What can a wife do to make her husband happy?

What can a wife do to make her husband happy? What should a wife do to make her lover happy? Is there any universal formula for happiness, and is only tolyen always responsible for the atmosphere in the house and family relationships?

What makes people happy?

All people strive to be happy, but not everyone understands what it is. At best, they experience moments of happiness, so they can know exactly if they are happy now or not. No one owns the slaves, that’s what it’s about, that’s what it’s about.

From the point of view of psychology, happiness is the coincidence of the desired with the actual. For example, if a person wanted a new car, then acquiring it will make him happy.

Problems in the room, it isn’t worth it, it’s on the same page.

Moreover, sometimes they think that they want one thing, but, having received it, they do not experience happiness, because chateo part and dorolut

To make the other person happy, it is important to consider a few things:

  • You can’t always be happy

In pursuit of happiness, people try their best to avoid negative emotions. So, if a woman wants to make her husband happy, she can always be a “good wife” not to swear, not to speak when she doesn’t like something, to adapt to his opinion and his way of life.

In general, strive to ensure that he is always satisfied. As a rule, such a strategy is doomed to failure. Firstly, this can make her unhappy herself, then she will not have internal resources for building relationships, she will start to break down from scratch.

Secondly, even if you are perfect, there may be quarrels, misunderstandings and so on between you. It’s quite normal. Even negative emotions are important for a person, he must have the skill of living them, because it is impossible to live all your life in the “Soap Bubble”.

  • Happiness is not measured by material goods

Research in 2008 (B. Stevenson and J. Wolfers), published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, as well as scientific papers by Dr. Kahneman and A. Deaton confirm that everything depends on the expectations and available income of a person.

Up to a certain amount, money pleases, and then its increase does not affect the level of happiness so much. It is not money, a car, a beautiful wife and other “STANDARD” attributes of success that make a person happy.

Happiness brings what needs a person closes with the help of this: in status, security, recognition, self-actualization, feeling better than others, etc.

How to make a man happy and is it necessary?

Therefore, if a woman seeks to make her husband happy, first of all she needs to understand his actual needs, For example:

  • if he has difficulties at work, she will make him happy if she closes his need for support, security, with;
  • if a husband experiences a failure in social life, is dissatisfied with his status, he needs to feel that he is the best for her, that she admires him, believes in him, looks at him like a hero;
  • if he is dissatisfied with the intimate sphere of their life, then it’s time for a woman to liberate herself, add passion and diversity, improve the quality of their physical intimacy;
  • his husband is bored when communicating with her, his need for novelty, learning new things “sags”, which means that his wife will make him happier if she engages in self-development, the couple will discover new interesting hobbies, etc.

Thus, the happiness of a husband is expressed in whether he can satisfy his actual needs in relations with his wife, and also whether she helps him to endure negative situations more easily when he experiences the frustration of these needs in the outside world.

  • Happiness is subjective

When you read some universal advice on how to make your husband happy, it is important not to follow them thoughtlessly, but to adapt them to your relationship. Always start from the personality of a man, his character and desires.

For example, one man is happy if his wife gives him more freedom, the opportunity to do his own thing, communicate with friends and at the same time not feel guilty that she is sitting at home and waiting for him.

But another man, who is characterized by an anxious type of attachment, on the contrary, will be dissatisfied with this freedom, because for him happiness is when they do everything together, when his wife is waiting for him all the time.

  • Happiness depends only on the person himself

You can influence the quality of your relationship with your husband, but you cannot make a person happy if he does not know how to experience positive emotions. Not all people are capable of this.

A pessimist, no matter how many joys there are in his life, will live moments of happiness as something fleeting, like dim lights in the pitch darkness of this “harsh world.” People who are characterized by eternal discontent, no matter how hard you try, will find something to complain about.

Of course, happiness largely depends on who is around, especially if people are in love with each other. Anthropologist Helen Fisher conducted a massive survey of people who are in love.

Thus, 68% of men confirmed that their EMO-rational state directly depends on how their partner treats them.

However, in many ways, the feeling of happiness depends on the person himself, his worldview position, his ability to experience emotions and openness in communication.

What should a wife do to make her husband happy?

You can’t force another person to be happy, but you can build relationships in which both partners will feel psychological comfort and experience more positive emotions than negative ones.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Support your husband in any endeavors

It is important for any person to know that there is someone who believes in him no matter what. This becomes an external support for him, increases motivation for achievements, gives courage and self-confidence.

  • Share positive emotes

This does not mean that you always have to be in a good mood. But you need to learn a positive outlook on the world.

Most people are used to sharing negativity, talking about problems. But not everyone can share bright positive experiences, and it is they who energize the interlocutor and increase his sense of happiness.

  • Respect him as a person

Everyone has a need for respect, regardless of gender. People want not to be humiliated, not criticized, put in a position below themselves, not ridiculed for their shortcomings and not felt contempt or condescension towards them.

Jealousy does not always negatively affect relationships. Healthy jealousy, which is justified, is necessary to protect your boundaries.

No fundament for those who want it. When it is, you are a priori sure in a man, do not try to control him, do not read his correspondence. You believe in him and believe in yourself, that you are his only one.

  • Know how to be happy

You can’t make someone else happy if you don’t feel happy yourself. If you are unhappy with your life, you will not have enough positive energy, positive emotions and awareness to make another person happy.

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