Why a man does not want to take responsibility for a relationship?

Why a man does not want to take responsibility for a relationship? What is the most important thing in a relationship? Communication, trust, compatibility in bed? The atmosphere in the house and how long your family will last are influenced by many non-obvious factors. And it makes sense to pay attention to them Only in one case, when you are ready to take responsibility not only for yourself, but also for each other. Taking responsibility for a relationship is a sign of seriousness.

But what if it’s not so simple in your coordinate system? You know that your man loves you, then why doesn’t he do anything?

Why is it important to take responsibility?

People enter into romantic relationships in order to be better together than alone. And despite the agreement “you and I are now one,” we still remain separate individuals shimming so.

Each partner handles different situations differently. And it is absolutely normal if, first of all, he thinks about himself. Healthy egoism is inherent in us by nature. In the end, he chose you for the role of the dream girl also out of selfish intentions – you give him something, which is not possible Problems that arise, it is part and parcel in the area where it is not possible for two people to do so.

Do you think it’s possible to tell the truth about it? This is not a small child, not a dog taken from a shelter, and not weak parents! Logical question. No, it’s not necessary, it’s one of the favorites on the drug, and it’s just like that. Both partners are equally responsible for harmony in the relationship. If one of them shirks his duties, the balance is upset. So you feel like you’re putting in more than you’re getting, and you get angry about it.

Responsibility is love. And taking responsibility for another means giving your partner a clear understanding that you are comfortable together despite problems and troubles, and even in the darkest times, caring for a joint future comes first.

The attention that one person shows to another when he is ill, sad and hard is the acceptance of responsibility. Sign “Yes, it is trudno, no ryadom, ye pomogu tebe so all who speak”. During the years of family life, anything can happen. Is it not possible to talk about it?

It becomes especially hard at the moment when the love has passed, the butterflies in the stomach have stopped showing signs of life, and the candy-bouquet period has changed to a couch routine. Be sure to contact with new problems. Having lived together for several months, you are no longer a beautiful stranger for him, with whom it is fun to drink coffee at the skating rink at 5 in the morning, but a girl who has a bad mood, tantrums and PMS.

Possibility for these characteristics that are unknown to those who live in the city — three-dimensional Who do we go to for advice and sympathy? Of course, to your loved one. It would seem that nowhere is easier. But there are several types of men with whom it is impossible to negotiate.

What to do if a man does not want to be responsible?

3 type of men, which are both good and bad

This type of men, unfortunately, is not as rare as it seems. Malchik, who does not have a hard time, and so in his 40s he still lives under the wing of his beloved mother. Not because the financial situation does not allow. It’s so convenient for him: he doesn’t have to think about what to cook for Dinner, where to get a change of bed linen, and where to buy a new shower gel.

He believes that everyone should strive to please him, and faced with the realities of adult life, he falls into a stupor. Faced with the need to take responsibility, his gentle and vulnerable nature wants back to parenthood. And he does not want to get up at 6 in the morning and go to the factory.

On believes that the whole world revolves around him, which means why make long-term plans? However, you will need more water from your project, focused on your soul. Not “it’s worth it and you’re here,” but that’s not what you’re talking about – on the other hand, it’s nice to see you. And the fact that in your favorite store there were frills of the right color, and at a corporate party it will not be the most beautiful, can seriously spoil your mood.

The narcissist is temperamentally incapable of taking responsibility. He thinks only of himself and his needs, even if they are absurd. Serious relationships destabilize him, because they force him to compromise.

  • Immature personality.

Such a man can be found in the office next to the coffee machine. On the other hand, it is not active and the interests of the word are in the wind, which is not the case for other people.

Lie on the couch and watch football? A great plan, both for the weekend and for the rest of your life. He prefers to stay in the background, watch what others are doing, and, if possible, rake in the heat with strangers. Therefore, he is unlikely to become the hero of your novel, unless you decide to take the initiative.

What to do if he does not want to take responsibility?

If your partner does not belong to any type from the classifier above, you have a chance to convey to him that taking responsibility is inevitable.

  • Redemption of roles in the subject.

Remind him who’s boss. Everything that happens in your house is directly related to it. Not only pleasant (vacation, new gaming computer, delicious dinner), but also those activities that have few fans (paying utility bills, cleaning, walking the dog in a downpour at 7 in the morning).

  • Involvement in joint activities.

No beer on your own hands, that’s what you’re going to do about it. Do not let him push through the sofa, roll like a six-armed goddess, wipe the dust, prepare the Uzhianeba and ways. Your big boy can handle a vacuum cleaner. Responsibility starts small.

  • Criticism kills initiative.

Don’t take on the role of judge. If he is not used to solving something, he cannot do without jambs. As long as you love it, you can do it by yourself. alter to your taste, do not disturb him.

  • Everyone has strong STORons and weak ones.

Let him do what he does best. Let’s say your man is a creative person and everything material is alien to him. If You send Him to the Shop of One, there is a high probability that he will spend money on Nonsense and in the next month you will have to eat maroons. Send him ENERGY in a peaceful direction. For example, let him take care of the design project of renovation in a new apartment.

Many men are afraid of responsibility. Because it limits their freedom. To some extent, they will no longer be able to do whatever they want. In addition, it is quite tiring to think right behind yours and plan every step you take. No one knows that before the party, and not in the same way, and this is done with the room temperature and bad weather. This is the meaning of coexistence – one insures the other. “I” is replaced by “we”.

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