Why a man does not fulfill promises and requests – how to behave?

Why a man does not fulfill promises and requests – how to behave? Surely you were brought up on the idea that “a man always keeps his word.” But what if your man constantly promises something, but does not fulfill? Do you want to do it and do it in the way you want?

What is the reason?

In many respects it depends on His type of Personality, the Type of your relationships, and the same circumstances in which he is at the moment.

There are several reasons why a man does not fulfill his communication:

  • cannot fulfill them;
  • does not want to fulfill them;
  • does not remember that they need to be completed;
  • didn’t intend to do that from the start.

He can’t communicate?

Life is unpredictable and there are situations when you have to drastically change your plans. Of course, it’s a shame when unforeseen circumstances come, but sometimes you need to show patience and understanding.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that such stories are not repeated over and over again. But if something always prevents a man from keeping his word, then either he is looking for excuses for himself, or he cannot calculate his capabilities.

He doesn’t want to keep promises?

When a Man made a promise, he was sincere and ready to fulfill everything, but time passed and the motivation to do something disappeared, as did the enthusiasm. This usually happens if:

  • a capricious man – the mood changes like that of a child, on is often offended, angry, falls silent, demonstrating his ist;
  • a woman “drank” – when a person is reminded of a promise 10 times a day, he first feels annoyed, and then does not want to do anything at all, because he knows that instead of gratitude he will hear “well, finally” or “it didn’t pass and years”;
  • a man is just lazy – he is tired, he is not interested, he does not want to go anywhere and does not want to do anything.

He does not remember that he promised something?

It certainly sounds like an excuse for a child who forgot his diary at home. But you need to look at the situation objectively – people always forget something, especially when it comes to not.

A man does not keep his promises? How to understand it, and what to do?

For example, a man forgot that he promised to nail a shelf or take out the trash. Reason: vs. thoughtli by are busy with problems at work.

Many little things that a person does not attach importance to, elude attention. And here it is necessary to take into account one more point: sometimes what seems important to you may not be so for him.

For example, you would never forget to water the flowers, or take your mother to the country. But a man may well forget something like that. Here you need to proceed from the characteristics of a person’s character, Mindset, and how difficult and stressful a period in his life is now.

A person who has two days left to finish an annual report or close a major project may not even remember turning on the kettle or picking up a child from kindergarten, to say nothing of watering flowers or going to the cinema with his wife. .

He wasn’t going to keep his promises?

Sometimes a person gives communication, initially realizing that he will not restrain him. For those who are used to keeping their word, this seems very strange, because then why promise? But from the point of view of psychology, such behavior has quite understandable motives.

  • He is a pathological liar

Such people constantly tell lies, exaggerate their merits. They make a lot of promises without even thinking about doing any of it.

Liars are difficult to identify at the stage of acquaintance. To you, this person may seem charming, charismatic, as if he lives a bright and interesting life, full of incredible coincidences and stories.

Only With Time You Can Notice That The Feats Change From Day To Day, A Person Forgets The Details Of His Stories And Doesn’t Keep His Word. A good way to understand a person is to get to know friends or relatives of a man. Usually they know about the propensity to lie.

  • He is not sure of himself

A person with low self-esteem thinks that no one will love him just like that, will not communicate with him. It seems to him that his personality and life are not worth attention.

In order to make a good impression and win your favor, on begins to “fill up his price”. Promise how you will go to the sea, how in a year he will buy an apartment, how he will carry you in his arms and give you flowers.

But he can’t do this, and when you remind him, he gets offended, feels disappointed in his partner, says phrases like: “you don’t need me like that”, “you only need one thing from me”, “all women are mercantile”, etc. .

  • On manipulator

Such a person, making promises, pursues a certain goal. He wants to win you over, get something, smooth out the conflict and so on. When he has achieved what he wants, it no longer makes sense for him to keep his promises.

Usually such people are indifferent to the opinion of the one they deceived, or they are sure that they will be forgiven.

Manipulators often “bargain”, that is, tighten their promise to certain conditions. For example, he promised to take you to a restaurant, and in the evening he suddenly answered: “What kind of restaurant can we talk about if you didn’t even answer my message at lunchtime!”

What to do if a man does not keep his promises?

First you need to understand the reason for this behavior. To do this, pay attention to how often a man breaks his word to you. If this is done postally, to the whole world, this is a manual operation and a character.

He can simply lie, manipulate, not fulfill promises because of his insecurity, laziness, capriciousness. It is impossible to change a person’s behavior if he himself does not want to change. Besides, you shouldn’t re-educate him, you’re not his parents.

In this case, you can only accept, having learned not to take promises seriously, or stop the nobe.

If the reason is that a man simply does not remember some little things, agree that he will write them down in a diary, set reminders, etc.

If the reason is that he loses his desire, for the fact that you are constantly reminding about what you have to do, stop reminding him. Trust the man and be patient.

When you are tired of waiting, you can be reminded, but in a positive way or by “I-messages” for example: “I’m worried that you will forget”, “This is important to me, so I feel anxiety that you have not done this yet” .

If you are faced with the fact that a man constantly does not keep His promises, you first need to talk frankly about this. No need to blame each other, make demands. Simply is proselytizing, so that you are proselytizing and in those motifs that are the last word.

Try not to reinforce this behavior. If you constantly forgive, endure, sigh and do everything yourself, there is a high probability that nothing will change.

It is also important to analyze your reaction to those promises that he fulfilled. Perhaps, taking it for granted, criticizing the result, showing your dissatisfaction, you devalued the efforts of the man and he simply lost the desire to do something.

The best incentive to fulfill promises is your positive emotions. A loving man likes to cheer up his beloved and feel his importance.

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