Why a man deliberately brings a woman to emotions and how to behave?

Why a man deliberately brings a woman to emotions and how to behave? If you notice that in communication a man constantly brings you to tears, anger, makes you raise your voice, while it does not bother him at all, you should think about why this is happening.

Hidden causes of a provocateur

A person can do it on purpose, pursuing his own interests, but sometimes he does not even realize it. There are several reasons for this.


In this case, the man deliberately brings the woman to a breakdown in order to get what he wants. For example, having arranged a quarrel, he may refuse some obligations that he does not want to fulfill.

Let’s say a man promised to go to the theater with a girl. But then his desire was gone. At lunchtime, by his actions, he begins to deliberately bring her to negative EMOtions, bringing her to a scream or tears.

The mood is spoiled, and she herself does not want to go anywhere, slams the door, goes to her mother. In this way, it is possible to go to the west with the druzyami and pr. No, it is not necessary, if you want to say: “And you still think that after today I’m ready”

Position of the victim

Despite the fact that everyone says how hard it is to feel like a victim, this psychological role has a secondary:

  • absolve yourself of guilt – it’s easier to blame the other person when they do something wrong. For example, having provoked a woman to screams and tantrums, a man does not feel guilty for a bad relationship, because the reason, it seems, is not in him, but in her;
  • abdication of responsibility – whoever is to blame must solve the problem, and the “victim” of circumstances may not do anything, not make decisions, not be responsible for the consequences of the quarrel;
  • getting the sympathy of others – a man looks patient, smart and well-mannered, and also receives respect for “tolerating” an emotionally unstable, nervous woman.

By exposing a woman as guilty, on forces her to atone for her “guilt”, make concessions, appease him, etc.


Due to self-doubt, lack of fulfillment in life, complexes, some people try to increase their self-esteem by belittling others. This is usually expressed in ridicule, sarcastic remarks.

How to behave with a manipulator?

Belittling another, a person feels psychological satisfaction. Against the background of a humiliated interlocutor, he feels better, stronger, more significant.

Usually such a person chooses for the object of attacks those who are physically and morally weaker or dependent on him. Moreover, dependence can be not only financial, but also psychological. For example, a partner loves him, appreciates relationships, tries to maintain them, therefore he concedes, endures.

“Volcanic” six-month model

Usually it is formed on the example of parents. If a man’s father and mother constantly quarreled, brought each other up, he considers this method to be quite normal. Moreover, even negative emotions can make relationships bright, excite, cling.

On the emotional side of the world, the priority of the camp is that of the private life, in other words, the new year.

No nervous system you is different for every person. One is easier to endure STRess, quarrels, moreover, he feels on the rise at this moment, “really alive.” As soon as the partner is comfortable in the room, the paramount location is that of the cake.

But if one of them needs stability, security and peace in relationships, then such interaction will oppress him, lead to despair, fatigue.

Reason to break up

Sometimes a man deliberately provokes quarrels and a conflict situation, because he wants to break off relations, but cannot decide on this or find a sufficiently weighty reason.

Bringing a woman to emotions, he hopes that either she herself will leave him, or the scandal will break out so much that she will say that in the hearts of the woman herself will say something that will allow him to leave her.

Or he doubts whether it is really necessary to leave. This situation occurs when there seems to be no love, but the relationship has become familiar and stable. And what will be the new – is unknown.

Subconsciously, a man spoils the current communication in order not to doubt His decision and leave with a light Heart, Convincing Himself that this is how it should be.

How to act as a woman?

In a relationship where one suppresses or manipulates a partner, there is no sense of trust and sincerity. There are several principles that will help you change what is happening between you.

Realize what’s going on

When you feel unreasonable anxiety, your communication is unpredictable, you often experience an emotional breakdown, cry or swear with a man – this is an indicator that he may be provoking you.

It is important to learn to listen to yourself. Your emotions and experiences, even the reaction of the body will help you realize that someone is violating your boundaries. It is necessary to learn to notice these moments.

Analyze your communication. Make a list of situations in which you felt like you were being put on EMOtions. They usually repeat. So you will be able to notice the triggers leading to this.

Stop and “take a breath”

Noticing that you are in a similar situation, it is important to stop and try to understand what is happening now, how you feel, and why a man does this. Think about what he is aiming for.

When you are subject to emotions, it is difficult to react correctly. No position is required, so that the control is over.

Don’t reinforce his behavior

If you react in the way that is expected of you, this only strengthens the position of a man. If HE Gets What He Wants, It Means He Has No Reason To Look For Other Communication Strategies: Negotiate, Compromise, Try To Understand You.

No, it is not necessary, this is done and it is possible to save it because it is not necessary. Don’t forget to try it, ignore it, understand it, it’s worth it.

As long as you know, that the control is there, it is one of the things that you want to do in Ruki:

  • avoid communication – stop sorting out the relationship, go to another room, for a walk, get distracted from the decision with you;
  • take time out for breathing – breathing techniques will help you pull yourself together, make your mind chium;
  • look at the situation from the side – as if two strangers are quarreling;
  • learn to say “no”, to keep personal boundaries inaccessible.

Think what you want

It is not necessary to focus on the skin and mysmile. And also to understand whether you can find happiness in such a relationship.

If the reason for a man’s behavior is a parental example, attitudes, an unconscious model of behavior, then by ceasing to play by his rules, you will change your communication.

But if he leads you to emotions consciously, pursuing specific interests, then there is a high probability that he will not change, because his desires are focused only on himself.

When you change your behavior and stop succumbing to provocations, there is a chance that he will stop behaving like a man.

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