Why a man pushes away a woman he loves – possible reasons!

Why a man pushes away a woman he loves – possible reasons! Unfortunately, there are times in life when a man rejects a woman, despite the fact that she is attractive to him. A man may show obvious signs of attention, which are manifested in the look, behavior, and manner of address, but as soon as the woman takes a step towards rapprochement, the man immediately pushes her away. In this situation, it is difficult to understand the true feelings of a man, such relationships can keep people in suspense for a long time, not giving them the opportunity to develop them, and get to know each other better.

Someone will say that he does not go for rapprochement, which means he does not need this woman, but do not rush to conclusions, because there may be explanations for such behavior. And what should a woman do, who, for example, is in love with such a macho, because there is sympathy between them and this is obvious, there are signs of attention and it’s nice, but the man does not go for rapprochement.

Complexes are to blame

For the most psychologists, the following will allow you to prosper and learn from your chosen streets and components. Mubly sometimes have hidden psychological problems that easily mask a fashion of harshness.

I want to say right away that adults carry a “bagaension”, the experience gained from m.

Negative events that traumatized, brought difficult experiences and changes in attitudes, always lead to destructive changes in behavior. The degree of their changes depends on the experience and upbringing in the family. Mom and dad are models of behavior and relationships between a man and a woman, the child involuntarily takes them as his model and, growing up, includes it in his behavior.

As a result of all the changes, the perception, attitude, and self-esteem of a person changes, and here, as a man, a tanyn, and again. This is how the human psyche is arranged, ench absorbs from the network all the information that it collects around and and section

Why does a man reject a woman?

The reasons for not getting close to a woman you like are the following changes in behavior:

  • A man has a difficult experience in a past relationship.

This reason will meet often, as a rule, restraint and indecision of the partner mohus d s rout. His behavior is dictated by a banal fear of finding himself again in a situation where you want to leave, when you, as a person, are being destroyed.

Yes, do not think that only men can be abusive and have toxic relationships. According to statistics, it is women who are more prone to addictive relationships, which means that they often create conditions for a strong emotional attachment, which sometimes torments a man.

  • I don’t want to call the next reason an “inferiority complex”, it would also be better to fear that a man is not good enough for the woman he has chosen.

In this situation, events can develop according to a variety of scenarios, a feeling of fear can anger him and provoke aggression, just for this woman. In the same way, he can give her gifts for months, show various signs of attention, but at the same time keep her at a distance, he does not admit to himself that he is afraid, he chooses the option of “checking” feelings. As a rule, such checks end with a complete break in relations.

Why is a man afraid of the girl he is in love with?

  • A serious reason is the material condition of the man.

It’s like in the movie “Office Romance”, a male subordinate can timidly show his sympathy for a woman boss, but at the same time he is afraid that he will be suspected of commercialism or that he will not be able to financially provide for such a woman.

  • Careerists are good people, but in pursuit of a new title or status, they lose all chances of finding true love.

They simply have no time, and they put their work above everything else, even their personal lives. Such a man can fall in love with a woman, think about her, but when he puts his achievements, possible prospects and family on the scales, the choice will be made towards work. He will maintain a relationship with a woman, continue to meet from time to time, but he is unlikely to decide on a closer and more emotional relationship.

  • Not infrequently, during consultations with a psychologist, it turns out that many men met women in their lives who left a bright mark, but they missed them, not giving both a chance for happiness.

The reason for this behavior is the same fear that lives in the subconscious that no relationship with the opposite sex can end happily. A man could make such a conclusion while still a child, if his parents divorced.

Each case is individual, and no one can tell you exactly what thoughts make a man push away.

There are a couple more suggestions why a man does not approach a woman, for example:

  • A man with high self-esteem also does not seek to approach a woman because of the conclusion that she may not quite meet his needs. Unfortunately, such variants of relations have a place to be in our lives.

In any case, you should always understand that the reasons are the “problems” of a man, a woman, but you should take them to the sveit. Many girls immediately begin to come up with explanations for such behavior towards them and, as a rule, are mistaken, believing that the problem is in themselves.

Is it possible to give up a loved one?

Yes, you can refuse your beloved woman if the fear of not meeting her ideas is very high. In this case, a man will suffer and even agree to a relationship with a woman he does not love, but with her he is more comfortable, easier and there is no feeling of fear.

In psychological practice, there are cases when a man is simply obsessed with a woman, he exalts and idolizes her so much that he mentally humiliates himself, makes him unworthy. Being in such a strong agitation, he can bring himself to a distorted thinking that will dictate him to declare to him to declare On the other hand, the price is too high.

In this case, you should ask for the following comments:

  • Visit a psychologist who will help you accept your true feelings. This is a difficult job that a competent specialist can do.
  • Do not lose touch with the woman you love. Through force, without impulsiveness, send signs of attention to her and spend time with her. The realization that she is the same person as he will help him reduce anxiety.
  • Self-confidence will help to develop sports, tourism, and motor sports.

Despite the fact that men have a stern and masculine appearance, they can also have great fears in their hearts that prevent them from being themselves. Appearance is never about what is hidden in the subconscious of a person, it is worth turning around.

No “save”, “sacrifice” yourself and your time, if there is no feedback. Every person deserves happiness, and first of all, love and appreciate yourself without wasting time on dercugolexes.

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