realized that everything was useless. Gave power and initiative to a woman.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you can correct it only if you start working on yourself. You will have to use the strength that you possess at work, in sports, and in hobbies. At home, be a soft, warm, cozy woman.

Another way is to end this relationship, find a stronger man who can answer your reminder.

No problem with the move and so storage space. If he is used to loneliness, to the fact that women, having learned about his weaknesses, leave him, then he is unlikely to want to do something special for you.

In this case, if the young man is really important to you, you will have to convince him in the depths of your feelings. Then slowly motivate to provide support, show initiative and desire to be with you.

Do you think that only young girls or old grandmothers are prone to prejudice? No, men also pay attention to them. Not only that, they let them run their lives.

One story – a man and a woman did not sign, but spent the night alternately with each other, spent time together. Once she gave him flowers for his birthday, and a watch for the new year. There were objective reasons for these gifts.

However, the partner took the flowers as a symbol of the funeral, and the clock as a hint of old age and imminent death. He got offended and said that he would not continue the relationship with her anymore. The woman had to find a different interpretation of the gifts and for a long time to convince the man that she did not wish him harm.

After that, for a long time she showed how important he is to her, how she appreciates every moment spent with her, kadek radum her. So the word that comes from it and the place where it is supposed to be.

If this isn’t possible, it’s not possible to say that it’s not worth it.

  • They may be afraid to love and lose their beloved.
  • They worry that, having opened up or doing something secret, they will become the object of ridicule.
  • Afraid of not being liked.
  • The current situation is limited to that of the lions of the world. They worry that a potential spouse will make a fuss, force them to obey, will not let us do it and we will do it.

The only way to fix situations like this is to let a man see that you treat him with love and respect. If he is confident in you, then the number of fears will noticeably decrease. And he himself will be pleased to be a loving, caring partner.

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