Why did the ex start writing and what does he need?

Why did the ex start writing and what does he need? What is this Marty McFly on the minimum wage? Why did the ex start writing? What did he think? And is it worth it to follow his provocations?

Why did the ex start writing and what does he need?


If you regularly wished each other “good morning” and “good night”, he may have done it by accident. Or he wants everything that happens to look like an accident.

For you, for your communication. If you always had something to talk about (especially if you were good friends before starting a relationship), it is possible that he misses you as a cool conversationalist. He misses your sarcastic jokes, helpful tips and emotional support.

  • He found out that you found a replacement for him

Perhaps he was informed about this by mutual acquaintances. Or he saw your joint photo. Or maybe you finally stopped killing yourself and started enjoying life? Nobody canceled the work of the field – he felt that you had unhooked him, and now he is tormented by the question – “who is she thinking about there now, if not about me?”

In a roundabout way, he will try to find out how serious your relationship with the new guy is. Are you happy with him, are you satisfied (in every sense) with a new novel.

Why did the ex start writing? Something made him think of you. “Your” song, “your” cafe or a joint photo found in the phone’s gallery. Memories flooded back and evoked feelings of sadness and nostalgia.

Research proves that in the winter season we begin to search even more intensely for our mate, so that we do not have to endure the cold season alone. In modern English, even such a term as “cuffin season” has appeared – we find ourselves a partner with whom we can literally “overwinter”.

  • He still loves you

If he texts you regularly, asks how your day went, and replies to your every story, he’s looking to connect with you. Because he misses you. Apparently he still can’t let you go.

  • He wants you back

It is unlikely that he will sit back and watch you walk with others. So if he wants you back, you’ll understand. For example, he will call you on dates (“friendly meetings”), show signs of attention, in general, constantly be somewhere nearby.

Have you agreed to remain friends? Here he communicates with you, as with a friend. Discusses his girls, gives you advice about guys and suggests to meet. If both of you are comfortable with this format, just enjoy chatting with each other.

  • Wounded pride

There are men whose ego is as fragile as a Chinese vase. He still can’t forgive you for leaving him. Perhaps he showers you with claims and insults. Either it becomes sweet, like a vanilla marshmallow, and offers to meet, surrounds with attention and frankly flirts.

Don’t fall for these cheap manipulations. Let him know that you do not intend to return. And act as a free psychologist – too.

  • He didn’t understand what happened

If you dumped him without explaining anything, it’s no surprise that he showers you with messages. He wants to know why everything went wrong. Calmly and clearly explain to him what exactly did not suit you in your relationship. If, in response to claims, he starts throwing mud at you, feel free to block him on all social networks.

  • No other options

Let’s face it – when all your friends / girlfriends / acquaintances are broken into couples, you, being a loner, start to feel uncomfortable.

Loneliness covers. Tinder and casual sex don’t help. I want love, warmth and care. And-and-and-and-and-and here our eyes are directed to the former.


Here is such a not very pleasant answer to the question “Why did the ex start writing?”

Are you ready to be a fallback? Will you suffer again in this relationship?

The former often converge, sleep with each other, try to rebuild relationships. Surely you have seen this among your friends.

Your chances of success are very slim. The choice is yours.

Together you have gone through fire, water and copper pipes. Together they got a cat, moved to another city. We lived and celebrated holidays together. Your parents were sure that you would get married.

It so happened that … nothing worked out for you. You broke up, parted ways, divided the jointly acquired property and the jointly fed cat.

Between you for a long time there is no passion, no love. But you never became strangers to each other.

You are like distant relatives – you see each other once a year, occasionally write off, but you still worry about each other.

Maybe that’s why he writes to you. He just wants to know that you’re okay. That’s all.

  • One night stand

He’s clearly alluding to sex. And you have already hung your ears – again you began to fantasize about a magnificent wedding and a bunch of children.

Slow down the horses! He just wants sex. He knows you, your body and your preferences. You know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. He just wants sex.

Just. Sex.

Keep this thought in mind when you go to his house at night, wearing a lace set.

And agree to this only if you do not expect anything other than sex from him.
Or better yet, don’t agree at all.

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