What kind of man does a woman need in character and appearance?

What kind of man does a woman need in character and appearance? We are all different. We are bright, juicy individuals. Everyone has their own cockroaches, their own ideas about life, their own dreams and goals. Our characters and patterns of behavior are also completely different. But there are qualities that determine our value independently of everything else. They are decisive when we choose a partner for life.

The topic of today’s conversation: what kind of man a woman needs. I will try to convey to men what they should be, and to women – who should be chosen as life partners, “so that it would not be excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years.”

What kind of man does a woman need in character and appearance?

General ideas about men

For the entire time of the existence of mankind, a certain stereotype has developed as to which male is the most successful. He is strong, healthy, cunning and smart. A successful man will find a cave, and he will fill up a mammoth. He can support more than one female, raise his offspring in satiety and ensure a dignified old age. This is in primitive times. Years, centuries, eras passed, and the requirements for a modern man remained practically unchanged. They changed a little, but, in fact, remained the same. And on their basis, you can draw up a whole “Code of a Real Man”. So what do women like, what do they want, and how do you meet all of their relationship needs?


“Yes, I don’t like dirty shoes either … But I don’t care about your shoes!” The famous dialogue, which clearly shows the essence of the beginning of the development of sympathy. There is always a case for shoes. If a man is well-groomed, takes care of himself, he will always attract the attention of a woman. The right word, it is difficult to establish contact with an unshaven “skunk”. And if it is also loose, like jelly, then the question immediately arises: what, in fact, does this “jelly in the pants” count on? Usually such comrades themselves want a long-legged beauty in expensive clothes, wrapped in the aroma of chic perfume.

Perhaps this “smeshariki” will be lucky, but on the condition that he has a suitcase of money in the trunk of an expensive car. All the rest are in flight. Appearance is not only expensive clothes. It is primarily a body. But according to it, a woman intuitively determines the quality of the genetic material of this biological object. Everyone wants beautiful children. But if a man takes care of himself, his body, his clothes, then the level of his confidence is steadily growing.

Self confidence

Self-confidence is a manifestation of leadership. The leader knows he is right. He will not follow a woman like a puppy on a leash. He will lead her along. Women, in fact, do not want to be a “man in a skirt” at all. She wants to stand behind a man’s back and be led. Look at happy women whose husbands are leaders. They say so: “My Vanechka decides everything himself, and I only cook borscht, but I groom myself.”


A responsibility

A leader knows how to take responsibility for his actions. If a person does not know how to be responsible for his actions, he loses authority and turns into zero. As soon as this happens, “man-zero” turns into a redneck. Would you like to spend your life with this? Yes, in 90% of cases he will turn into an abuser or mama’s son. It’s still a pleasure to wipe his snot all his life. A responsible person lives by the principle “the boy said – the boy did.”

Ability to solve problems

If a man knows how to solve problems, he will become a beacon for a woman. And it’s not even the scale of the problems. Feeding a family, for example, is another task. You can do it in different ways, right? Someone barely earns a living, and someone is able to provide good nutrition. By the way, this is an expensive pleasure, if anything. If a man knows how to solve problems, then this means only one thing: he has a well-developed intellect.

Intelligence and sense of humor

Intelligence and a sense of humor always go hand in hand. Of course, there are smart bores and stupid pea jesters, but we are talking about the ideal man. High intelligence is reflected in the quality of jokes, the ability to look at things with humor, to find a non-standard approach to the situation, to defuse the situation.

Intelligence allows not only to joke. Laughter with laughter, but having fun on an empty stomach is somehow not very successful. It is difficult to create a good material base without brains. And the financial side of the issue has always been an integral part of creating a family.

Financial independence

A man who knows how to make money has always been and will remain a valuable specimen. Why? Yes, because any man is considered as a breadwinner. When some kukusik, lying on a sagging sofa in darned shorts, thoughtfully pronounces that “all women are mercenary bitches,” he is not entirely wrong. Such an individual should not reproduce. Unfortunately, these also breed. but how can they take care of their family?

Caring and kindness

Kindness and the ability to take care of another being are laid in the boy even during the period of “pants with straps”. First, these are hamsters and kittens, then younger brothers or sisters, and, of course, parents. As soon as a guy creates a couple, he automatically takes care of his girlfriend, and then his wife. The birth of children is the apotheosis of caring education.

A caring man combines both confidence and responsibility. A caring person is always kind. Kindness is of great value to a woman. But only kindness, not spinelessness. Daughter qualities, such as mercy and generosity, are also mixed in here. Good men, in addition to everything else, are very calm and balanced. They simply see no reason to be angry or angry.


Masculine balance gives a woman a sense of peace and stability. She can calmly talk with him on any topic, is not afraid to grow as a professional in any field. Even if she misses, she does not run the risk of running into reproaches or scandals. Her children grow up in an atmosphere of tranquility. And the woman herself is not covered with gray hair and wrinkles. She does not stress with or without him. She does not need to frown her eyebrows, and then smooth out the resulting crease. She can always build a constructive dialogue with a calm man.

Honor and nobility

The concept of honor has always been held in high esteem. A man simply does not have the right to be vile, insidious, deceitful. Such slugs have always been mercilessly destroyed. The fact is that with such a moral monster, a woman will be like on a powder keg. At any moment, it can turn out to be a tool for practicing meanness.

Honor and nobility give a woman an understanding that no matter what happens, she always knows who to rely on, authority for such a man is 100 out of 100.


The red thread in quality male characteristics. A woman will always forgive a faithful man everything. Here I can only give an anecdote, with your permission.

A man wakes up after meeting friends. Clothes hang neatly, a pot of borscht is on the stove, a glass of vodka is on the table. He asks his son what happened. And the offspring replies: “yes, dad, yesterday you came to the trash in the trash, your mother started to undress you, and you scream: “Don’t touch me, bitch, I’m married!”. A faithful man gives a woman the opportunity to feel in safe hands, the confidence that everything is fine with her and she has succeeded. She knows that tomorrow, her loved one will be there, and the day after tomorrow, and all her life.

Women don’t really need stars from the sky, they don’t need princes on white horses, they don’t need a golden cage. All they need is a loved one by their side. One for which into fire and water. Which will make her happy. Well, how do you become one? You just have to read this article…

What kind of man does a woman need in character and appearance?

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