Why do girls want to marry a foreigner?

Why do girls want to marry a foreigner? The vast majority of girls prefer to connect their lives with their compatriots. Such men are always at your side, you don’t need to look for them anywhere, so the problem associated with the absence of a spouse is solved Quite Easily.

However, some women stubbornly seek only a foreigner for marriage. Moreover, the ends do not always justify the means. International families often break up. To understand what is the reason and whether it is worth putting in contact with foreign men at all, You can Only understand this topic in detail.

Why do girls want to marry a foreigner?

This is only at first glance, there is only one reason, and it lies on the surface. In reality, everything is somewhat more complicated and multifaceted.

And psychological motives are also present here. So, the main reasons for looking for a partner abroad:

  • Unsettled women in their home country.

It just so happened that there are not so many cities where a girl who has received a high-quality higher education could realize herself.

In addition, most domestic companies have outdated views, because they choose employees for leadership positions not by their core skills, but by gender.

As a result, educated women with ambitions and the desire to make a good career prefer to look for spouses in other states, where such prejudices have long since sunk into oblivion.

  • Discrimination by half-price in a row.

Unfortunately, now such a relic of the past in the home country is still very much developed. Many Girls are Looked Down, Thinking that they have nothing to do in business, there is no need to develop some hidden talents and Search for themselves.

In foreign countries, this mentality has long been exhausted. There, no one will judge you for wanting to engage in “non-female” work. The main thing is that a person simply likes, likes, and in general suits his life.

  • Bad experience and disappointment in compatriots.

When a woman repeatedly fails to build a serious relationship in her native country, she is simply forced to look for happiness somewhere else, as a subconscious psychological barrier is formed that makes it difficult to look at our home countrymen with an open mind.

By the country in which the girl eventually found a groom, it becomes clear what specific negative qualities of the previous gentlemen annoyed her the most. For example, many ladies who have chosen a resident of a Muslim country as their husband may have previously suffered from addiction to soaring.

  • The desire for greater financial security.

And this is also the reason. The ambition of the home country leaves much to be desired. Not all guys are ready to work hard to achieve financial well-being for themselves and the future. Foreigners, on the other hand, are accustomed to openly working hard to feel self-respect and be able to give something.

In many states, a man cannot start a family until he reaches a certain level of prosperity. In Europe, for example, it is generally not customary to get married if you have not finally got on your feet, have not received a quality education, or have not at least earned your own house.

Relations with a foreigner: useful information

In our home country, there are no such principles. Many men get married without even thinking about how and what they will then have to live with their partner. ANALOGICALLY we have an attitude towards childbearing. Logically, not all women want to put up with such a fate.

  • The desire to give the best to children.

At this point, too, a mercantile note sounds a bit. But Most Girls, already having a very difficult fate behind them, Tritely do not want their daughter or son to repeat it. Therefore, they try so zealously to start a promising romance with a foreigner to then obtain citizenship.

Children born in such a marriage automatically become full-fledged residents of another state. Many of them (depending on the place of birth) immediately receive a lot of privileges and benefits. How things are in our country with social security and education, you know very well.

  • Strengthening the position of feminism.

This is a very positive development. After all, this is how the patriarchal system is rebuffed, according to the canons in which the lion’s share of the population still lives. From birth, girls are instilled with the holy truth that they must endure the antics of their husbands, be good housewives and certainly give birth to as many children as possible.

But what is left for women who understand that they want to build a career themselves, love to be creative, travel, or just enjoy life? Such a society always mercilessly condemns. A word in drugs that are commonplace in a practical way.

Most often, girls marry a foreigner to achieve equality and be able to live the way they want without feeling reproach from everywhere. And in general, this is the right decision, since it saves a woman from a lot of psychological problems and a toxic relationship with an abuser.

Advantages and disadvantages of marriage to a foreigner

As in the case of our men, here, too, there are pros and cons. Let’s start on the positive side. So, the advantages of INTERNational marriage:

  • Acquaintance with foreign culture and language environment. You get the opportunity to get to know a completely different nation from the inside, which often turns out to be much better than what peoples say about it. Communication with a direct native speaker of a foreign language is also beneficial.
  • High level of comfort and material security. Like it or not, in almost any European country people live an order of magnitude better than in their home country. Therefore, many girls come into a joyful shock when they find out about the level of social benefits and incomes of a small population.
  • Multicultural environment for children. As a rule, such kids grow up, learning two languages ​​and both nationalities at the same time, which subsequently gives them a good head start in life.
  • No gender discrimination. This applies to most modern countries. The exception is some Muslim states, where women still exist as servants.
  • Quality education is quoted all over the world. With such a seal, almost any door opens.
  • Other problems with medicine and pension plans. Now you can not think about how to survive in old age.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks too:

  • Not all foreign grooms are as generous as our girls imagine them to be. Some nations are famous for their prudence, bordering on avarice.
  • Raznost in mentality. Sometimes this reason can become a source of serious disagreement in the family. Therefore, before registering a marriage, be sure to make sure that you at least look the same way about your life together.
  • A long period of adaptation. Moving to a completely foreign country is not easy. At first, you can be completely dependent on your spouse. Also, citizenship is sometimes not given immediately.
  • Different levels of psychological intimacy and EMO-functionality. Many European men will seem to you too reserved and silent. No for the fact that this is a proposition in culture. local girls are valued by many foreigners because of their openness.
  • Problems in cases of rasvoda. It is especially difficult in such a situation for our girls to defend the right to raise a child. In foreign countries, children are often awarded to the father, and the woman is offered to return to her homeland.

International marriage seems very attractive to most girls. However, getting along with the groom of a different culture is not so easy. Before agreeing to marriage and moving, make sure that you know your partner well enough.

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