Why don’t the guys that like me?

Why don’t the guys that like me? Why don’t guys like me – you ask yourself. It seems to you that the attention of the strong half of humanity is attracted only by beauties, and they are stuck in the dream of amido.

But after all, appearance is far from everything, even having some kind of specific appearance, you are charming in your own way. There are many characteristics that you need to consider if you want to please an attractive guy.

Reasons for the lack of mutual sympathy

Focusing on the wrong things reduces the chances of being interested in the man you like. Desperate efforts to become someone else and obsession with small things repel the guys. Let’s explore the things men (secretly) hate in women, and how to quickly change the situation.

  • Reason #1: Poor self-image

It all starts with your own perception of yourself. If you don’t see it, it’s private and you have to pay for it. Men are repulsed by women who are convinced that they are not good enough.

Neuwerennost in that vidna with the naked eye. If you doubt every move, you’re afraid to say a word, you apologize every two minutes, then emto swamps. The answer to why guys don’t want to date is simple – you present yourself as unattractive.

The sooner you create a positive image of yourself in your head, the better your personal life will become.

  • Reason #2: Like the idea, not the guy

You fall in love with versions of men that only exist in movies. When you see the chosen one in real life, you subconsciously begin to move away. That you are not that perfect Barbie, the image of Kotors?

You won’t find the right guy as long as you hold on to the idea of ​​the perfect man that doesn’t exist. Remember that everyone has flaws. Collect, paren by the sosedstvu, that Breed Pitt is in the four hearts, and is in it. Individuality does not make a person unworthy.

It is important to decide: do you like a specific person, or are you trying to fit a certain one.

  • Reason #3: It’s all about the taboo fruit

The male loses interest when he realizes that he has mastered the prey. There is a category of guys – hunters. They set traps, hoping to get a pretty trophy. They enchant, lure into a network.

Why don’t people like you like you?

However, the young lady begins to come up with ideal scenarios for happiness. On the other hand, that’s what it is. When a hunter effortlessly obtains a trophy, he loses interest.

When the lady ceases to be a forbidden fruit, the guy switches to hunting for another. Remember that women who do not need to be courted do not arouse interest for a long time.

  • Reason #4: Someone else’s image

You’re trying too hard to be something you’re not. No photos are taken on the days of the year, in the real world, the red color is the same. Everyone can take hot shots, use Photoshop.

But trying to look a certain way, when it does not reflect the true essence, is stupid. Men don’t like women who look like the majority. They are attracted to ladies who value themselves, do not feel the need to obey the rules of fashion.

  • Reason #5: Too Much Attention

You overestimate the actions and words of guys. Body language betrays fear when you suspect cheating and are jealous. The fact that you constantly write to him, asking about the whereabouts, makes a man feel that he is being humiliated.

Guys don’t like being controlled. Excessive analysis of each body movement takes you further away from the person. This shows a lack of trust and a sense of insecurity, which is not attractive to guys.

  • Reason #6: The Habit of Posting Too Early on Social Media

On the other hand, it is possible to see the words and the public snow, which are also related to the comments. You don’t even think about it, because from school you love to document every moment of your life.

However, the publication makes men feel uncomfortable. They get furious and angry when they see an unexpected Instagram photo of the two of you with hashtags like #my man is better than you. If you want a guy to like you, don’t rush things, don’t skip steps. It takes time to get to the stage of joint photos. Haste will only hurt.

  • Reason No. 7: Physiology is on top, but chemistry is not in other aspects

While men love to have sex, the EMO-rational and mental connection is just as important. It is impossible to please and maintain a relationship with a person who has excellent priorities, needs, goals.

The intimate process is exciting, but if you do not invest in other aspects of the relationship, the Man will leave in search of a suitable soulmate. Contrary to popular belief, sex is not all that men want. The more mature the person, the more likely he is to leave unless he has other points of contact with his partner.

  • Reason #8: Emotional Addiction

You are too intrusive. You have no life outside of personal relationships. Although having a person with whom you want to spend every second is comforting and reassuring, both partners are noobsten.

It’s not worth it. Men get scared when they realize that a lady is too intrusive. A woman’s lack of interests outside of relationships causes fear of the future.

  • Reason #9: Overconfidence

Men don’t like women who are overconfident. This is translated in the language of men as arrogant persons. Be confident, but don’t act like you’re better than others. It’s an ugly personality trait.

The ability to compromise is of great importance. Guys don’t appreciate ladies who act condescendingly and prove they’re smarter. Even if you think you’re right, don’t be superior.

  • Reason #10: Lack of passion in life

Don’t let yourself be a 40 year old woman with no other purpose in life than finding a husband. When a guy asks about his hopes and dreams, don’t paint colorfully that the wife’s job is to please her husband. This is a red flag.

Of course, not everyone has a high-paying job, own business, an exciting hobby, but you need to work on leading a fulfilling life. If you let everything go with the flow, the guys will quickly run away. They do not need a dependent and submissive slave.

  • Reason #11: Slander

You scold and criticize the former, so the guys do not dare to approach you. Slander is one of the main things that men find extremely unattractive.

Guys have no guarantee that you won’t talk bad about him if the relationship doesn’t work out. Nobody likes to be talked about behind their back. Men are afraid that one day you will start spreading rumors that are not true.

How to change the situation and please men?

Changing your mind is the same as changing your life. The way you think reflects how you allow yourself to act. It is not possible to see it and you want it to be unprofessional, so that it is possible to see it. Look carefully in the mirror. Consider a strong, capable, beautiful woman who knows her worth.

Stop creating misconceptions about guys. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws. Accept people for who they are. Relationships are based on the recognition of advantages and disadvantages, respect for the individuality of a person.

Be yourself. Remember: all other roles are already taken. Don’t think that someone is better than you just because they look different (prettier) in your eyes. Your value does not depend on how good you are at pretending to be what others want you to be.

It is important to be real, authentic, original in a world full of imitators. Not obeying stereotyped norms, you will stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the man you like.

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