Why a man does not support a woman – and should?

Why a man does not support a woman – and should? Speaking between us girls, a woman is right in many situations. She knows the needs of loved ones, their character, behavior. Can predict election results and explain why neighbors fight all the time, and the husband does not want to work. There is logic, correctness in her judgments, but then why does the man refuse to agree with her?

As always, there can be no single answer, so let’s deal with the 10 most common reasons.

Grumpy nature

Most often, it is impossible to get consent from a man due to the fact that he is used to arguing with everyone. It doesn’t matter to him who is right. It doesn’t matter to him that anyone might be looking for truth or justice. He just wants to argue, be rude, humiliate other people.

Such a state can be permanent – a person does not know how to behave differently, does not see alternatives. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather were like that. He likes to purse his lips, grin, say that everything you said is complete nonsense, because you are just a woman and unable to say anything sensible.

Such people have temporary gaps, but they are quickly replaced by normal behavior.

Most often, the reluctance to agree becomes stronger with age. As the body over the years acquires fat, wrinkles, so the character, once light and bright, becomes heavier under the yoke of discontent, life experience, fears, claims, the desire to contradict everyone.

However, grumpiness and unwillingness to agree with a woman can be a temporary character trait. It manifests itself in a situation of STRESS, strong mental, physical stress, with failures.


Not that you want that in the variable character. Often a man simply does not want to agree with a woman, perceives this as a humiliation. Soglasi it isn’t so close to the house, it’s the same as it is. It infuriates him, irritates him.

Trying to assert himself, a man, even realizing that a woman is right, laughs at her, looking for her weaknesses. Can purposefully change the topic of conversation. As a result, all your reasoning turns out to be not entirely correct, which gives him the right to grin at all your arguments.

Most often, a similar situation arises, a young person is confident in himself, but to show everyone that the led is interested

This happens when a man does not have inner freedom, openness. He got used to the stereotype, according to which a woman cannot be right, only capable of stupidity.


Do you know this stereotype? If a woman is a leader and tries to do everything possible for the success of her business, then others consider her hysterical. About a man who is nervous, does not sleep, lives in the office, they say that he is on fire at work.

There are very few people who are ready to get around this or other similar stereotypes. They don’t want to hear the girls, they don’t want to understand their goals, their reasons. To do this, after all, you need to look for evidence, use logic, authorities. No, that is because of this building in the pre-dating, and that it is near the heart, and that it is in the east.

It is impossible to find objective reasons for stereotypes. They live in people’s minds, do not allow them to openly evaluate the real world.

Why is a man inferior to a woman in everything? Where’s the justice?


Unfortunately, a common reason for disagreeing with the opinion of a lady is elementary ignorance. A man thinks that you are wrong, not understanding what is at stake. He believes that his knowledge, experience is enough to make a correct judgment, and everything else is nonsense, misunderstanding is not a topic.

Often confidence in this is a consequence of poor education, a weak intellectual level. It’s a shame that it is impossible to prove to your young man that he is wrong in this case. If you don’t understand, you start with your heart, you ignore the risks and problems.

No need two logic

Someone may consider that a situation where a man does not understand your logic is close to ignorance. Maybe so.

But more often than not, under the influence of fatigue, stress, your confusion and emotions, a person is stupid. To agree with what he does not understand is stupid.

If you see that this is the problem, try to calm down and explain everything again. Use other words, examples that are close to the life that the person leads, visual and clear evidence.

The man is really right

Ops, sometimes you prove something to the point of losing momentum, screaming, indignant, but at the same time using incorrect information, and the logic begins to limp under the influence of emotions. Perhaps your partner would be happy to agree with you, but everything you say is contrary to common sense.

How do you know if a man is really right?

  • In any dispute, just a conversation, try to hear the opinion and arguments of the other person.
  • Keep in mind that your knowledge is not always perfect. Someone may know or understand the subject under discussion better than you.
  • Try not to give in to emotions. Remember that under the influence of anger, the desire to prove your case, you can lose and you can be stupid.
  • Use reliable information that you are sure of. Ask the man to share his sources.

By the way, if they do not agree with you precisely because you are wrong, this is a sign of respect. It is better for a young man to explain his logic than to shake his head in agreement, like some tank.


It happens that a man knows that you are right, but does not want to admit it. It is more convenient and pleasant for him to play with you, like a cat with a mouse. To play along with you, to annoy you, to tease you a little.

Such behavior can be annoying, especially if the topic under discussion, and the person himself is important to you. If it is, and it is safe to say that it is serious.

But if, by and large, you don’t care, you see that the guy turns everything into a joke, remaining gray, now.

Can’t hear you

A difficult psychological problem faced not only by women, but also by men is to hear each other. Most people look at life from their own belfry, draw conclusions from their own experience and simply cannot realize that there is another opinion.

This situation occurs between representatives of different cultures. The difference in language, gestures, norms of behavior, even the knowledge acquired at school does not allow people from other communities to be accepted and trusted.

Considers you a child

Another point that you need to pay attention to is who your man considers you and himself to be.

Often a girl is faced with the fact that her young man believes that he is experienced, knowledgeable, and can figure everything out. Behind him is an army, experience, survival, the ability to think. He considers you a spoiled girl from a wealthy family, province, etc. A priori, you cannot express smart thoughts and be right.

It can be extremely difficult to prove to such a person that he is right. Often he turns on a grumpy character, pretends not to understand you or refers to stereotypes, according to which agreeing with a woman means becoming henpecked.


Disrespect runs like a white thread through many reasons. It’s hard to accept, but a man just doesn’t respect you as a person and as a woman. He doesn’t want it, he’s not interested. This is contrary to his life position.

The list of reasons why a man refuses to agree with a woman in everyday life, at work can be ndopol. After all, every situation in which a person finds himself is unique.

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