What is the importance of the family for a woman, a man and a child?

What is the importance of the family for a woman, a man and a child? On the one hand, the question under consideration is as simple as two and two, but if you dig a little deeper, you can discover a lot of new and interesting things. We will immediately indicate that the topic is quite serious. Since “Lovepsychologys” is your personal psychologist, the information provided will be directly covered by the psychologist.

Answer the questions

  • What is family for you?
  • When you hear about a family, your family already comes to mind: husband, children, or the one in which you grew up?
  • Is your family friendly, or do conflicts occur more often because of inconsistencies of interests?
  • What are the main adjectives you can use to describe your family?
  • Do you feel secure in your family?

In the case of the material “Samka” it was necessary to understand the case, and the subject was not budgeted.

By analyzing the value and significance of the family for a person, you can find answers to questions that are relevant to you.

What is a family and why is it important?

Perhaps we need to start with the main thing – with the definition. The family is that microsociety, the fundamental basis of which is not so much the legal side, but the desire of people to live together and go through life hand in hand. Children are born in the family, and whole generations are formed.

Surely you have heard the expression: mom, dad, I am a happy family. But If we consider the question from the point of view of why the family is important for a person, the answer to it is quite concise, but with a deep implication:

  • The family lays the foundation with which a person then goes through life.

When the family is destructive, then with a high probability, subsequent generations will be unhappy. There are concepts such as:

  • family history
  • family script

That is, one generation passes the baton either in a negative scenario, or, in dynamics, in a positively developing way. Look, let’s say mom wasn’t happy in marriage, and with a 99.9% chance, her daughter will repeat her fate, and it will be the same

The experience of private practice proves that often people do not even suspect that all the troubles and problems in their lives, in the moment here and now, are nothing more than echoes of family scenarios. And in order to change something, all you need to do is start writing your personal script, your family history.

Family values. Family value

If we turn to the etymology of the word “Family” – Its root is the word “Seven”, we add the ending and literally it turns out “Seven I”. The old word “seven” in some Slavic languages ​​was interpreted as – household.

The value of the family on the example of animals

Did you know that wolves are considered one of the most loyal animals. The she-wolf chooses a partner once for life. A wolf pack is, first and foremost, a family. Love and respect reign in it, as well as, along with this, protection and care for offspring. The leader of the pack is the wolf. But among elephants, the female elephant is dominant.

Mothers take care of children for ten to fifteen years. The females do not leave the herd. The situation is different with males – after fifteen years, adult female elephants begin to pursue them and drive out herds. At first, they Either Wander alone, Joining a herd of the same loners, or briefly nailed to family groups of elephants with baby elephants.

These two examples paint a very clear and understandable picture – the family is important in order to provide protection and security to the offspring.

Why is family important to a child?

This issue has already been touched upon above, but it is important to make a number of important amendments.

  • Firstly, only in the family where harmony, respect, a healthy psychological microclimate reign – the child will have a healthy psyche and the right life guidelines. According to the semantic component, there is a capacious quote: “It is easier to raise strong children than to repair verbal ones later.”

A child, broken and depressed in childhood, grows up to be the same adult, with one caveat: being small, everyday issues related to caring for him fell on the shoulders of his parents. And where the dog is born, on the other hand it is absolutely necessary in the drug of the zhiznenny word.

Have you noticed how many dissatisfied, angry, and always whining people? Any slightest obstacle literally knocks the ground out from under their feet. Others, on the contrary, act aggressively: they become cynical and cruel.

For a child, the family is the foundation. If it is “shaky” and unreliable, it can be assumed that, already as an adult, a person will face a number of difficulties and problems that he cannot solve. Believe me, we, as practicing psychologists, often encounter imprinted negative scenarios, we know them after.

Why is family important to a woman?

It is important to supplement the question with a clarification – for which woman. We offer female types divided into:

  • modern woman
  • conservative woman
  • plastic woman

For each of them, there will be, as you understand, their family values. Self-realization is important first – the family for her will be a kind of business project: a successful husband, talented children, and is perceived as an integral element of well-being.

The second is the keeper of the hearth, such a classic woman-wife: in the first place are the children, the husband, the family hearth. Her family is a small kingdom, in which the main role is assigned to a man.

The third type is the chameleon woman, so to speak. She can live as if with limited conditions – she herself will become a dominion. Family for her is tenderness, comfort, harmony.

Why is family important to a man?

Again, when answering this question, it is important to understand what type of men we are talking about. There are men who are said to be the head of the family. It is about them that we are talking about when it is said: “I built a house, gave birth to a child, planted a tree.” The family for them is the whole state.

In this case, we are talking about the fact that it is important for a man to build his own territory called “Family”, in this way he realizes himself. Agree, but, as a rule, in most families, the solution of important issues and problematic situations falls on the shoulders of men. His family is like a rear for him.

There are other types of men – in the family they receive the main thing – support, however, it is important both for a woman and for a woman.

Main topic

To summarize, it turns out that a constructive and happy family gives each “participant”:

  • Caring for each other
  • Podderzhku
  • Unity
  • communion
  • Protection
  • Security

Let’s look at the value of the family on the example of clans – like many, there can be all sorts of conflicts within the clan, but if something happens outside of this micro-society, they are a mountain for each other.

Family is not even about blood relationship. How many cases are there when relatives by blood are worse than enemies. There is no need to go far – a vivid confirmation of this is the well-known biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Or, another example is when children are brought up in family-type orphanages. Strangers to each other by blood, people become very close on a spiritual level. One more example can be given: psychological support groups, When people united by one problem become like a family.

There are quite a lot of such examples, but they have the same essence, the family is THAT that gives each member of the microsociety all of the above. In the family, a person feels safe, and not the feeling that he is alone.

To choose the desired functions:

  • Educational – socialization of the younger generation.
  • Household – providing the necessary material needs: shelter, food, and more.
  • Emotional – protection, support, respect, recognition.
  • Spiritual communication – joint leisure, cultural enrichment, and so on.
  • Primary social control – teaching younger family members to independently build social behavior in accordance with social norms.
  • Intimate ERO – sexual intimacy and procreation.

You yourself could be convinced that the value of a family for a person is truly great. Allegorically, the family is the fortress that protects all its members from the hardships of the outside world. It’s not for nothing that we repeat the importance of feeling protected, safe and supported. It is these key components that help a person survive in the harsh ocean of life.

Based on the above, an interesting question arises: in those relations between relatives where discord reigns, is it possible to consider that there is a family, or we are talking about people who are simply related by blood relationship or marriage, but in fact, so far from each other – like the earth from the moon?

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