Why a man does not divorce his ex-wife?

You are in a relationship with the man you love. You live together, perhaps even more than one year. However, there is one big and significant “but”: he is still married to his ex-wife. Yes, yes, on the one that he has not loved for a long time, left and which means nothing to him.

This situation is quite common. The man does not want to get divorced and take a decisive step, although he seems to have made a decision a long time ago. Why this happens, what stands out, we will understand the reason for this together.

Why a man does not divorce his ex-wife?

In fact, from the outside it looks really a little strange. If a person fell in love with another, lives with her, spends all his free time, shares life and joys, and he himself holds on to a document in which it is written in black and white that he is fastened with bonds to another, it looks like a theater of the absurd.

So what stops him from breaking this thread?

  • He still wants to come back.

After the betrayal, the wife kicked her husband out of the house. He had nowhere to go, he came to live with his mistress.

I don’t agree to a divorce, because deep down there is hope that the wife will be able to forgive him and bring him back. Of course, the mistress will be presented with a different version of events.

  • Fear of the unknown.

When he lived with his wife, everything was clear and understandable. Even relationships on STORONE didn’t scare him. When it was time to change my life radically, the fear of change began to frighten me. A man does not know how the division of property will take place, whether his wife will allow him to meet with children, where and how he will live, whether new relationships will develop.

  • Too lazy to deal with paperwork.

Sometimes even banal laziness becomes the reason for delaying a divorce. Division of Property, courts to determine the place of residence or the Procedure for communicating with children – all this is a lengthy and extremely unpleasant process.

  • Both the man and his ex-wife are satisfied with the marriage on paper.

It is easier for a man to leave everything as it is, especially when the ex-wife herself is not at all against such a development of events. It happens that it is also beneficial for her that according to her passport she has a man, that she is not alone. In this case, a man may never decide to divorce at all.

  • He is not sure about his mistress.

The wife has always been devoted to a man, he trusts her as himself. A where, by her behavior, a mistress is capable of pushing a man into doubts and distrust. He does not know what she will do with him, so it makes no sense for him to change his life for her.

  • The man does not want to remarry.

His marriage ended up failing. That is why a man is afraid to experience it again. By not divorcing his wife, he “protects” himself from remarriage. On all of the plans in the building that is located in the stampa in the Passport.

  • A man does not want to marry specifically his mistress.

Why does a man not want to divorce his ex-wife?

He is not serious, he perceives the new chosen one as a woman for an easy romance. He does not see her family, children. At the same time, he can tell her something completely different. Men who have committed a betrayal generally get used to constantly lying and getting out.

  • The ex-wife manipulates the children.

By and by, it’s still possible to maximize it in the brake, so that it’s on the tree. Therefore, she begins to play on the feelings of a man, threatening him, which will turn the children against him. A man, on the other hand, takes threats literally and is manipulated.

  • The lover is too pushy.

Men don’t like being pressured. For some, this behavior is so unpleasant that he is ready, on principle, to behave “from the opposite.” And no matter how his mistress persuaded him, he will not do what she asks.

  • A man is afraid of losing authority in society.

Men who leave their families are not particularly liked and unequivocally condemned. If public opinion plays an important role for him, he will hide this fact to the last.

  • Fear of the reaction of children.

A man is afraid of condemnation of his heirs. Children may react unexpectedly to their parents’ divorce. Feelings of shame and fear surround him. He tries to postpone the process of parting as long as possible. A man is most afraid that the children will not understand him and will not support him.

  • Fear that the mistress will behave like his ex-wife in marriage.

Here, again, a man is afraid to marry his mistress, the other is just a background. The thing is that the mistress is light, passionate, does not press. And he believes that this will continue only as long as she is not in the status of a wife. Having acquired a certain marital status, she will begin to “take out the brain” and become an ordinary woman.

How a man explains his unwillingness to divorce?

We examined the true reasons why a man does not want to get a divorce. And how does he explain this to his new chosen one? After all, some couples live in cohabitation for years, and the situation does not change in any way. In fact, the phrases and explanations are all, like a blueprint, the same.

Don’t worry, don’t worry about the bracing process. Later, when the situation drags on, the man begins to make excuses that he feels sorry for the children, there is no desire to harass them.

Another version, which is that the man is afraid that his wife will sue his property, which he does not reap from Now and the following variant: now you are pregnant, so you are ready to go.

If your chosen one tells you such reasons, they are unlikely to have real grounds. Most likely, this is not the problem at all. And if you want to be with him as a wife, you will have to find out what the matter is and how to try hard so that your relationship enters a new turn.

How to get a man to divorce his ex-wife?

If you are tired of the current situation and you want specifics, you should move on to action. No, that’s right, is that where you are? Simply is two active, so it is not in two people, and it is still there.

After all, when a man does not see in you a companion of his life, a wife, then your assertiveness may repel him; and you will be alone.

  • Share your feelings.

To begin with, it is worth identifying the problem. A man in general should know what your ultimate goal is. Don’t worry if that’s the case before you know it and you’re ready. Tell me what is going on in your soul when you think about this topic. Share your fears and concerns.

  • Say that you can’t be in this status forever.

Perhaps it is worth designating a time frame in which he will make a decision. Say that being his lawful chosen one is your dream, and you would really like it to come true.

  • Write down the advantages of such a decision.

It is always important for a man to understand the rational STORon of any issue. Therefore, constructively and clearly explain what he will gain if he divorces his wife. For example, that he will cease to bear the burden of the past, He will feel great relief and, finally, will begin to live calmly and without throwing.

Say that you will support even in the most difficult situations. Even if the trials drag on, You will fight with him in the same Camp, helping in every possible way and substituting your fragile but reliable shoulder. Now and poobeschay create svoy krasivuyu skazku under the name “ideal para”.

In any case, the more beautifully and in more detail you tell him about it, the more likely that he will decide on taler on taler on taler on taler on taler on taler on taler on taler on taler on

  • Post ultimatum.

If the situation after the conversations does not change in any way, you will have to resort to manipulation. But again, be prepared for every development. If you have outlined the task in an ultimatum form, then go to the end. Otherwise, he will always do as he pleases.

In any case, living with a person who does not want to make you truly happy until the very end is not the right decision. Therefore, if a man does not want to get a divorce and put an end to it, think about it, are you really that important?

After all, if You, True, were Dear for him, He would not even doubt His choice and would make the decision finally and irrevocably.

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