What should a woman not say to a man so as not to get bream?


As a rule, marriages break up because a woman did not close her mouth in time, but this does not bother the weak half of humanity, and, therefore, the state can count on a constant stream of profits from divorce proceedings.

The pharmacy sells a band-aid, but, as doctors say, it is only for weight loss, and in a hardware store they sell masking tape, but the packaging says that it is only for painting work. If men knew the true purpose of these items, then the world would be much quieter. Consider the most common phrases that can be heard from the wife:

  • “And your neighbor has more/better/sweeter!” A standard phrase that certainly does not bode well. And the point is not that you know that the neighbor’s is not sweeter, but the fact is that after such words, you will be tormented by vague doubts, isn’t it true that your wife has one eye more beautiful than the other?
  • “Let your mom cook for you!” If she hides behind her mother, then she has run out of arguments and the victory is in your pocket. In this situation, you can only agree with her and do not doubt that your mother will approve your choice.
  • “All people are like people, and we …!”. A vague phrase that, in the opinion of the wife, should push you to work more and eat less, but a real warrior will not fall for such nonsense!

  • “And Ludka has a new fur coat!” To such a weighty argument, you will have to open your wife’s eyes and say that Lyudmila has new boobs, and only then – a new fur coat!
  • “When are you going to finally get a second job/win the lottery/die?” Ask your wife to build these plans in order that you can understand, because the future prospects for living together with such a course are very unclear.

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