Why do people cheat on each other and how to prevent cheating?

Why do people cheat on each other and how to prevent cheating? Most people experience betrayal at least once in their lives. It hurts, it’s dirty, but it’s not fatal. Any heart drama can be experienced in an embrace with a bottle of wine and best friend in the advanced version – with a psychotherapist. If it is not possible to do this, and what is the reason for this? How not to be in a relationship with another traitor? How to know in advance that the chosen one will be faithful to you?

It is not guaranteed

How do modern women solve all their problems? Of course, with the help of the Internet. Google turns up tons of pages on sensitive topics, and the most popular of them are full of promising headlines: “5 reasons why he is cheating on you” or “3 reliable ways to find out that he has another woman.”

Is it possible to say that these “experiences”? Of course no. Each case is individual, which ladies with broken hearts will not forget to tell you right there in the comments. Infidelity is a widespread phenomenon across cultures.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that not every person decides to cheat. Menelaus Apostol and Raffaella Panayiotou, professors in the Department of Evolutionary Psychology at Nicosia, have identified key factors that reduce the motivation to cheat. The authors of the study conducted a survey among 576 respondents and asked them to name 5 reasons that prevent them from changing among them.

Additional results for more than 2 groups:

Why do people cheat on each other?

  • how high a price had to be paid if by the fact of treason came out;
  • how much a person values ​​their current relationship. Roughly speaking, is the game worth the candle?

If a man does not have psychological trauma, he knows that relationships bring him more pluses than minuses, and a possible deceit will hurt both his wallet and his social status, he will not change. In addition, psychologists have identified several specific reasons that keep them from going to the left:

  • relationship satisfaction;
  • guilt;
  • fear that they will also be cheated on;
  • lack of temptations;
  • unpredictability of the partner’s reaction;
  • shame if the truth comes out;
  • devastating consequences;
  • stigmatization in society.

In Any Case, Everyone decides for Himself how valuable for him what he can gain as opposed to what can be easily lost. No soglasno rezultatam issledovaniya zhenshingen mensche sklonny k newness than men. From a timid step to the left, they are held back by a sense of guilt and censure by society, which still turns a blind eye to the betrayal of men and stigmatizes the weaker sex.

If a woman is completely satisfied with the relationship, she has enough attention and finances, she will not risk her life with her family

What can not be said about many men who do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate their sexual strength.

During the experiment, a formula was developed for what an ideal partner should look like: high conscientiousness + low desire for novelty + relationship satisfaction, placed in an environment where cheaters do not find support from society.

Not private other than disease

Is it possible to put an end to cheating if all the reasons pushing people to this step are eliminated? It is impossible in the same way as it is impossible to be vaccinated against all diseases at once. Because each person is a separate person with his own worldview. The authors of the study admitted that they were limited by the sample, and the results of the experiment may be incomplete.

For example, it is not clear what is punishable by a crime. Is it possible to register on a project?

In different cultures, you can get completely different results. A study conducted in Greece showed that more than 55% of men and women are prone to infidelity. US psychologists say about completely different figures: in their opinion, every third man and every fifth woman at least once in their lives go to the left. In addition, it is a mistake to assume that there is a clear motivation behind every act. Many people do not think about what they are doing, relying entirely on impulse.

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