What is the difference between male & female jealousy?

What is the difference between male and female jealousy in relationships in psychology? Is there a difference in how and why men and women get jealous? Is it possible for the Russian Revolution and how is it on the other side? How to deal with your jealousy and learn to trust your partner?

Jealousy female and male

Regardless of gender, people, their fears, experiences, emotions, and thinking are very similar. Most often, differences appear precisely because of the cultural context and social stereotypes in the upbringing of chideks chideks chideks chideks. No, it turns out that men and women do differ when it comes to jealousy.

This was established by the 2008 study “Sex differences in sexual versus emotional jealousy: evolutionary approach and recent discussions”. Accordingly and resultatams, for a long time, for a long time, for a long time. Then, as men, they are more concerned about the physical fidelity of their partner.

In simple words, a woman can more easily survive the real betrayal of her lover if she was accidental, if he did not even remember the name of that girl and does not feel anything for her.

But a woman painfully perceives the news that her man is in love with another girl, even if she is in another country, he has never had physical contact with her and it is unlikely that he will have such an opportunity in the future.

Male jealousy is different. It is almost impossible for a man to come to terms with the news that his lover had a casual relationship, even if there if so.

It is also more unpleasant for a woman when a man follows another with his eyes, while it is not so important for a man which of the passers-by his wife looks at.

What is the difference between male & female jealousy? Causes of female jealousy

In addition to dividing in an evolving way:

  • a man, going hunting, must be sure that he brings prey to his offspring, therefore, for him, only the fact of real physical contact of his woman with another is of decisive importance;
  • it was important for a woman to have a protector nearby who brings prey, and if he feels emotions for another, this can lead to his departure faster than a simple casual relationship on the side.

Love for another woman was a real threat for her partner, because she could remain defenseless, like her children. Thus, behind female jealousy is not the fear of betrayal, but the fear of losing a man, that he will leave her for another.

Jealous, limiting a man in social contacts, a woman tries to reduce the risk that her man will meet another and begin to feel sympathy for her.

Of course, now is a different time and a woman is able to be independent of whether a man brings a “mammoth” in the day. But evolutionary mechanisms do not develop as quickly as society, so the feeling of jealousy does not disappear.

No it is this road that is in evolution, it is up to the people, but it is not there.

Someone checks their boyfriend’s phone, doesn’t allow him to have friends of the opposite sex, wants to constantly control him, calls a man when he meets friends, gets offended when he follows a girl in a short skirt with his eyes.

But some women are quite calm about such things, trust their own and and we are ever in control.

This happens because in addition to evolutionary mechanisms, social ones also influence a person. To, in the case of the spirit of the dead

If this is the case, some privacy is required, but the design and the details are given. Especially often people with an anxious-resistant type of attachment are prone to jealousy, because they:

  • did not receive reliable support from parents;
  • severely experienced separation;
  • were offended when they did not receive enough attention from their side;
  • y is formed unconscious y Since that the world is unsafe, that nto be near someone to;
  • often psychologically dependent on another person;
  • they need a man to constantly confirm his feelings, to always be there;
  • she perceives any communication of a partner with other women as a threat to relationships.

How to deal with a woman’s jealousy?

Usually, pathological jealousy has a negative effect on relationships. A confident man striving for self-development with a stable type of attachment, sooner or later gets tired of constantly making excuses, enduring eternal control and mistrust.

Such relationships can only please those people who enjoy when they make their partner worry and jealous, increasing at his expense their sense of significance from the thought that the other is dependent on him.

Usually such people have a narcissistic type of character, in which they are flattered by the jealousy of a person, they deliberately provoke it, taking pleasure in the fact that he is nervous.

Such people sometimes do not even know how true love should manifest itself and mistake the jealousy of the partner for it.

However, if you want to build a trusting and open relationship, jealousy will only get in the way. No, understanding its reasons, you can change it.

If fear is behind female jealousy, you need to work with it, and whine can be handled by jealousy itself, vedurs. Evolutionarily, a woman is afraid to be left Without a “protector”, that is, she is unable to fully trust her partner.

To change this, first of all, you need to learn to trust yourself. And for this you need:

  • raise the level of self-esteem, realizing that you are not at all xx other women, what mu ° you are in
  • to form psychological independence from a partner – you have a duty outside of relationships, your own goals, goals;
  • strive for self-realization – improve as a professional, be aware of yourself in different roles and understand that the role of your wife, although significant, is not limited to your life;
  • not afraid to step out of your comfort zone – this will increase your adaptability to changing conditions and reduce your feeling.

All these actions are aimed at finding support primarily in oneself. When you realize yourself as a strong, independent and attractive person, it will be easier for you to cope with the irrational fear that a man will leave for another.

The more confident you are in and allowing your fears to behave, the better your fins. Your jealousy, even if it is present, acquires an adequate character.

This leads to building a healthy attachment in a relationship with a girl, since trust and hft, e’ve e disc

Thus, there are serious differences between male and female jealousy. No matter how long you live, you should give it to yourself. Therefore, it is important, having understood the causes of jealousy, to learn awareness, to strive for self-development, to trust yourself and people.

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