What to say to your husband’s mistress on the phone – TOP 30 phrases

Unfortunately, ideal marriages, in which partners are unconditionally faithful and devoted to each other, are extremely rare. Most often, after a while, the passion subsides, and the spouse starts a stormy romance on the side.

A rare wife is ready to put up with the presence of a mistress. Is it worth it to take any action and what can you say to a potential rival so that she herself falls behind her spouse? There are some pretty effective phrases. They are quite capable of warding off another girl.

What to say to your husband’s mistress on the phone – TOP 30 phrases?

If you have already decided to communicate with your opponent, you need to do it in such a way as not to lose face. Too passionate emotions will show weakness. And your task is to show confidence, firmness and steadfastness. It’s always a little scary and embarrassing.

So, here are some of the most relevant phrases that you can say to your spouse’s mistress to provoke their separation:

  • If it seems to you that my husband is an ideal option for marriage, then you are deeply mistaken. As you can see, we have such non-sour problems with him.
  • Do you think he won’t cheat on you? Humpback, as you know, the grave will fix.
  • Do you want to be in the prestigious role of mistress? It’s like a toilet where a man goes to relieve himself. Find yourself a normal free guy, they are really full.
  • Now, and you’re paying for it in a non-existent way? Are you new to the place where it isn’t?
  • Listen, you are with him, only as long as it is easy and convenient with you. Well, you will. Life will begin, as we have with him. And everything will repeat again. Do you want to be in my place? No, you see fantasies, that is what you are doing now.
  • I don’t consider you an enemy. Of course, that the husband is also good. But think for yourself, why do you need these hemorrhoids at all?
  • We have children and joint property. Do you think that he will divorce, and you will live in chocolate? We will divide everything, so we will also give half of the salary for alimony.
  • Everything about you is purely about sex. Imagine that you are pregnant. And then what? Will you shoot the next young woman like me? Maybe it’s time to stop wasting yourself right and left?
  • Aren’t you afraid that I won’t give up my husband so easily? Both of you will not find life sweet.
  • Do you think that he sleeps with you out of great love? Are you sure that he has one such “only”? And I know for sure that there is nothing like that. Feel free to stand in line and take a number.
  • He uses you purely as a body. And sleep, eat and come home to the children anyway. Do you need it at all? The heirs will always pull back.
  • Leave him good. There will be no happiness with a peasant who just starts to walk around the women. We’ll deal with him somehow. And don’t ruin your life. No cost on togo.

How to defeat a mistress and return her husband?

  • It is foolish, perhaps, to cry out for conscience. But there must be at least some female solidarity in you. What are you, like a leech, clinging to a married man? As if there would be any sense from him.
  • I don’t know how stupid it is to live with this man. Here you will have a candy-bouquet period with him, and how I will sit in fools. You still don’t know how disabled he is in reality.
  • Well, what good will you get if you destroy our family? What kind of prince? Yes, there are five such males sticking out around each corner. Okay, lover. No, to think that he, as a husband, will suit you, is clearly stupid.
  • Yes, he will immediately exchange you for another skirt as soon as you get bored. Do you feel sorry for yourself? What are you spending your youth on?
  • Are you new to the world? This is second hand natural. You don’t respect yourself that much, do you?
  • Do you think you hooked him as a person? Yeah, if only. Just think, muzzle, yes legs. You are not the first one in my lifetime.
  • Have pity on yourself, do not waste your life on a person who probably did not tell you a word of the truth. He deceives me too, and he probably wove fairy tales for you from three boxes. Did you promise to marry? And do you believe him?
  • Well, have we really run out of free men? How much did you have to put a bold cross on yourself in order to covet such a “treasure” at all?
  • You know, I’m ready to let him go in principle. It will only return. The nerves are painted, to a pot where there is space on the bore. Don’t waste your time, it will only hurt.
  • Why do you need a used man at all? It’s like wearing underwear for someone.
  • Campaign you do not even see how openly he uses you at all. Open your eyes, he will not leave the family anywhere. It only powders your brains so that you don’t lose access to the body. You are not his first.
  • A man who is so easily led away by a string is hardly a worthy party. If you are ready to pick up this muck, so be it, I will yield. No promise that you will not come running back later. I don’t need this rubbish and for nothing anymore.
  • At first I wanted to say something nasty to you. No, you already drove yourself below the plinth. The status of a mistress is worse than you can imagine. A very humiliating position.
  • Wow, he got another one. Nothing new, you all look the same person and different place too.
  • I’m not even interested in asking what he told you. He hangs the same noodles on the ears of each of his passions.
  • You yourself have driven into the status of a toy for entertainment, sex dolls. Look, you will get a bad reputation, then you won’t be able to build normal relations with anyone. Men look at people like you only as a subject of satisfaction.
  • Do you understand that he will play with you and throw you away like a boring toy? is available in small quantities in this number. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve seen a lot from his side.
  • Take a look at yourself. Do you really think that he just took you like that and took you to the registry office? Do not even hope. And abruptly met mistresses. Yes, but the end result is the same. And his taste has deteriorated with age.

Adequately speaking with a homeowner is not so easy. No, you need to keep yourself firmly in control so as not to do stupid things. Not that you want emocym, this is rival for you. While their composure and calmness, so that the very one becomes uncomfortable.

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