Why does a man communicate with an ex-girlfriend and how to react?


Relations with a guy are completely satisfied. However, there is one thing: he constantly spends time with the girl he dumped. A reasonable question arises: why does a man communicate with his ex? Does he still love her?

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Types of Past Relationships

There are 4 categories of relationships between a guy and a former lover:

  1. The girl still loves the one who left her.
  2. The desire to take revenge and break the heart of a traitor.
  3. Purely friendly communication.
  4. Conversations about a past marriage.

All these types of communication can be very annoying. All due to the fact that such communication seems wrong and immoral. However, you can not put pressure on the guy and forbid dating. Such restrictions on freedom are annoying. A man himself will understand that such a “connection” is destructive.

ex in love

Parting is a difficult and responsible moment. Not all guys dare to dot the “e”. They leave the lady an opportunity, a chance to return. Naturally, the girl tries to do everything possible to return the object of adoration. It looks like such a pity.

A guy may not notice the hidden desires of a past woman for a long time. Men rarely notice “signals”.

Therefore, you should hint to your beloved that the former has ulterior motives. Perhaps his eyes will open, and he himself will refuse a destructive connection.

Sometimes you can talk to the opponent face to face. Let her know that the vacancy is occupied and she is not welcome.

However, there is no need to take risks and “play friendship”. You yourself understand how insidious the fair sex is. With the help of manipulation, a predator can destroy even strong relationships.

Broken heart

Some ladies are vindictive. Such will not lag behind the former until they destroy his happiness. Possessed women are to be feared.

Your best bet is to try and establish a “normal” relationship with her. The real “mind game” will begin. She will think that you have fallen into her trap. However, he does not understand that Sherlock has already outsmarted Mariarty.
With such a girl, you can spend time “three of us.” Let him see that there is no chance to destroy an ideal couple. At one point, she will turn around and leave.

Beloved obviously will not look for opportunities to talk with the former again. Usually, guys continue to communicate only out of politeness, so as not to hurt the person they once loved.

Friendship of the former

You may not believe it, but friendship between a man and a woman is possible. Especially after a long relationship. People have realized that they have different priorities in life, so there is no point in continuing to meet.
There is nothing wrong with communication. Therefore, do not ruin a good friendship. It will push the man away. He will decide that before him is a crazy hysterical woman who disfigures his life.

The best option is to communicate well with the new “girlfriend”. She does not need to be loved, but normal relationships must be maintained.
Don’t worry, they really can be friends. Here are examples of famous friendly couples.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

They had a difficult divorce. However, now they are calmly communicating. Demi has a new husband who has become friends with Die Hard. They play golf together and call each other regularly.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is the very husband of Demi Moore. Moore periodically babysits her “new husband’s” children from an ex-girlfriend so they can spend time together.
As a result, the lives of four people are closely intertwined. They managed to “meet each other”, but remain good friends. Therefore, sometimes it is worth suppressing jealousy.


Relationships with an ex are difficult. Especially if there are common children. A man will not be able to refuse meetings with his child. He may hate his wife, but the child is not to blame for anything. He needs a father and their bond is unbreakable.

Rarely will a wife try to get her husband back. You will obviously be hated. Especially if it caused a break in the relationship.

You can communicate with this woman from time to time, but not get close. Normal friendship will not work, so do not try.


You should understand that it is difficult to “become the first” with a guy. Usually, ladies are attracted to men who have experience behind them. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that “guests from the past” may appear. They may have to be fought with cunning.

However, it is worth understanding that a guy can really communicate well with the one he once loved. Feelings can fade for various reasons. Therefore, do not ruin a good relationship because of your own selfishness.

Real feelings should be based on trust and mutual understanding. The guy won’t lie about his intentions. Therefore, do not weave intrigues if they do not give a reason.
Distrust of a loved one is a sign of low self-esteem. You need to understand that he chose you. And there are many good reasons for this!

But what if a man sleeps with an ex? How to be? More on that in our article!

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