What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship

What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship
What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship

Karmic Love: A Punishment Or A Reward For Your Soul? What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship. 

Have you ever felt a magical attraction to another person that was so strong and intense that you had the feeling that your bodies would merge under this force and your heart would jump out of your chest?

Have you ever had that unexpected encounter with someone accompanied by the feeling that only fate brought you together?

Someone you couldn’t do without, but who at the same time costs you a lot of energy and time?

Such intensity of feeling can only be ascribed to karmic love, which is so intoxicating and seductive that man does not even know that it is acting like a drug on him.

Have you ever wondered what karmic love really is and what role it plays in our lives? Is it a kind of soul partnership or is there more to it?

Karmic love is different from all loves that you have experienced and will experience.

It is different from your dual soul , twin soul and any kind of soulmate – the karmic connection is bitter and sweet at the same time.

You can read more about karmic love and relationships below, but first we should clarify the meaning of the word karma.

Karma refers to the principle of causality, in which an individual’s intentions and actions have a great impact on his life and future.

Good intentions and good deeds will create good karma and a happy future, while bad intentions and bad deeds will create bad karma and future suffering.

Karma is closely related to the idea of ​​being born again in some religions. It also represents the path our soul must cross in order to learn something in this incarnation and to “do” what it has not done in previous lives.

With its roots in ancient India, karma is a key term in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Daoism, and other similar religions and teachings. His law is: Every being bears the consequences of his own deeds.

Why is that important?

What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship
What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship

The term karma, its laws and actions are important in understanding what a karmic connection is.

Since karma is related to rebirth, it is believed that souls are only reborn in new bodies and lead a new life.

A karmic relationship means that two souls have met at some point in a previous life or several times during their incarnation.

The term karmic relationships includes not only love relationships, but relationships with family, friends, and even business relationships.

However, the greatest challenge of karmic love is in romantic relationships and partnerships.

Although it may at first sound like a romantic soul love that has met again before and now, in most cases, a karmic relationship is still a bad thing.

Karmic connections go hand in hand with great passion, excitement, but also great suffering. The point is that both souls have accumulated negative karma both for themselves and together during their lifetime.

What does that actually mean?

It means that at some moments in their lives both souls have made decisions and done things that have negatively affected their lives and their future.

The choices that create a shared negative karma are life changing and traumatic. It’s never about whether you want to have tea or coffee for breakfast or where you are going for lunch.

Instead, it is about, for example, experiencing a terrible accident or being involved in emotionally, psychologically abusive or even physically abusive and violent situations.

What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship
What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship

And whether we like it or not, our choices create our experiences.

Usually both souls carry negative karma with them to another life. If not resolved, the souls are still on the same frequency; They attract the same people, situations and places again.

And boom! They meet again and are trapped in the same karmic patterns that they have experienced for some lifetimes.

But now there is even more common negative karma that will show up in one way or another throughout the relationship.

And every time they encounter this negative karma, the relationship becomes more difficult, more toxic and brings more suffering.

However, the word “karmic” means purification – the path to something better, dissolution and self-development.

This means that a karmic relationship is mostly a kind of life lesson that we have to go through so that our soul can “pay off its karmic debt” and find happiness with its true soul mate .

In karmic love, each partner learns their lesson about love, marriage and is exposed to the temptations that allow them to find their way to happiness.

Bad relationships, arguments, ignorance, insults and any kind of toxic behavior are an indication that one of the partners entered into a relationship or marriage without much love and the other with a karmic learning task to “learn” or “do” something .

It is possible that he has been too selfish, arrogant, intolerant, or too proud in previous relationships and now he must “purify” his soul with his study assignments.

Karmic relationships usually have a certain duration and it seems that no matter how many times you try to establish a relationship with your karmic partner it doesn’t work.

But that’s because karmic relationships are not meant to work – we are not supposed to spend our lives with our karmic partner.

It’s hard to accept, but karmic connections mostly only play one role in our lives: they come, change us, and go.

Those who have found their karmic love may believe that it is their soul mate and that they have found the happiness of their life, but this magical connection has a catch.

It is precisely because of this negative karma that it is not advisable to remain in such a relationship and these are signs that it is a karmic love.

Karmic Love: Signs of Karmic Relationship

What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship
What Is A Karmic Relationship? Signs of Karmic Relationship

1. Intense feelings and strong attraction

Intense feelings also occur in dual souls and twin souls , but in the karmic soul they are something whose strength cannot be measured by anything.

With a karmic soul, we feel as if we know that soul, the sight and energy of which we are strongly drawn to.

There are different things that can attract us. It could be the sound of their voice, the way they dress, their smell, or something significant that this person said and started a flame deep within that very quickly turned into a raging fire.

The person seems very familiar to us and we feel like we know them from before, and when this is done in a romantic way, the attraction and emotions are heightened to a whole new level.

We long for that person’s company, we want to learn more about them and find out why we feel like our souls are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit right next to each other.

We cannot part with it, our knees go weak, we feel something that completely overwhelms us and robs us of our speech, breath and mind.

2. Repeated patterns of behavior

If you find that the same problems occur frequently in your relationship that seem unsolvable, then they probably aren’t.

Problems exist in all relationships, some are harder to solve, others easier, and in karmic relationships problems and their solutions only go in circles and never meet.

As a result, the same behavior patterns are often repeated.

For example, you and your partner are constantly in an on-off relationship .

In some ways you wanted to keep your relationship going and in others you didn’t, and it seems like you can’t get on a green branch.

3. Emotional roller coaster ride

Have you ever found yourself on an emotional roller coaster ride where your feelings went crazy? At one point you want to shower your partner with tenderness, while at another point you don’t want to see them again.

Sounds similar to a borderline relationship, but it is precisely the karmic connection that is often referred to as a love-hate relationship.

The partners feel strongly attracted and at the same time strongly reject each other.

The feelings vary from the most beautiful to the worst that one can feel towards other people.

This strong attraction is responsible for the fire and the passion in the relationship, while the mutual repulsion causes the great sufferings.

4. Selfishness

The karmic connection has no balance between selfishness and selflessness, but in most cases one side is more involved than the other.

Precisely for karmic reasons one could be in such a relationship so that our soul is purified and ready to find its true relative.

Indeed, both partners may be in this relationship in order to satisfy their ego in some way.

In fact, the reason for the imbalance between selfishness and selflessness is that both partners are actually obsessed with the idea of ​​something that doesn’t exist.

Their relationship is based more on superficial things like good looks, popularity, social status, and professional status. There is no depth in such relationships so that a sense of the partner’s needs cannot be developed.

5. Obsession

Because of this strong attraction and intensity of feelings between partners, there is also excessive dependence and quasi-obsession.

This crazy game of emotions and adrenaline makes them separate from each other indefinitely and then return to each other and so in an endless loop.

It’s not uncommon for them to be so emotionally dependent on each other that they waste each other’s energies and not let each one lead their own life.

This creates a sense of codependency , a need for control, and obsessive behavior that is toxic to say the least.

6. The relationship brings out the worst in you

You surely know the feeling when we meet a person and realize that he motivates us to become better, to learn something new and simply to get the best out of ourselves?

Then we may admit it to ourselves and feel good, but when we love someone we are often blind to see that the worst of us comes to the surface with that person.

So, if you’ve noticed that suddenly there are fears that you didn’t even know existed within you, such as fear of abandonment , fear of loneliness, fear of attachment, and the like, then you are in a karmic relationship.

Because of all of the negative karmic energy that has accumulated during lives, karmic partners affect one another so strongly that they become whatever they fear and display fears that they did not even know they had.

7. It’s unpredictable

One day you get along well and plan the future together. The next day you’re not even sure if he’s in love with you?

In one moment the harmony seems to have crept into the relationship and in another do you immediately encounter new stumbling blocks?

An unpredictable relationship in which there is a lot of restlessness, tension, and insecurity can be a karmic relationship.

For all of these reasons, the stability and harmony of this relationship has been disrupted from the start and there is little that can get it back on its feet.

And now it depends on partners how much they can handle and how long they can be in such a relationship that certainly affects their well-being badly.

Karmic love: how to deal with it?

What Is A Karmic Relationship or love? & How to deal with it?
What Is A Karmic Relationship or love? & How to deal with it?

The person who found their karmic soul was both lucky and unlucky, because a karmic connection brings happiness, but also a lot of pain and suffering.

It is mostly recommended to end the karmic bond, but the question arises whether something can be done in this regard so that the souls of the partners can find their way together and whether such a connection can survive.

In this case one can say that this is possible, but only if both souls take over their learning tasks and then we differentiate between the let-go and the feeling-clearer.

Karmic Relationship What does that actually mean?

In karmic relationships, the trigger is someone who is that “more dependent” relationship partner. In most cases, he suffers from fear of loss and clings to his partner.

He becomes emotionally overwhelmed and at the same time wonders where so much connection and desire for the partner came from.

He wonders where his partner has so much power over him and how it is possible for him to have so much influence over his wellbeing.

In searching for these answers, the concept of self-love is imposed. So the let-go is about a person who has to fulfill his learning task by working on his self-love and learning to let go, to accept and to build trust.

He needs to know that the relationship is not based on parentheses and dependency, or that he should be subordinate to the partner and must try to make the best of this situation.

On the flip side, we have an emotion clearer who is the opposite of the let-go in the sense that he is more withdrawn in a relationship and denies his own feelings as well as the let-go’s feelings.

His fears of attachment are deeply rooted in him, so he projects this in such a way that he constantly distances himself and comes back to his partner.

He wanders around, eventually returning to the same address, unaware of the blockages caused by his fears.

Both sides therefore have to solve their learning tasks in order to achieve the so-called “healing”.

The karmic partner is actually the mirror that we look at and we see everything with which we most often have relationship problems.

So we can say that karmic love is love that changes us for the better, prepares us for something greater, and frees us from the negative behavior patterns that we carry with us.

As with any other relationship, it is difficult to end a karmic connection because it is really painful because of the addiction that karmic love creates.

You must first find out if you are in a toxic karmic relationship and understand how much it affects you.

I’m sure it’s hard to break up with the person you love. After all, karmic partners wouldn’t try so hard to fix things in a relationship and get back to each other if there weren’t any emotions.

The separation of a karmic bond is not about the separation of the bond as such, but about the dissolution of the karma.

When you feel that it is time to break off the relationship, it is a sign that you have paid off your karmic debt and that your soul is ready to find its right partner.

Then how can one end the karmic connection?

As I mentioned above, it’s about breaking the karma, not the relationship.

It is possible for a “toxic” relationship to become harmonious again after the release leash and the clearer have done their jobs, undoing the negative karma, but this still rarely happens.

Think carefully about your relationship

First, try to enjoy the little things in life with your partner even though you are having difficulties in your relationship.

The more good experiences you share together, the more opportunities you have to overcome karma together.

If these are pleasant experiences, you will see that the relationship still contains love and hope.

On the other hand, if these are bad experiences, you will know that it is time to break up permanently.

It is also important that you take the time to analyze your feelings towards your partner and your relationship in general.

If you’re not with him, do you miss him? Are you happy when you’re alone and wish you didn’t have to see him later? Or can you be alone, but are you still looking forward to seeing you again?

Do you feel like a big stone has fallen from your heart when you think about the end of the relationship or do you find it difficult?

When your real feelings come to the surface, then you know what to do.

Don’t avoid the conflicts

When it comes to relationships, conflict cannot be avoided as unresolved issues keep stressing you.

Until you let your partner know how you are feeling, the pain will only continue to spread inside you. This becomes toxic and you will only harm yourself and your partner more than if you tell him immediately what is bothering you.

You also need to be willing to listen to your partner when they tell you that you have hurt them.

It’s not a one-way street.

Conflicts are always uncomfortable, but the more you avoid them, the more you will suffer and the more negative feelings you will accumulate. If you talk about it openly, you will know what your next step is.

Think of yourself

As hard as it is to end a relationship because you know you are going to suffer, it is even worse if you stay in an unhealthy relationship and consciously continue this struggle for free.

It is necessary to quit and say that it is enough. For your health both mental and physical.

Be aware that when your karmic relationship fails, it does not mean that you are responsible for something, but that karma has determined and united your souls to be “purified”.

Therefore, consider them your most important life lesson and rebirth in terms of love and relationships. ❤

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