TOP 7 signs of a serious relationship from a man to a woman?

TOP 7 signs of a serious relationship from a man to a woman. Many relationships are doomed only because one of the partners was not initially serious, and the second did not know this, because he ignored the “alarm bells”, justified the behavior of his half in every possible way or convinced himself that everything would change in the future.

There are 7 important signs, the presence of which says that a man is really in love and plans to connect with plans to connect with tobia tobia.

TOP 7 signs of a serious relationship

  • Joint plans

One sure sign is the way a man talks about his future. When he plans his vacation, buying an apartment or renovating it, plans for the next year, 5, 10 years, even thoughts about his old age, pay attention to whether you are in them.

Not just an abstract figure of a wife, but you. Speaks on two planes, interests you, and also on two people. And in general, whether he talks about the future, or says “wait and see”, “who knows what will happen to us tomorrow”, etc.

  • Not a word, not a word

In words, a person can promise anything. On that day it’s up to you, and that’s about it. No way, that’s what you need and concrete details.

In order to impress a girl, a man can promise her anything. And the wake-up call will be that in addition to the promises you get nothing else. Because a man who is serious, immediately moves from words to action.

Moreover, he will talk less and take concrete steps more today. But if he only says that you will get married, that someday you will start a family, that you will live together, etc., and this situation continues for a considerable time, this is a reason to think.

  • Participation in your life

Anthropologist Helen Fisher, In Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, published the results of her research.

According to him, 79% of men in love are indifferent to communicating with other women simply because their attention and thoughts are absorbed by their beloved, they want to know as much as possible about her.

Indifference on the part of a man can be expressed in the fact that:

  • he doesn’t care where you’ve been, what you’ve done;
  • if he is not interested in your problems;
  • on no notices when you are in a bad mood or pretends not to notice, just waits until you yourself where all the time;
  • he constantly interrupts you, does not listen to you, even if you are talking about something really important;
  • he does not ask personal questions about you, does not want to know more about you;
  • it is more important for him that you meet his expectations and the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba “worthy companion”, and not your personality
  • he ignores your desires and life position;

TOP 7 signs of a man’s love

  • he often does not answer your calls and does not call back;
  • you are not his priority, so you often hear that he is busy, he has no time.
  • Absence of fundamental contradictions

When two people start dating, misunderstanding and contradictions will inevitably arise between them, there is always a certain difference of views on this or that issue.

In some of them you will find similarities, in others you will find differences. But if you are striving for a serious and long-term relationship, it is important that you have a common opinion on fundamentally important issues, and a loving man will certainly be ready to compromise.

These questions include:

  • How should the family budget be distributed?
  • How are family roles distributed in marriage?
  • plan by means of it;
  • What does loyalty mean to you in a relationship?
  • what is considered cheating for each of you, and what is not;
  • What are your plans for family life, accommodation, etc.

However, it is said that these are the terms that are used to describe it, and that it is not necessary. As long as it is serious, so that it is possible to say that it is possible to stop it in the wind.

If you dream of a wedding, and he says that “a stamp in your passport means nothing,” or if you want children, and he says that it’s better to live for yourself, it’s likely that his position is more important to him than your feelings.

  • Help and support

It is necessary to know that there are two reasons for that. In simple terms, this means that partners know they can rely on each other.

But this feeling does not arise from scratch, but is reinforced by the experience in which, being in a difficult situation, you received help from a person who is nearby.

A loving man, having learned that you are faced with a problem, will definitely show his desire to help you, to take responsibility for your well-being. It is not necessary to say 10 points about this topic, and it is possible to stand on the floor.

Even if he does not solve the problem itself or cannot solve its fate, he will show participation, will be on your side, will show emotional support. And this relationship should be mutual.

  • Fear of losing you

If a man is serious, values ​​your relationship, then they are an important part of his life. It’s not guaranteed, it’s not in the box, it’s not in the box against protection, it’s already there, it’s in the box:

  • will not issue ultimatums, such as carrying something they don’t like, Nobody is holding you”, “Either you agree with me, or I’m leaving”;
  • on the budget there are compromises and those on contact;
  • he won’t go away slamming the door and disappear for days.

Also, if a relationship is dear to a person, he will not flirt with other women, correspond with others in social networks.

Of course, this does not mean that he will cut off all contact with friends and colleagues of the opposite sex, but he will cherish your feelings and will not want to do something that can hurt you.

You need to pay attention to what his priorities are at the moment, because if a man is serious, your opinion is important to him, and he tries to take it into account.

The fear of losing you is not expressed in constant and unreasonable jealousy, an attempt to force you to cut off your social ties and spend all the time only with him. Such behavior speaks, rather, not of love, but of a sense of possessiveness.

  • Feeling proud of you

When a man really loves a woman, he does not try to “fix” her, that is, he does not criticize her appearance and actions, because he likes her the way she is.

Moreover, he feels the desire to introduce You to loved ones, Relatives, Friends, As if declaring to the world – “Here is my beloved.”

Such a man is proud not only of the fact that he has you, but also of your personal achievements, decisions and actions that you perform. He does not feel envy of your successes, on the contrary, he perceives them as his own.

If it is not in other cases, it is not guaranteed, it is not covered. Maybe it’s time to talk frankly, find compromises and change your communication for the better.

But the absence of at least one of the 7 signs of a serious relationship is at least a reason to think and soberly assess what you are moving towards, what these relationships give you and how much your expectations really correspond to reality.

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