Wisdom of Words about True Love

Collection of Wisdom of Words about True Love, Inspiring True Love Aphorisms. This article contains quotes in the form of aphorisms and wise expressions that talk about true love. Instead of busy asking yourself questions and bothering looking for answers here and there, it’s better to look at the words of true love from writers to statesmen below, let’s go!

Look no further, we provide what you need. In this article, we summarize a collection of aphorisms and wise quotes about true love according to writers to statesmen.

Want to know the full description? Then you don’t need to mince words anymore, just take a look at the following explanation so that you understand the meaning of love more. Happy reading!

Romantic Aphorisms about True Love

Collection of Wisdom of Words about True Love, Inspiring True Love Aphorisms.
Collection of Wisdom of Words about True Love, Inspiring True Love Aphorisms.

 1. In the Life to Come

If love cannot return you to me in this life, surely love will unite us in the life to come. Khalil Gibran

The name Khalil Gibran should be familiar to your ears. His poetry about love can always be said to be able to thrill the heart of anyone who hears it. One of them is what is written in the quote above.

Through those romantic quotes, Khalil talked about true love that will remain eternal. Even if someone is abandoned by their lover forever, he is sure that one day a couple of lovers will be reunited in the next life.

2. When It’s Destiny

Because meeting you is destiny. Think of you as a friend is my choice. However, falling in love with you is beyond my limits. Anonymous

Every meeting that occurs between two human children is predestined by God. However, humans have the power to determine where the meeting will lead.

It’s just that humans sometimes don’t know that love can come without being asked. Even though at first we met just to be friends, what can you say if you fall in love with each other?

3. Share with you

I just want you to accompany me to open the morning to release the twilight, calm the night and share stories. Boy Candra, Origami of the Heart

The phrase from the author Boy Candra listed in the above quote also contains pearls of true love. That in Boy Chandra’s eyes, true love is when two lovers share each other.

There are simple things that can be shared with your idol when a couple is together. Including the time from morning to evening that had been spent alone, can be spent together.

4. Have Everything

I looked at you without staring. I can hear you without tools. I met you without needing to be present. I love you without need, because now I have everything. Dewi Lestari, Rectoverso

What do you feel after reading the aphorisms of true and romantic love as stated in the quote above? Through this expression, Dewi Lestari seems to want to convey that the feeling of being holy is unconditional.

Presumably, for the writer who is familiarly called Dee, loving someone is the same as having everything in life. To the extent that, he doesn’t need to meet and hear the voice of his idol in order to love him.

5. Love Unconditionally

Love me without asking me to forget the past. Because I will also love you without ever caring about your past. Boy Candra, Short Notes for Long Love

Some people may have special requirements for a potential partner. However, this was not the case with Boy Candra. He doesn’t even care about his beloved lover’s past.

He also hopes that loved ones do not question their past. After all, each other’s past wouldn’t have much influence on the future of the two.

Words of Wisdom, Pearls of True Love that Touch the Heart


1. Love is the conformity of the soul

Don’t think that love comes from a long friendship and a determined approach. Love is the conformity of the soul, and if it had never existed, love would not have been created in years or even centuries. Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran has other pearls of true love that might touch your heart. From the above expression, Khalil Gibran seems to want to emphasize that love does not require a long approach.

For him, this sacred feeling is about the conformity of souls between one party and another. If there is no compatibility, it probably can’t be called love, and the feeling cannot just grow as long as two parties spend together.

2. Don’t Be a Criminal

Don’t be a criminal in love, who conquers women with jingling ringgits, luster of wealth, and rank. Men these days are also criminals, while women who are conquered are only prostitutes. Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Earth of Mankind

From the aphorisms above, you may already be able to imagine what true love means to Pramoedya Ananta Toer. According to him, true love will not be obtained by the lure of material and high positions.

He analogies that such love is like an act of breaking the law. The people who become the perpetrators are criminals, both men, and women.

3. There is no compulsion

Not holding you back doesn’t mean you are not in love anymore. It’s just that sometimes it’s better to let go than to force it to stick together. Boy Candra; Dusk, Rain, and the End of Story

Love may not always keep us together. Hopefully, such wise words are quite appropriate to represent Boy Candra’s expression about true love as stated in the above quote.

That, for Boy Candra, true love is willing to let go and not force it. After all, if two people are fated, time might reunite even though they were separated.

4. A Taste to Be Expressed

It hurts to love someone who doesn’t love you. But it hurts more is to love someone, and you never had the courage to confess your love to him. Buya Hamka

According to Buya Hamka, loving can be something that hurts someone if they don’t get the same reward. However, that is not the most painful of loving.

For Hamka, it will be even more painful if feelings are never conveyed. Because it can bring more regret than being rejected because you have conveyed feelings.

5. If He Was For You

Trust me, if he is your true love, no matter how painful it is, no matter how difficult the twists are to go through, he will still be with you one day. Tere Liye; You, Me, and a Red Angpau

From the words of wisdom about true love that Tere Liye expressed above, you might have guessed the meaning. In fact, that quote contains advice to believe in true love.

No matter how difficult the journey is to reach it, if two people are destined to be together, then one day they will unite too. Is there someone you believe to be a true lover?

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Pearls of Wisdom Full of Meaning about True Love


1. About Sincerity

Love is sincerity. In it, there is never a sense of compulsion or a sense of exclusion. BJ Habibie

The statesman BJ Habibie had also conveyed wise words about true love, which he thought needed sincerity. There is no compulsion in it.

Perhaps the point is, true love always comes unexpectedly and is what it is. A taste that is allowed to flow just like that.

2. How to Love

Don’t love someone like a flower, because flowers die when the seasons change. Love them like a river, because the river flows forever. Buya Hamka

Try to pay attention to Buya Hamka’s expression stated in the quote above. Through this sentence, Hamka is giving us advice on how to love.

According to him, loving should be like a river that does not stop flowing. Like a river that flows until it empties into the ocean. Indirectly, the sentence implies that love should be getting bigger day by day.

3. Only Those Who Experience

Many people are dating, many people get married, but only a handful have experienced love. Sujiwo Tejo

Can you ponder Sujiwo Tejo’s words of wisdom above? If you now have a boyfriend or are married, that expression may make you think hard.

How not, the narrative seems to question whether the people in the relationship really love their partner or not. Even so, you don’t need to question it, because it could be that the above expression aims to test whether you doubt your feelings for your partner or not.

4. Nature of Owning

We can never get something if we want it too much. We will never understand the nature of owning, if we want to have it too much. Tere Liye

When you love someone, you may really want that person to be by your side. But if it’s too much, your desire may turn into a compulsive obsession.

In fact, love is a feeling that flows and cannot be forced. Therefore, one will not get the desired reward if one imposes too much on one’s will. That is what Tere Liye conveyed as stated in the quote.

5. The Meaning of a Struggle

Don’t go in search of it. Don’t purposely run to be chased. Fighting is not that funny. Sujiwo Tejo

Two people who love each other should be fighting together. This is implied in the words of wisdom conveyed by Sujiwo Tejo as written in the quote above.

Don’t just have one person struggling, while the others pretend to leave to be sought. Even if they are not willing to fight together, at least someone’s struggle must be respected.

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Have you been enlightened after reading the description above?

That was a summary of true love quotes from famous figures you may have heard of. Hopefully, you will understand more about these feelings after reading this article.

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