Why does a guy not give flowers and how to deal with it?


Modern society has a well-formed opinion about how a man should behave. This is a protector, earner and knight in white armor, who gallantly presents flowers to his lady of the heart and kneels at her feet. Of course, this image is exaggerated, but it does not negate the main fact: a man often owes and is obliged to do something.

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No one says that the same requirements are not imposed on the fair sex. However, now much more often many ladies are wondering why the guys have ceased to be romantic and refuse to give flowers? It’s so beautiful and cute, gives so many positive emotions! Before you know the solution to this problem, you should turn to its causes.

Cause of all evil

Many ladies wonder why their boyfriends so stubbornly ignore requests for flowers? It’s simple, and most importantly effective! But few at the same time think about asking – why is this happening? After all, the reasons can be very different, including weighty ones. Boys are taught from childhood not to bully girls. And they always have to give in. Even if they are wrong and literally begging for a belt on the pope. And with age, the boys begin, in defiance of everything, to say “no” to women’s whims. Even if it is sometimes illogical.

Another reason why a man does not give flowers is the high cost. After all, many young ladies want a bouquet of 101 roses so that the delivery is beautiful and romantic. A nice bouquet of daisies is perceived almost as an insult. But few people think how expensive such gifts are. Not every man is able to spend so much money on flowers that will eventually just wither. And this approach is understandable. Even more than that, it can be changed by making your requirements a little smaller.

An equally common reason is that guys find buying bouquets impractical. They would rather get something useful and worthwhile than give the lion’s share of their earnings for flowers. No tricks will work with practical boyfriends, so there is only one thing left – to accept.


Before cursing your loved one, how much in vain, you need to think carefully – are you presenting your requests correctly? Maybe they sound too categorical, ultimatum or even aggressive? Who wants to communicate and do something for someone who only knows how to give orders? It is for this reason that you should never start your conversation with claims.

It’s better to focus on the good things. Tell how dear your partner is to you, emphasize his dignity. Believe me, men love compliments just as much as women. And after that, from afar, you can hint that you recently saw such a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a girlfriend that you liked it and you would be immensely happy to receive the same one. If this does not work, then you need to start a more frank conversation.

Guys can’t stand it when girlfriends start to play up. And most of all it concerns the moments when it is necessary to express claims. Don’t be too tough. Just explain that you would be pleased to receive compliments in the form of flowers from your beloved from time to time. That you do not require to spend huge money on this luxury. No, even a small bouquet of roses / lilies / tulips (any favorite flowers) is enough for you. And that you will not remain in debt for the fulfillment of your request.

Such a tempting offer cannot be missed by any loving guy. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a compromise in such a sensitive topic as gifts. But every girl should remember that what kind of attitude they give to their chosen one is what they get in return. Do you want to receive pleasant surprises? Then learn how to make them! You do not need to load your soulmate with expensive things.

Sometimes it is enough to leave cute postcards, buy him a T-shirt with the name of his favorite band, cook or order what he likes from food. All these are trifles that are firmly included in life, and for which people begin to appreciate this life. Surrounding a man with such attention, you will soon begin to receive long-awaited bouquets in the mornings and evenings, and without unnecessary persuasion and unproductive quarrels.

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