Why do men cheat on their loved ones, but do not go to other women?

Why do men cheat on their loved ones, but do not go to other women? The topic of change is quite painful. It entails a certain trail of: betrayal, a blow to a woman’s self-esteem, further leads to a lack of trust, transformation from an “angel” into a “bitch”, and much more.

Some women forgive betrayal, others immediately burn bridges and leave forever. Someone gives a second chance to relationships, and someone seems to have forgiven, suffers for years, and in the end, still breaks these seemingly dear to the heart, but traumatic relationships.

Different life scenarios

There is an expression, and you probably know it: “A good leftist strengthens a marriage!” But there are some central aspects here. It’s one thing when the betrayal was a one-time affair, and it’s quite another if the intrigues are constant, or even worse, when a man devotes more time and attention to his mistress, and his wife is perceived by him as a suitcase without a handle: it seems to be hard to carry and it’s a pity to leave.

In addition, the fact of the adjulter will be in the country, on bez zazreniya sovesti, and it is very expensive in the lubovnice. No day there is no budget where we live, where we live, in the kitchen. And let’s break it down into components, the answer to the question, why does a man cheat, but is not ready to leave the family?

Why, when his wife finds out about the betrayal, does he deny it to the last, and swears eternal fidelity, but then time passes, and he starts cheating again?

We offer you an alternative view of treason. It will include several important aspects. And it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to live with the eternal “walker to the left”, or, nevertheless, moral and family values ​​come first for you, and you are not ready to put up with such a situation.

What Research Says?

The stated question must be approached from the point of view of various kinds of research. This will allow you to understand how the issue of betrayal is relevant. What’s more, when a woman is confronted by we have mentioned above, to a deafening nob event

According to numerous studies, which include various surveys on the stated topics and generalized factors related to issues of infidelity, the figures are, to put it mildly, not rosy numbers:

  • hard to imagine, but as many as seventy-three percent of men cheat on their wives. Tattoo statistics include both one-time and regular cheating.
  • Twenty percent of men had one mistress during their family life;
  • three percent of men are ready to marry mistresses;
  • Fifty-seven percent of men cheat with married women;
  • in a state of alcoholic intoxication, fifteen percent of men change;
  • when yuyuyu’s wife was absent for more than a week, for example, he left laughs
  • and where the probability that the son will follow in the footsteps of his father and, like him, will also cheat is equal to eighty-five.

Why a man does not leave the family for his mistress?

As you could see for yourself above, the statistics of betrayal are disappointing. No way is three months in the future. So what do most men keep in the family?

Why a man cheats, but does not leave?

  • Material aspect

We don’t just start with it. Material component in the form of alleged jointly acquired property does not allow men to formalize. To be able to see the wall, on the other hand it is possible to say “Escape Plan”. At the same time, they hide behind the fact that the stamp in the passport does not mean anything, and in general, the main thing is feelings.

Is this what the project is for? We have answered above.

But if he decided to take this step, that is, officially formalized the relationship, divorce will, first of all, be perceived as a struggle for property: movable and immovable. Or cutting a joint business can have fraught consequences.

The courts, the constant hassle against the background of the partition and so on, hinder the man from leaving the family.

  • Cheating as a side effect of various kinds of complexes

Unexpected item, right? No one in the moment. When a man does not feel confident, against the background of low self-esteem or an inferiority complex, he boldly puts on the clothes of an “alpha male”, elevating himself to the rank of some sheikh-polygamist. At the same time, polygamy is in the first place for him.

This gives him a sense of self-importance, and a surrogate self-confidence. Moreover, he can often change mistresses, but his wife is like a kind of screen covering his depraved image of ijiraz.

As a rule, such people are hypocrites. It is important for them to look very positive in the eyes of others. And as you yourself understand, if he decides to leave the family, then the mask of a good husband will be removed.

  • Cheating is like a dose of adrenaline

When there is a lack of thrills in a man’s life, he compensates for them with infidelity. And the key is not the fact of treason, but the risk of exposure. It’s like walking on a razor’s edge. Therefore, as you understand, if he leaves the family, then adrenaline will disappear along with it.

  • It is convenient for a man to stay in a family

The question is, why leave if everything suits him anyway: the wife, how life is, everyday life and stability, but the mistress, allegorically, is a holiday and weekends. In this case, it is written on the lubovnice, and on the day of the week, the small building is called “Holidays”.

  • Call of Duty

When a man ceases to perceive his wife as a woman, but he has a sense of duty against the background of an internal relationship. With a high probability, we can say that certain attitudes associated with a sense of duty are frozen. And it turns out that, on the one hand, he is already cramped in the family, and on the other hand, he cannot leave because, sincerely believes, his wife/children will disappear without him, and he will not live up to their expectations.

Do you remember, as in Exupery: “We are responsible for those whom we have tamed.” Now, many people look at it with a bias, perceiving the iskavahr wear: “Am I a dog or a cat complex? No semantic component lies in the fact that a person is needed not only in the moment “here and now”, but also in the future, the whole person.

  • Special wishes for sex life

It would seem that if a man loves his woman, he will never be with another. No, let’s open the veil to the world of a man’s sexual fantasies, and why they cannot be realized with th.

First: he perceives his wife as the mother of his children. For him, on as an icon of morality and morality; pure and unstained. Therefore, some of his wild fantasies, on simply will never be able to realize with her. This is contrary to his inner convictions.

A mistress is like some kind of girl with whom you can do whatever you want.

Second: because he cannot open himself to his wife. Most likely this is due to the fact that, having got to know his wife well, her, let’s say, preferences and wishes, he understands that with a high probability, if he offers something like that, he will be refused.

And since his desires are not fully realized in the family, he begins to look for a way out for them on the side.

And as you know, it’s not about love. True, he can sincerely love his wife, on a spiritual level, but his lower instincts of the flesh are turned on, and if he does not realize them, it will be detrimental, first of all for him. Therefore, he does not think of anything better than to satisfy them on the side.

  • Change as a path to inner harmonization

When a man loves his woman, but she does not appreciate him. And in order to increase the sense of self-worth, on is looking for someone on the side. And this is not about sex. Behind the betrayal is something more: compensation.

Agree, such a slightly distorted understanding of the way out of what does not suit him.

And here it is very important to understand that if the fact of Ifeny is discovered, Musemi will force b dersicles. No before this, on the other hand it is possible, it is possible to store it in a way that it is not possible.

If you’re interested in any n and you would like to get more detailed information-us older ft. We will certainly take into account your wishes in a separate article on the issue of interest.

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