Why does the guy not want to get married?

Why does the guy not want to get married? You have been dating for several years, but there are no serious proposals for a life together. What to do if on the next anniversary the girl did not receive the coveted ring. Girlfriends flaunt family relationships, and some are already running to kindergarten and school. How to hint to your loved one about the wedding and not lose him.

Why the guy does not want to get married?

How to understand why, after several years of dating, there is no marriage proposal, who is to blame and what to do in this situation. Not every man will give an answer why there are no active steps on his part. Everything suits him and so, therefore, he does not want to change anything, he does not see the need.

On the other hand, a man is afraid to be under the heel of a woman, to impose unnecessary obligations on himself. Studies show that those guys who grew up in strict families, where the dominant role belonged to the mother, do not want to marry. Every man has contradictory postulates, where the desire to be an alpha male and complete relaxation in the arms of a beloved woman conflict. Some guys have a great fear of the need to support a family, solving everyday problems, raising children.

How to push a guy to take action?

Do not let your relationship take its course. If you want to really find out what’s on his mind and whether there is a wedding in his plans, provoke the guy to take a decisive step. Do something unexpected. It can be a trip with friends or on your own to a resort. 1-2 weeks are enough to finally decide whether you want to be together, ready to start a family. If upon your return you are greeted with a bouquet of flowers and a mysterious smile, be sure that the long-awaited ring has already been bought.

When you meet for several years, the feelings can be dulled. A light flirting on the side, dinner at a restaurant with a friend will help to re-look at a partner, renew relationships. A woman is transformed from the inside, a spark appears in her eyes, she becomes interesting to her interlocutor. And if a permanent partner remains indifferent to such changes, perhaps your relationship has exhausted itself and you need to leave.

Try to keep good friendships.

They always make it possible to return to the former tender feelings. It is worth reading the relevant thematic literature, getting acquainted with the experience of other women, both successful and not, and for what reasons, talk with a psychologist. Experts and married ladies offer universal advice: stay mysterious. In a man, you need to awaken the instinct of a hunter so that he dreams of meeting you, every day he finds new pleasant moments. Too persistent ladies are more likely to scare away, not reciprocating – they are not interested.

Give the guy a hard task to win your heart that he wants to solve. And how to do it right, the book “New Rules” will help. Psychologist’s Tips Even at the meeting stage, determine what you want in the future from your relationship. A man must meet a number of criteria. To be independent, gentle, financially independent, responsible, hard-working, economic, a good lover, etc.

The set of qualities depends on each woman individually. If you are looking for a husband from the first meeting, take a close look at the chosen one, how he behaves in the family, what he is capable of, whether he wants children. Psychologists say you need to listen to your intuition. Fate always sends us hints in the form of a delayed flight, delays, bad weather, a beloved cat that tore a dress. It is worth carefully analyzing the situation. Maybe true love is around the corner… Why does the guy not want to get married?

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